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    Help! I broke a micro ribbon cable!

    My girlfriend dropped her E-Dictionary the display got messed up. It had lines going across the screen making text difficult to read. I figgured that if I take it appart and re-secure the display ribbon it may fix it. Well the thing ios that it did, but while prying a corner open the ribbon...
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    Is my Power supply hindering my machine's performance?

    Hi, I am running all the stuff under my sig with a thermaltake pure power 420 watt PS. During processor heavy applications my computer always slows down to a crawl. My friend's machines don't suffer from this and have slower processors and less ram. I figure that maybe the slow down could be due...
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    Need a suggestion for a simple Palm Pilot or PDA

    Hi, my boss gave me the F'ing task of finding some thing for him in the way of a Palm Pilot or PDA. All he needs it for is storing numbers and internet access to check his mail. I don't know jack-didlly about these things so I need suggestions. My boss being an old man needs something that above...
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    doom 3 expansion RoD pics

    The only difference I noted is that the game is not as dark. edit: Yeah I though it would be a funny RoD instead of RoE
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    Please help, I am having linksys router problems

    Hi, thanks for looking at this thread guys. I have earthlink cable modem as my ISP and when I hook up their router (a Toshiba PCX1100U) directly to my PC, I get a steady connection, but when I hook it up through my linksys router (BEFSR41) I get an unsteady bandwidth flow. For example when I am...
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    Component video cables for consoles

    I was wondering if anyone knows where to get component video cables for the Gamecube and the PS2 at a good price. Also for my dvd player for progrssive scan. I just bought my first High Definition TV :D
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    PSTWO problem playing PS1 Games

    I was trying to play that rediculously slow port of Crono Trigger for the PS1, on my PSTWO and for some reason it doesn't like the disc it says "please enter a PS or PS2 format disc" My PSTWO also does this with some of my other PS1 Game, but not all. I manage to get the game to run after a...
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    This well may be a stupid question, about what are vivo features?

    I have an x800 pro vivo flashed to xt PE. I was wondering what is the vivo feature, what does it do, and also do I need particular software to use these featues. :confused:
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    Is it just me or...PSTWO Q:

    Is it just me or does the PStwo have much shorter loading times than the PS2? I noticed while playing suikoden 3 the load times on my PStwo are alot faster compared my friend's PS2 4th generation I think?
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    Cheap game consoles... nowhere to be found

    I was wondering if there are any known places were to get new game consoles below suggested retail price. I noticed that PC parts and even home appliances can be found in some places well below retail value, but never game consoles and I never understood why. Consoles like the PS2 as so cheap to...
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    best high performance 120mm fan

    I was wondering if you guys could point me to the best 120mm fan in your opinion. I need it for a zalman dual pipe vga cooler. I looked at the optional zalman fan, but you really can't evenly cool off the huge heatsink with just an 80mm fan. So I figured a 120mm fan would do a much better job at...