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    Roku Stick "free" when you buy $20 Sling TV for a month
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    microcenter in-store only: 512GB SSD $75 Micron M.2

    If you are lucky, in-store only, Micron M600 Micro Center - Computers and Electronics don't forget the $5 off $30, if it works, $70 Coupon Codes and Discounts though you may just want to order online or risk OOS
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    Raspberry Pi Zero $1 @ Microcenter (IN STORE PICKUP ONLY)

    Have I mentioned how I hate y'all with microcenters? you will also need to have/get mini-hdmi to hdmi converter and usb otg cable for wifi, both are $1 items if you can wait two weeks from fleabay china
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    sandisk ssd plus 240GB $55 @ Amazon

    Prices are getting great eh? Wish there were some $20 deals on 60-100gb drives, all I need.
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    audio stutter in windows 7 after big ram increase

    I am pretty sure this is due to me adding 16gb of ram for 20gb total apparently it is allowing windows to create such a huge write back cache and then delaying write backs so long that it seizes too much resources on the system when it finally goes to catch up and then the audio stutters...
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    heatspreaders - hype, help or hurt?

    I've got some of my first ram in a decade that does not have any heatspreaders on them. When heatspreaders first came out they were hype, but now it is practically on all ram. Has something changed or do manufacturers just add them to make ram look more valuable and expensive?
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    Three months of Newegg Premier Free (or extension)

    Note that emails are not immediate and extensions to existing subscriptions are reported to take a few days: newegg mobile apps can be downloaded at apparently you can only get one per shipping address which...
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    $200 Staples GC for $170 on ebay from PayPal

    Pretty sure staples will pricematch microcenter, at least they used to, and then you get $30 "free" plus staples rebates are super easy and reliable for BF (but no more staples rebates after this year)...
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    i5 4690K 1150 retail box $180 @ Frys

    Note that discount is also good Saturday not sure what that means for i7 pricing in two weeks
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    Crucial 8GB stick of DDR3 1600 CL11 $19 shipped @ apply code 15BUCKSNOW = $19 shipped WATCH YOUR CHECKOUT PRICE TO MAKE SURE IT DOES NOT CHANGE if you want two, you need two accounts and two...
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    warm? EVGA gtx 950 "silent" $129ar @ newegg

    Seems like a good deal: apparently the fans are much more quiet than other cards and can spin down to zero I noticed last year black friday graphics card deals were not that great. BTW is the 750ti still being made...
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    $20 off (anything?) at from Visa Checkout (offer only 11/1, code -12/24)

    There does not appear to be minimum purchase requirement which is strange. must use/register Visa card (rebate cards might work) offer is for today 11/1 only but the code they give you is good through 12/24
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    i7-5820K six-core (2011 socket) $277 @ Fry's 10/31 only promo code from email sub needed $390 @ amazon and newegg oh look, $130 2011 mobo @ Frys today too
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    free sims upgrade pack from origin use code SIMSUPGRADE during checkout, there is no need to enter CC info
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    can I pull a win 7 pro license from refurbished hardware?

    So instead of getting ripped off with an oem key from overseas that dies in 60-90 days or getting ripped off on ebay for "retail" copies that are overpriced and already opened so likely used, what about this: Can the win 7 pro...
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    do windows 7 upgrade disc packages have their own product key?

    I am finally ready to replace windows XP with windows 7 64-bit so I can finally use the extra ram. I noticed that since w7 allows windows xp users to upgrade, I might be able to save $$ with just the upgrade package since I need "professional" for >16gb of ram But I am confused about the...
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    tigerdirect $25 off $100 visa checkout 10/17-10/24

    Shoprunner on some (few) items, free shipping on even fewer but still some deals to be had and their rebates are very fast (30 days turnaround on some)
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    8TB SSD available in November I think you'd need raid10 or even better raid6 to trust them though.
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    three-pack adata 240GB SSD $180 @ Newegg 10/15 shell shocker not sure about adata quality $55 deal yesterday kinda spoiled the price still wondering if week before/of black friday will be hotter or colder on ssd prices
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    going from 6th generation to 9th - will I notice/care ?

