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    Move program files between SSD and HDD?

    I saw this article from GHacks, but wondered if there were more programs or methods out there? Also, if I have programs installed on my HDD and then move them to the SSD and use the 'file link' method...will it still be as fast as if the files were originally installed on the SSD? I'm guessing...
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    Need advice on an upgrade...

    It's been 3 years since my last major upgrade. Ya, I'm amazed too. I just beat BF3, and I recently beat and played BF2, MW3, SC2 on my specs below. I'm also in the D3 beta...which I have the minimum specs for. :D Current specs are in my sig and here's the Q&A, followed by what I'm looking at...
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    Clear credential cache in XP?

    I have an Explorer window open on my client PC. I browsed to a Windows share and entered credentials. I changed the permissions on the share after that, but it doesn't seem to be reflected on my client end. I would like to 'log out' then log back into the share to refresh. Is it possible...
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    OCR Software better than HP's?

    I just bought a HP 6500. I plan to start digitizing my filing cabinet. I tried out the OCR software (I.R.I.S.) that came with the printer, but I was wondering if there were better free options out there?
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    Am I crazy or is my new PSU dead?

    Ok, I'm working on my brother-in-law's PC. He explained an issue to me and I told him to replace the PSU. He replaced it and the new one didn't seem to make any difference. So, I told him to return it and get another one. In the meantime I convinced him to upgrade. So, I just replaced the...
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    Need mobo/cpu/vga combo deal recommendations

    My brother-in-law needs a cheap upgrade. I'd like to get him a nice combo deal that would cost no more than $250-300. I don't care if it's Intel or AMD, and I don't care if it can game. It just needs to be able to run DVDs, surf the internet, and run Win7. I usually hand pick each part of...
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    10.2 - Install Manager crashes in Win7 x64

    I upgraded from my 8600GT last night to my new XFX 5770. I went into Device Manager, uninstalled the device and told it to delete all device driver info. I shutdown, swapped cards, then booted up. I downloaded the latest drivers from ATI and ran the install. It crashed, so I manually...
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    SQL 2005 - No longer binding to 1434?

    I have tried installing a new instance, everything is enabled and running just fine without errors. However, I cannot connect to port 1434. Has anyone ever had a problem with the SQL Browser losing it's bind to that port?
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    From C# to Perl?

    I'm a C# developer and I am moving into a position that will require me to learn Perl eventually. Has anyone made this transition before? If so, what would you recommend for reading or what paths should I take?
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    Win7 - Reboot during chkdsk on 2nd drive

    I've been getting some disk errors on my 2nd drive (non-system), and so I decided to run chkdsk via the Win7 utility today. Well, it told me that it had to dismount the drive in order to run, so I said Yes. Part of the way through it, my son hit the power button, causing the system to...
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    Need a laptop/phone with data plan

    I have a need for a laptop/netbook that has an aircard (prefer built in), and a phone that can get email as well. I prefer Verizon because they are the best in my experience. What would you recommend?
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    HD Camcorder for less than $400?

    What camcorders would be recommended for under $400? I haven't owned one since the shoulder mounted VHS days when I was younger, so I'm not sure what to get. :) I have looked at the HDD and Flash ones, but not sure which would be best? I'd like to get a Flash one, but what are the cons? Do...
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    Windows 7 sales figures?

    Anyone seen any sales figures for Windows 7 compared to previous versions?
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    HP D2345 printer lid is closed, but the software says it is open?

    My grandfather's printer says that the lid is open, even though it is closed. Is there are trick to fix this so that he can print again?
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    Win7 Users - How do you have your files organized?

    I have never used My Documents like I should, but now I've got so many files that I need to start using it. How do you have your pics, program install EXEs, music, etc organized? I have a Canon RebelXT, so I have lots of RAW files and original JPEGs that I want to keep as well, so I need...
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    Games for the wife and I

    I'm looking for some games that my wife and I could play together. We each have our own PCs with decent 3D gaming capabilities (We could play COD4 almost maxed) Anyway, I don't want FPS, flight sim, or MMO type games, because I know she won't play them. Any recommendations?
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    Anyone remember Cyberia?

    This was back in the days when Interplay was cool. Cyberia 1 and 2 were the shiznit in my little world of PC gaming back then. Where have all of these types of games gone? I had so much fun with it!! Anyone else remember it?
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    How does my video card stack up today?

    Is there a tool/website out there that will compare my video card with today's video cards? Whether it uses calculations per second, 3dMark scores, benchmark results, etc... I'm just looking for an easy way to see how old my video card is compared to newer cards. Anything out there?
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    So I finally played CoH...

    ...and I gotta say, I wish I had played it sooner! I bought it for $5 from and it was probably one of the best investments I've ever made! Question, how do you win with Victory points? Mine stayed high, but the enemy's kept getting lower. Do the highest points win? Any good tips...
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    Any else miss Flagship Studio's Mythos? :( I'm having withdrawals. That game was going to last me until D3 came out!
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    Anyone have the LG Env Touch?

