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    Displayport issue in XP

    Hi everyone. I recently bought a new Dell laptop (Precision M4400) that came equipped with a displayport connection and a VGA connection. After buying the laptop i was pretty dissapointed with the screen on it and called Dell to say i was going to send it back or they should give me a good...
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    Dell 2709W

    Thx...that's kinda what i thought indeed :) It's just that my lappy only has VGA and Displayport, no other connections. The profile looks very good! Getting a Pantone Huey Pro Calibrator soon and i'll check how close that comes. It maybe is a budget calibration tool but it's getting really good...
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    Dell 2709W

    Thx a lot for the upload :D Looks a lot better!! One question though, the profile is called "Dell 2709W-sRGB-08-10-12-919089rgb-140cdm2.icm" I shouldn't put the monitor on sRGB should i? Because then i can't set the RGB too 91-90-89 Also, does anyone have the monitor hooked up through...
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    Dell 2709W

    Hi guys, Been looking at this forum for a while before buying the 2709w. Got the A01 from Czech aswell but hope to be receiving an A02 as a replacement because my screen isn't straight. The right corner is about 1cm closer to my desk than the left corner. 10e....could you please post your...