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    Thread Stuck in Device Driver?

    I have a Radeon 290x, and my machine periodically throws a BSOD with "Thread Stuck in device driver" as the message. All the stuff I've been able to find online points to a driver issue, but this has been happening for at least the past year's worth of Radeon drivers. It doesn't happen in games...
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    R9 290 Black screen as soon as the driver loads

    Works fine with MS generic display driver, but as soon I the Radeon driver tries to load during the install, the screen goes black and the GPU fan goes to 100%. Any ideas? I'm running a Corsair RM850 PSU, which should be good enough for a single 290, based on what I have read. Prior to...
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    Suggestions on a decent headset/mic, maybe wireless.

    I'm looking for a decent headset w/mic for gaming/Teamspeak/VOIP. While I would like them to sound "good", audiophile-level fidelity is not a priority. In the past, I've used the cheaper (<$150) Sennheiser sets, and been pretty happy with them. I would like to go wireless, but I'm not sure...
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    Why does Acer do this? Great looking new machine, been waiting for the new SB-based laptops with newer, upper end graphics! Core I7 2630QM? check! 1080P LED? check! Plenty of HD? check! Plenty of Ram? check! Radeon 6850? check! 2GB of...
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    Wireless MAC spoofing on Win7

    Has anyone had any luck getting wireless MAC address spoofing working under Windows 7? I've tried on a couple of different systems, ones that allow you to change it in the NIC properties, and ones where you can't (used the registry edit method on those). In both cases, after making the changes...
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    XB360 profile problem

    I'm having a strange problem with my XBox live profile. I only have one profile on my 360, the one I use for XBL. I can use Netflix and download games, etc without any problem. However, when I start up a game from my game library (Puzzle Quest 2, in this case), the game will act like I'm not...
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    Need a game suggestion

    I know what I'm looking for, but I just need some help finding a game that does it... I'm looking for a space-exploration/research kind of game, but without a ton of combat. Ideally, I'd like to buy a ship, explore the galaxy, find stuff, sell stuff, upgrade my ship, maybe research things and...
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    Wanting to build a "Movie box" for my daughter

    I'm looking to replace the DVD/TV in my daughter's room with a PC and a LCD. I'd like to rip her DVD collection to a hard drive and have a fairly simple interface she can use to pick movies. I have a SFF machine that I've installed Win7 on. It's an Athlon64 4000+ with 2gb RAM and 160gb HD...
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    Interesting article about how 32 bit windows handles memory >4gb

    You know, I thought I knew how this worked, particularly in respect to why 32-bit Windows couldn't use more than 4gb of RAM. Turns out I was wrong. Awesome article.
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    Bags for 17.3" laptops?

    A friend of mine just bought one of the HP 17.3" laptops and is having trouble finding a bag that suits her. Looking around a little (Newegg,, some Google searches), it seems like bags for >17" laptops are pretty scarce. Maybe I'm just not executing the right Google-fu. Any suggestions?
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    Nvidia gt220m?

    These just showed up at Newegg Anyone know anything about how the 220 stacks up? I'm assuming it's better than the GT130, but the price points are pretty low.
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    Any idea when newer GPU units will hit Newegg?

    I'm pretty much set on buying something from newegg (been using them for years, good prices, good credit line with them). However, they aren't showing any laptops with the 260-line (Newest they have is the 130) and only a couple of units with the ATI 4000 series GPUs. I'm pretty much set to...
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    Gateway P-7801u 1299 @ TD

    Here. 1299.00 is not a super-low price for this model, but it's still a lot of laptop for the money. 1gb 9800gs, 1920x1200 screen, vista home premium... I know TD isn't a favorite around here, but I thought I'd pass it along.
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    New Inspiron 1318

    I just brought this home from BB for my wife. A pretty nice little laptop if you want something portable and not too slow. We got: C2D-T5750 2.0ghz 3gb 667mhz DDR2 13.3" 1280x800 screen 250gb 5400rpm HD Slot Load DVD-r/w 9-Cell Battery Intel 3100 integrated graphics Ethernet Wireless...
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    Anyone heard anything about XPS updates?

    Seems like the current line-up is getting a little long in the tooth. Everyone else has refreshed with 9000-series NV GPU's, anyone know when Dell will follow suite? I need a new laptop, and I like the XPS setup, but I don't want to buy that far behind the curve... Some higher-end ATI-based...
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    Anyone seen a Tosh F55-Q5023 ??

    I think I've finally found what I'm looking for in a gaming laptop (15.4, good 3d - 9700, decent processor), except it doesn't appear to be out just yet. The Toshiba F55-Q503 looks like just what I want at a pretty decent price (1749 list, I figure it should retail for a little less). Google is...
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    Looking for something like a Macbook Pro, but not a MBP.

    I was in BB the other day and laid hands on a Macbook Pro. I can't help but admit that I liked it. It made me feel a little dirty inside, but I liked it. I'd like to find something that's pretty much exactly like the MBP (slot loading DVD-R, thin form factor, decent 3d, good display), but that...
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    Dual X1950PRO any seen a review?

    Newegg has them, just noticed it today: SAPPHIRE 100202SR Dual X1950PRO $415.00 Anyone heard anything about it?
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    New chips at the Egg

    Did anyone else notice that the new Intel C2D's were listed as available at NewEgg this morning? I went to lunch, and when I came back, they were gone from the listing. I wonder if it was a mistake, or if they have them but are holding them for the purpose of price cuts/depleting old inventory...
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    Clicking on the MSI banner on the front page

    Whne I clicked on the MSI banner on the front page (the one about the best audio on a motherboard) the entire MSI website attempted to open inside that one banner ad space (so I hade a 1 inch wide, 5 inch long view of the MSI website). Shouldn't that pop a new window? I don't know if it makes...
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    Looking for a pinout guide for socket 939

    Anyone happen to know where I can find a listing of what pins are what on the bottom of an athlon64? There is a document on AMD's site that tells what some of them do, but it doesn't describe their position. It refers to: "AMD Athlon™ 64 939 Motherboard Design Guide order# 30474" which is not...
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    Looking for a good turn-based RPG (PC)

    I'm looking for something where I don't have to click like crazy, swing a sword with my mouse, run arouns in circles or any other "Action" RPG crap. I want something like the old Ultima's, Final Fantasy, Questron. Something where I can play at a relaxed pace... I'm too old for all this...
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    Anyone know where to find a 6150 based matx in stock?

    My Opteron 146 came off backorder and shipped sooner than I expected. I'm looking to get a 6150-based mATX with some OC options (doesn't have to be extensive, but at least let me adjust in 1mhz increments) asap. I've pricewatch-ed and froogle-ed to no good result. Everyone has them listed as out...
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    Eastern NC LAN Party info

    We periodically have LAN parties in the Greenville, NC area. these are usually small events (8-13) people, but we are thinking about trying to get a larger crowd. Is anyone here interested? Spadefoot
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    NV 5950 ultra display problem

    I just switched from a Radeon 9600pro to a 5950 ultra (got a really good deal) but I'm not seeing the results I had hoped for. I play EQ2, so that's about all I have as a frame of reference. The performace seems around the same, but the graphical quality is terrible. The character models seem...
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    Looking for a good MATX 939 board w/ PCI Express

    I know there is a FoxConn board, and one from someone that uses the ATI chipset. I'm not too crazy about the FoxConn brand and I haven't hard much about the ATI chipsets. Anyone have any news about other boards coming out? I have an Aria that is ready for an upgrade!