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    Oldest Macbook pro that can take current release OS?

    2015 and later MacBook 2013 and later MacBook Air 2013 and later MacBook Pro 2014 and later Mac mini 2014 and later iMac 2017 and later iMac Pro 2013 and later Mac Pro
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    Apple M1 SOC platform discussion

    The next chip they use in the 16” Pro and iMac is going to be nuts
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    Apple M1 SOC platform discussion

    Yea they run great. Compilation benchmarks: Battery life is crazy, x86 seems to run just as fast or faster than native Drawbacks right now are support for only two...
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    CAT7 patchpanel

    CAT6A is a big thick beast, PITA to run and annoying to terminate. The spools are farking huge!
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    What to do with old 10/100 switches?

    Threw them away years ago...
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    Looking to go to 10gb at home; should I do multi-gig switch?

    Netgear and FS have 'cheap' 10GB switches You could pull armored fiber Are you going to need 10GB everywhere or just between a few machines?
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    MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement

    Yea. I did it back in 2016 before they announced the service program. Bought another keyboard for parts on eBay. Very fragile mechanism.
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    MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement

    I wouldn’t say it’s shitty - it’s done that way because of the thinness You CAN remove a key, clean the spot it’s in, and replace it along with the mechanism. I’ve done it. I’ve also pulled a car apart to replace some stupid part. But Apple doesn’t do it because it’s easier and faster for them...
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    I am still using my iPad 2 from 2014. Are people upgrading iPads?

    I upgrade when they get slow... iPad 3 in that case. Or when they break. Someone dropped my Mini 2, I was about to get a new one anyway. Got the current iPad on slickdeals from best buy, not sure how much but it was cheap.
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    MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement

    You take your car to the dealer and they don't replace one part when it's inside the engine/trans...they pull it and put a whole new one in. Same thing.
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    MacBook or other Apple products that come with paid software

    They are just downloading it from a pirate site and installing it for you
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    iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr. Let's Discuss

    Still have an 8, would like an X but I can wait until my upgrade next year...
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    Tell me about RPG programming

    Check out IT Jungle....not many younger people know the IBM systems so you can find some pretty good paying jobs if companies in your area are still using them.
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    New Macbook Air Incoming!

    I loved the old Air...but this screen is a little dim, only 2 USB-C ports... Ended up buying a 2017 Pro (non-Touchbar) for some light Mac stuff we have to do at work. Thought about the Air for a little bit though.
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    Cooling pad for MacBook Pro i9

    A cooling pad won't help you in any way.
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    Does it matter where I buy Apple products?

    Except last year at WWDC they announced MacBook updates, iMac Pro, plus the HomePod and 10.5 iPad Pro...
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    Why no multiple colors anymore for macs?

    They have silver, space gray, and some models gold or rose!
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    How much can I expect a iPhone 8 to depreciate over 2 years?

    How the heck? I was looking to sell mine and I saw you can buy a 64GB 6S on gazelle for $259
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    Can someone explain SSD upgrade in current gen Air?

    Screws are pentalobe on the case. They changed the drive over the years. 2013-current is what you are looking for I'd try to find one on eBay. The PCIe aftermarket drives are junk. T5 screw
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    USB-C Adapter with HDMI and USB that actually works...

    I have a Hitachi 2.5" HD that only works at USB 2.0 speeds and my ********** enclosure barely works at all. If the drive even shows up, once you list the directory the drive disappears in Finder. If I use the Apple USB-C to USB adapter they all work perfectly, but of course I can't charge or use an...
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    The High Sierra Thread

    I have not really noticed any issues on either of my Macs (2014 Pro and 2016 MacBook)
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    USB-C Adapter with HDMI and USB that actually works...

    The Apple adapter sucks and doesn't work well with external drives. Anyone know of an adapter that has power, video, AND a regular USB 3 port that works with all external drives?
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    Want to build a dual WAN Linux router

    PfSense is the easy way to do it. What were you having problems with? Make sure your ping probes are on different gateways or the failover won't work.
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    Asus Laptop RMA - Worth Bothering?

    Black Friday + ASUS + TigerDirect = disaster I like TD but only for NEW stuff, not refurbs.
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    HDD vs. SSD Real World Gaming Performance @ [H]

    You should re-plot the graphs so only the difference between the two is shown, or what % of the chart one set of data is higher than the other
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    going to college and taking some classes - trying to get a head start

    Where are you going? Stanford? Full Sail? Having a decent grasp of one or two programming languages (say Javascript or Python) would be a great start. Don't get in over your head trying to learn abstract CS topics or anything real specific just yet.
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    Anyone looking forward to the new Mac Pro?

    The RAM appears easy to upgrade - and you can expand through ThunderBolt 2.0 That said, ThunderBolt devices are still pretty expensive and I don't see that changing.
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    Cheapest way to add traffic shaping?

    The Adtran is the gateway
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    Cheapest way to add traffic shaping?

    We have some Netgear GS108T smart switches, it looks like you can use DiffServ to QoS tag packets by protocol, but I don't know if that would work. If not I will try to sell the boss on Mikrotik.
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    Need to manage a 302MB SQL file...

    Or just tell mysqldump to give you the tables you want
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    Cheapest way to add traffic shaping?

    What's the good, inexpensive way to add traffic shaping to a small network? Let's say there are about 20 users on a T1 circuit. Existing router is an Adtran 3430 (from the telco so we can't touch it). Everything works fine except when they get really heavy with uploads/downloads when document...
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    There's a new Samsung Chromebook coming out pretty soon.
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    Good *nix book for developers

    These books aren't bad: But as far as all the little deployment tricks and such, they are pretty custom per project or developer.
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    Just announced MBA

    Engadget actually got slightly lower speeds out of the 2013 than the model it replaced. They did get almost double the battery life out of the new machine, though.
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    Need to manage a 302MB SQL file...

    It should import pretty quickly - less than an hour, way less if you have at least 4GB of RAM and a newer i5/i7 and even less if you have an SSD I pull in 3GB files that I have to let run for 4-5 hours just to pull a few queries out of and then delete. But that's what 24GB i7's are for...
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    Best cheap VPS host with cpanel included?

    They're just a generic megahost and their VPS's are virtuozzo and not Xen/KVM.
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    Best cheap VPS host with cpanel included?

    Digital Ocean or Linode. Worlds better than Rackspace for a single VPS. Hostgator is a joke.
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    Office 2013 Install

    Kind of nice not having to wait for a disk in the mail and being able to use the program before it's 100% downloaded.
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    How to sort things with Javascript or jQuery?

    Have the database do the sort when you request the data
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    T1 Turnout Today!! Finally!

    We have 2 bonded together, it's still slow as balls ;)