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    Windows 10 takes >20 minutes to shutdown reboot when LAN connected

    Hello all, My work laptop (DELL 5520) on W10 (1703 I think) will take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to reboot or shut down when LAN is connected thru any USB-C adapter. This problem is not present on WIFI but WIFI does cause some PGP issue with encrypted drive so I would prefer to find a...
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    Close Caption from Audio real time SW ?

    Hi, Any of you know of a SW that would catch audio played and generate somewhat accurate CC ? (Japanese / Chinese --> English) I'm having a hard time with some training material at work and that would be useful. Thanks !
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    AX860 OK for CPU refresh (2700X)?

    Hi, Just ordered a 2700X and all to replace my 2500K and wondered if my trusty Corsair AX860 will be fine ? I don't game much anymore but I still have 2x MSI 380 4GB in there that might suck some watts sometimes... Anyway, current spec: i5 2500K ASUS Motherboard (Full size) 16GB RAM 3x HDD 1x...
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    Can't apply Shared Folder permissions to any account..

    Hello, Hopefully someone has a better idea of what's going... Situation: Until recently I had folder W shared over my network for 2 users and it worked flawlessly.. but now for some reason I can't access it. If I go to the shared folder's permissions, I only see the owner (Me) which have full...