    I'm considering getting this phone soon for Verizon. Anyone else have it?
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    Quicken 2008 is owning me

    I have never been able to get Quicken to work very well for me and this is one of the main reasons why. Let's say that I have a checking and a savings account and both are in Quicken. I download the latest transactions and start categorizing the ones in my checking account. Before I start...
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    Excel 2007 - Reports

    I'm having a problem with creating a chart that uses the data how I want it to. Here's my data... Spreadsheet 1: CatID Category 1 Cat1 2 Cat2 3 Cat3 Spreadsheet 2: CatID Date 1 7/16/2009 2 7/16/2009 3 7/17/2009 1 7/20/2009 2 7/22/2009 3 7/25/2009 2 7/26/2009 3...
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    Installed SQL 2008 Dev Ed and now Win7 won't boot?!?

    I finally got SQL 2008 Dev Edition installed on my main rig w Win7 64bit and rebooted, but now it's in the 'Repairing Windows' mode. Anyone else have this issue?
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    Need help with driver and BIOS updates...

    I haven't done this stuff in a while and I'm having a tough time finding the right downloads. I have a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L Rev2.0 motherboard, and it has the Intel P35 + ICH9 Chipset. I'm running Windows 7 RTM 64bit and I want to make sure that I'm running the latest drivers and I have the...
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    Win7 Ultimate not bootable?

    I'm trying to boot off the DVD I just burned and it's not doing it. Am I missing something? And yes, I changed the boot order...
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    What's your setup and process for ripping movies?

    I've never done it before and frankly have never seen a need for it. I don't have an HTPC right now, simply for money reasons. I've got over 150 DVDs. My question is, what software and process do you use for ripping DVDs to your HD? What format do you use? What's the average file size of...
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    How does this work?

    I have an ASP.NET site that I have inherited. The URL in some sections of the site look like this... The only thing in the Test folder is an index.aspx file. What is happenning here and how do I debug it? Is it actually using the index.aspx...
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    Wireless receiver?

    I'm buying a new home and trying to figure out the best network setup. I will have my devices mainly in two rooms. I'd like to have the wireless router where my computer is, and then get some sort of wireless receiver for the devices in the other room. What would I need to make this work?
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    Just got my first Wii

    So I picked up the Wii, Mario Kart, and an extra wheel and remote this weekend. I've never owned one and have rarely played one before. I used to be a hardcore gamer, but haven't been in years. What are some good sites, resources, cool things it can do, etc?
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    Laptop overheating

    I have a Gateway 7508GX that is about 4yrs old or so. It's been shutting off on it's own lately and I think it's overheating. It might be the battery, but I'm not sure. Any ideas? I'm also wondering if there are multiple thermometers in the laptop that could tell me which parts are...
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    Win2003 SBS - Can't change Read-Only setting?

    I've got a separate partition and every single folder in the partition is inheriting the 'read-only' setting. I can change it and apply it to all subfolders, but when I open the properties again it the setting is back. I have a user that is seeing every file in one of the share folders in...
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    Win2003 GPO - My Documents Redirect/Offline Sync?

    I've got a 2003 Domain setup with My Documents being redirected to a network share. That is working fine. Now I want to make My Documents available offline. How do I do this in GPO? I've got the 'Administratively Offline Files and Folders' setting set to sync '\\[file...
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    Re-designed my old website

    I got motivated to redo my old website. Haven't used it in a long time and I thought I would put something useful up. The content is slim right now, but I'll add to it soon. Thoughts? Comments? Constructive criticism?
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    C&C: Generals Zero Hour bug

    Im seeing this after playing for less than 10 minutes. Any ideas? I have a 8600GT with beta drivers. I'm running Vista x64.
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    Dual Boot - Best practice for installing same apps in both?

    Do I install programs/games/etc to the same directory from both OSs? Do I need to install to seperate folders? Do I only need to install in one OS and just link to it from the other OS? I have an OS drive with all of my OS partitions and I have a files and programs drive where all of my...
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    AI Companies

    I'm interested in finding some Publicly owned AI companies. Kind of hard to find on Google b/c of all of the Univ research teams. Any ideas?
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    New stock fan for E6750 dead

    I just got my parts in from NewEgg yesterday. The CPU fan that came with my E6750 never got about 800RPMs and now it appears to be dead. Can I just replace the fan? Does CompUSA or someone that might be local carry something that will fit onto the stock heatsink?
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    Where's the mouse pad?

    What ever happened to the super slick [H]ardOCP mouse pad?
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    XP SP3 > Vista SP1

    What are they doing with SP3 that makes XP so much faster?,139911-c,xp/article.html