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    Now this could be big: R9 Nano

    I don't think anyone saw this coming. :eek: Half the power of 290X, but more powerful? Very unlike AMD, lol. Could put Nvidia in trouble if this becomes the trend. Real competition will be welcome! :)
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    20L fully-loaded EATX Case

    EATX (12"x10.4") motherboard support... check! 200mm modular ATX PSU support... check! 3-way (up to 12") multi-GPU support... check! 280mm AIO liquid cooler support... check! 140mm-fan-only support... check! 1x3.5" with 2x2.5" (or, 4x2.5") drive support (along all-of-the-above, no...
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    A 6lt mITX Cube Design

    So, I've been brainstorming about a mITX case for ITX size GPUs and SFX PSUs. I posted one such idea here:, but I've had many more that I didn't post. All of them had, what you might call a drawback of requiring a PCI-E riser. Now it seems risers...
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    Layout idea for a truly ITX case

    I've been reading from quite a few people about a need for a minimalist case for ITX size GPUs and I may have a good idea for a case layout that hits the target. I put this description on another thread but I figured I'll make a separate thread to see what people think. I am not at the...
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    U3 done better: Jonsbo C3

    Proper GPU support, PSU at the bottom, filter, perforations on the side... beats U3 any day, including the looks department. Still, temps will not be ideal especially for SLI. They should've doubled the perforation size and added fan locations to help cool GPUs... What do you guys think...
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    Laptop with triple displays: Ever done?

    Using my work laptop in the last months, I'm missing my 34" 21:9 1440P display for productivity... Then, I started thinking, how hard would it be (for a manufacturer) to add two wing displays to a laptop?.. Visualize this: You open your laptop lid, then two wings open to the sides (each wing...
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    Best ITX size video card yet

    I'm not neither a fan nor hater of Sapphire, and it's been a long time since I used a Sapphire video card, but I'm truly impressed with what they did with the R9 285. Of course, kudos goes to AMD as well.
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    New, unconventional mITX case idea!

    What would you say to a mITX case that can hold a 240mm AIO, a 3-slot 11.5" GPU, an SFX PSU, two SSDs, and an optical drive, AND have a transparent side window at the same time, in a package that's smaller than NCASE M1, with better case temps? (I know, it's a bit too bold) Intrigued yet? Then...
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    WTB: GTX Titan

    Looking for a GTX Titan at a low price to throw in for folding for [H]. You may ask why not buy a 780Ti... It's because I'd like to multi-purpose it so I can use it for my graphics edit/design on a U3014. It's gonna be folding 95% of the time though... Let me know [H]! ;) Heat...
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    [FS] AMD Opteron 4P IL part out

    I need to liquidate this rig to help finance some family expenses. Most parts are very new. The 4P rig is sold. I added more stuff. What's for sale and prices: Crucial RAM and Noctua heatsinks are sold. All CPUs are sold. OCZ SSD is sold. Motherboard, PSU, heatsinks and video card are sold...
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    [FS] IL Opteron 6276 (kinda)

    I have 4 IL Opterons at 2.3GHz nominal clock (PM for details). I may sell them very soon. I'm posting this to see if anyone would be interested. Asking price is $350 ea shipped to US. PM me if you'd be interested. Mods, please let me know if this is not OK. Thanks! Payment by Paypal (non...
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    My old baby

    Hey all, I had promised to post pictures of my first 4P in a closed case. We're talking about a full AMD 4P with all the components fit inside of a, I'll say tiny, NZXT Adamas case. To be precise, the case measures 19.29" x 7.48" x 17.13", while the SM board used measures 16.48" x 13" :eek...
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    [FS] Plug-n-play AMD 4P folder

    I need cash due to a family emergency, and I decided to downsize a bit and sell my golden 6166HEs with the whole system they're in. The system is OC'ed to 2.34GHz (refclock 260, using tear's BIOS), runs rock stable 24/7, producing 350K PPD or more depending on the WU, and using only 650W at the...
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    NUMA performance comparison between NUMA kernels and mainline

    Hey guys, I find this read (found the link at Phoronix) very interesting and I'm wondering these NUMA optimized kernels could have any affect on folding performance: tldr: They ran NUMA-centric benchmarks and measured latency...
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    G. Skill Ripjaws X 1600 CAS 6 (F3-12800CL6)

    Hey guys, I have 16 sticks of now extinct G. Skill Ripjaws X DDR3-1600 CAS 6 (F3-12800CL6) 2GB memory. It's basically 8 sets of these: Enough to populate a 4P AMD G34 board ;) The only reason I'm selling them is because I decided...
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    Hi, I'm new

    Hi, I'm new... Where do I start? :p :D
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    5 (Five) AMD G34 CPUs

    Withdrawn. The system crashed while folding the second WU. I tried to find out what was wrong, I tested all 5 CPUs but I couldn't find a set that runs stably for more than 24 hours. I will be returning them back to the original seller. Sorry :( Thanks.
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    FS: Almost complete 4P (48-core) system

    I've been purchasing a ton of 4P (G34) components for a wild expansion (3 more 4P systems) but I need to shrink my plans at the moment due to need for cash (there is still an expansion coming ;)). So, I have this almost complete (only half of RAM missing) 4P, 48-core, G34 system up for sale. I'm...
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    WTB: Tyan S8812WGM3NR, DDR3 1600 CAS8 RAM, Noctua 92mm G34 Coolers

    Found RAM. Still looking for the following items: 1) 1 of Tyan S8812WGM3NR (4P G34), OR 1 of Supermicro H8QGi (not GL) 2) 4 of Noctua 92mm G34 coolers Awaiting your reasonable offers... Thanks!
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    FS: 4 x 6174 and 4 x CM212+

    Purchased these for a third 4P system (second one is almost ready) but I cannot afford to complete it for the time being and these have to go. Tested to be working perfectly. Price: $1,700 plus shipping. Payment by Paypal, Amazon Payments, bank transfer or wire transfer. Heatware...
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    A new Chimp Challenge

    Hey guys, I know you don't want to hear about this, but I'd really appreciate if you could read it with an open mind. You might find it interesting, hopefully... I've been participating or observing CC since 2009, and my observation is that the most problematic aspect of CC is also what...
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    Continue bigadv WU in another distro?

    Hey guys, Would it be possible to transfer the WU files to another distro and continue working on it there? I mean, would it successfully upload without any problems with the servers?