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    Trying to use laptop as HTPC - Assistance needed :)

    I got it working, contrary to what you guys were saying ;) this did the trick, now I am in business!
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    Trying to use laptop as HTPC - Assistance needed :)

    Howdy all, I have recently decided that I want to try to save some money by, instead of buying a new computer as a HTPC, simply use my laptop, a Lenovo T400. The T400 has a VGA out, and of course a headphone jack. The TV I am trying to use is a standard definition TV with an input that...
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    Laptop for college

    Anything more than a 14" laptop for college life is gonna be annoying. Trust me, don't go above 14". 15" can be tolerable, but ANYTHING more than 15 is plain and simply dumb.
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    Recommend board to OC PII 940 BE (AM2+)?

    Basically as the title states. Looking to get a nice stable OC on this chip. No intent to do multi-GPU anything. Ideas? Thanks! :)
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    (sigh) No reason to go Nvidia...

    This. I honestly wonder how many of these people have ACTUALLY had problems, or if its just one person who has an issue, then someone posts about how someone had an issue, and then someone posts about those two people...And so on. Perhaps people just mess stuff up through idiocy?
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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    Awesome! Count me in :D
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    Help overclocking E4500 on a GA-965P-DS3?

    Hey, all. My girlfriend's computer is running the specified hardware, and it is starting to lag behind. I am wondering what exactly I should be going for here. I am guessing I will need to buy a new CPU cooler, but not sure what is the best bang for buck. I am looking to increase speed...
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    Asus AT3N7A-I Intel Atom 330 1.6GHz Dual-Pr/ Asus NVIDIA Ion Mini ITX= $140

    Will this play 1080p video perfectly?
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    Requirements for running 720p video?

    I am trying to make a budget PC that is capable of running 720p video out to my TV which is connected via S-Video. I am considering either AMD or Intel, no real preference either way. The processors in question are: AMD Athlon II X2 240 Regor 2.8GHz -...
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    HP P6140F, Core 2 Quad, 8GB RAM, Wi-Fi N at Staples - $550

    8GB of RAM? What sorta home use would ever...
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    2xVelociraptors vs 2 x-25 ssd raid 0 screenshots

    I agree that its harmless to have threads like this, but these exact numbers have been posted before :/
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    Intel new SSD 34nm?

    After hearing all of these problems with SSDs, I am glad I just stuck to my 6400AAKS. 30 second boot up, pretty quick apps...Don't need much more :p
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    Need new monitor that supports disabled scaling @ 1280x1024

    Hey, all. As of right now, I am using a Dell 2407WFP AO3. In Windows 7 and Windows Vista, I am unable to play Warcraft 3 @ 1280x1024 with scaling disabled. Whenever I click "apply" for disabling scaling, it will simply default back to allowing my monitor to handle that. However, when I go...
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    Holy crap, it worked! Dead video card, resurrected!

    Has anyone tried this with a RedBaron Pizza? I have one in my freezer, and I wanna see if this will do the trick :)
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    VelociRaptor VS 2X Raptor 150 in RAID 0?

    Why not just get 8 Intel SSDs and throw em in a raid?
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    Anyone running a 4xxx card on Win 7 7100?

    Just wondering if people are having many issues. I was thinking about installing it tonight on my home PC.
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    ATI RV870 Expected to Arrive in Late July

    I think its funny that so many people are going to argue which is going to be better, despite the fact that we have ZERO reason to think either way or the other. No matter what any of us say, it is pure speculation. Yet many of you will get your e-peens bent out of shape when someone says...
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    Vertex Frist Impressions

    I'm still waiting for my SSD sweet spot. I'm holding out until an SSD with no problems hits 80GB/$100.
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    frys b&m hp refurb laptop 17inch, bluray,9600m gt for $799

    Keep in mind that there are some people who wish to having a gaming pc, yet need to travel a lot. A gaming notebook fits those needs well :) I know some people who use a netbook for mobility, and a gaming laptop for travel.
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    Obama Picks Net Neutrality Backer as FCC Chief

    Wait, so people are saying that net-neutrality is a bad thing for making sure ISPs keep their hands out of monitoring/controlling what we access online? O_o
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    Luke-Warm: Bestbuy Velociraptor 300gb $212