    I've got a P67 mobo and i5 3350p cpu @ 3.1 - 3.3ghz Looking at 9th generation Z97 with maybe i5-4690K hoping to get to 4ghz is it worth the $300 ?
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    SanDisk Ultra II 960GB SSD @ Newegg $255

    today 9/22 only ? $300-$45 code SANDISKD2 = $255 shoprunner available (rare on newegg?)
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    Amazon Prime will be $67 on Friday for new signups
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    Seagate 6TB 7200rpm $170 - $10 (maybe) = $160 @ Tigerdirect

    you must copy and paste the full url to get the $170 price possible $10 off $100 coupon (only one per account/cc/etc)...
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    cheap cards with multiple HDMI ?

    I'm not a gamer so I don't need high end performance but I would like two or more hdmi + duallink dvi Anyone know of a low cost card that has 2xhdmi instead of vga+hdmi ?
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    Sandisk 960GB SSD Ultra II $256 shipped @ amazon (also 480GB $128) One day sale, ends Tuesday night 9/8
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    service menu for Benq GW2255 ?

    I know the higher end BL line of Benq monitors have a service menu with MENU+POWER but it doesn't seem to work on this lower end GW2255 need to turn off that damn purple splash screen - it is seizure inducing !!! :( anyone have an idea of alternative button combos to try? google is...
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    Crucial 960GB M500 SSD $180+tax shipped (refurbished) also 480GB for $100+tax

    Crucial.960GB Crucial M500 2.5" Internal Solid State Drive SSD FCCT960M500SSD1 $180+tax shipped free also 480GB for $100+tax probably just customer returns reformatted warranty cut...
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    Seagate 8TB (eight) HD $234 @ NCIX $244 - Use code NCIX1085 for $10 off = $234 alternately code YBITI for free shipping pretty sure I would not trust a seagate drive for 8TB but it is amazing to see and maybe other...
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    Acer 32" VA panel 2560x1440 $400 shipped @ Newegg (black friday price)

    It's baaaacckk.... great reviews around here I think?
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    Verbatim AZO DVD+R 50 pack $7.50 @ Amazon / BHphoto

    Lowest price ever (without rebate) also at B&H Photo maybe Newegg will eventually pricematch, also maybe walmart, maybe Best Buy walmart currently...
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    huge TP Link router / switch sale @ Amazon "50% off"

    too many to list, a few good deals some not listed on there, also check here and sort/filter by your desire
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    ASUS RT-N65R GIGABIT N750 with USB 3.0

    yes it is refurbuished but $20ar for this is insane ASUS RT-N65R Dual-Band Wireless-N750 Gigabit Router it is probably clearance for AC routers, we win shoprunner 2-day also buy now, think later, will go oos fast...
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    what are some of the better non-AC wifi routers?

    Hoping to find a deal on a N router while everyone rushes to the AC units (which few devices support now) gigabit with usb port - what are the better deals? Don't even need 5ghz if that will save on price too.
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    Dell made a 2015 19-inch 1920x1080 VA monitor - but it is VGA only ?!

    WTF is up with the Dell D2015H I was like wow, it is only $70-$80 and it is VA and it is 1080p in a 19 inch package which you don't find below 21 inches anymore Except it only has VGA analog input? In 2014-2015 ?! Seriously...
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    120 GB Corsair Force LS Series SSD $25AR with Google Checkout @ Newegg

    Even hotter than the $20ar 60gb a few days ago No need to signup for newegg, no codes to enter Just download newegg official app, add ssd drive and checkout with Google Wallet at bottom $60 - $15 google wallet - $20...
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    Corsair Force 60GB SSD $25ar @ Newegg

    Nice deal for a fast boot drive, etc. Use promo code SMCBFDX to get $5 off and send in $15 rebate to make it $20 after all
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    new "VA" 32 inch panel with 2560x1440

    This is good news for my poor eyesight, the larger pixels will help over 27 Just the price sucks. But no IPS glow! update: oh I see now, this panel is not...
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    LG 25" 2560x1080 IPS $210 shipped @ newegg (no rebates)

    So, 1080 vs 1440 but save $150+ for 400 fewer vertical pixels? LG 25UM64-S Black 25" 5ms (GTG) Dual HDMI UltraWide screen 21:9 LED Backlight LCD Monitor IPS Panel 250 cd/m2 1000:1 Built-in Speakers $40 off with...
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    newegg 10% off visacheckout is back until October 31st

    Limit one use per account - but it is a full month window so make it count. 10% off up to $20 One good example is the 480GB PNY SSD for $150 after rebate and visacheckout
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    Crucial 512GB M4 SSD (7mm) $150 (factory refurb) older drive, benchmark