    Everyone saying Newegg's HD packaging is fine...It depends. Some people (such as myself) have gotten HDs packaged HORRIBLY. Others get HDs wrapped great. Its hit or miss. But not every company is hit or miss. Take ZipZoomFly for example. 100% always great packaging. Not everyone wants...
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    Why the Japanese Hate the iPhone

    Can anyone explain to me what makes it impossible for US/Euro phones to have these sorts of capabilities? It seems like there are features that Japanese phones have had for a long time that USA/Euro phones haven't even SEEN yet...O_o I don't see why Japan doesn't sell this stuff in the USA...
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    Help overclocking a X3 720 please? :)

    Interesting. When I looked at their website here: It says "Voltages 0.850-1.425V ". Does that mean that 1.425V is the max? I was confused when I first saw this, because I see most sites saying that go well into 1.5V with overclocks.
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    Help overclocking a X3 720 please? :)

    I am using a M3A78-T, DDR800 Patriot RAM.
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    Help overclocking a X3 720 please? :)

    Hey everyone, I finally got my X3 720 today, and I am anxious to OC. I have the big ole fatty Xigamatek cooler. As of right now, I have the bus at 200, stock. The multiplier is at 17.5 The voltage is at 1.400 Should my voltage go any higher? I want to make sure that this OC...
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    Nvidia cuts out reviewers for the GTS250 - Such dirty rats...

    Glad I bought a 4870 instead of a GTX 260. I won't be buying another Nvidia product until they prove themselves as a good company.
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    24" Monitor Deals $169-$199 No Rebates

    Return policies like this are why I ONLY ever buy my monitors from Dell. A few stuck pixils are simply not acceptable to me. It just bugs the crap out of me >___<
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    [H]ot if they really have it.... Asus 1000HA $239

    Confirmed scammers.
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    Newegg's incredible shipping strikes again!

    So, today I decided to upgrade my Phenom 9750 to a X3 720 black edition. At around 11AM, I order. I check back at 1PM, and its already shipped. I tell you, they gotta be doing something shady and or possess magical powers O_o
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    Which quad core CPU seems to get to 4GHz consistently on air?

    My understanding was that the i7 gets a bit too hot and really doesn't OC that high. Maybe 3.8, but not 4.0, right? Also, the 9550 doesn't get 4.0 consistently. There have been quite a few who have, but also quite a few who haven't. A 100% reliable 9550 OC is more like 3.7. For 4.0, I'd...
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    X3 720 @ 4.2ghz on air

    Awesome! I ordered my X3 720 earlier today :)
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    Need upgrade advice

    Sorry, I have an Enermax 620. I will edit my OP.
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    Need upgrade advice

    Hey, everyone. Got a bit of a hard to decide on choice on my hands. My current system configuration is: Asus M3A78-T Phenom 9750 @ 2.6 ghz (won't go any higher :( ) 2x2GB DDR 800 XFX ATI 4870 512MB. WD6400AAKS Enermax 620w Now, obviously my Phenom is quite the bottleneck in a lot...
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    Great price on 790i Ultra

    Somehow I bet that if I ordered this, they would not cancel my order due to a pricing error.
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    Help OC'ing a Phenom 9950 BE?

    Sorry to confuse, it is a 9950 Black Edition. I got it free from a friend. First of all, thanks everyone for the replies. I really appreciate it. Second, I took your guy's advice and instead of messing with the bus, I increased the multiplier. I raised it up to 13x. But I ended up with...
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    Help OC'ing a Phenom 9950 BE?

    Hey, everyone. I recently made the switch to a quad-core. I have a 9750. I also got a nice beefy cooler on it (The Xigmatek), but I am having trouble getting a good OC. As of right now, all I have tried is to up the bus. I got a slight overclock, but only got it to about 225. I am using...
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    <HOT> SAMSUNG 1TB HD103UI SATA 5400RPM 32MB - 59.99+S&H

    Lol, come on guys. This never works :(
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    FOXCONN 790FX-750B mother board plus Phenom II 940 3.0 comob 344-34RB=310 +shipping

    Would anyone recommend this board? I am looking to do a new build, but I typically like to stick to Asus. I am always willing to pay the extra dollar for better reliability, but this is a damn good deal.
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    is the GTX 295 that much better than the GTX 285?

    I'd recommend the 4870X2 over the GTX 295.
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    Q6600 4.0GHZ Club / The i7 Killers

    My guess is that a Q6600 @ 4.0 outperforms an i7?