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    Logitech B500 webcam $10 after promo code and FS

    Ordered one myself. Edit: Please delete, I thought I was on the Hot deals section.
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    Thank you Noctua! Amazing company.

    Recently, I upgraded my PC from a LGA 775 motherboard and a Q9550 to a i5-3570k and a LGA 1155 motherboard (see sig). I had been using a very old Noctua NHU9 cooler I purchase over six years ago when I was on a socket 939 AMD setup. I was wondering whether I would have to go buy another cooler...
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    Intel 330 180Gb SSD $100.00 AR + FS

    I know this isn't the 520 but it seemed like a decent deal. Intel 330 SSD 139.99 pre rebate and $99.99 after rebate at TigerDirect. Sorry if someone already posted this. If I didn't jump on so many...
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    Corsair 600T White $130 AR + FS @ TD

    Popular Corsair 600T case is $150 pre rebate and $130 after rebate + free shipping (today so they say) @ TD. If I didn't buy a bunch of components recent, this would be tempting. I am starting to like TD more and more these days...
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    Linksys WMP54G drivers for Windows 8 64bit

    I just recently upgraded my OS from Win XP 32 bit to Win 8 64 bit. I am trying to get everything in order and most of the drivers are now working (CCC for my graphics card, driver for my Striker). However, I am having difficulty locating the driver for 64 bit windows for my Linksys adapter...
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    Mildly Warm: HSU STF 2 Subwoofer $319 + shipping

    Not a major hot deal but just a "for your info" post that the STF-2 subwoofer is on sale at Hsu Research for $319.00 (normally $349.00). Its a very nice sub and for the moment is not much more expensive than their STF-1, which I am very happy...
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    Steelseries SHIFT keyboard $29.99 + $5.00 shipping

    It seems 1SaleaDay is featuring the Steelseries SHIFT keyboard for $34.99 including shipping. Have no idea how good this keyboard is cept it is sold for much higher price at places like the egg. I have yet to buy something from 1SaleaDay but I keep watching for specials there. If I didn't...
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    Dayton RS621MK passive bookshelf speaker kit (Maple) $299 + fs.

    Regularly $349 - $399. I can attest these sound wonderful (though you need a sub as they are sealed speakers). :p
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    Thank you GSkill

    Just a minor thread. Just recently one of my 2GBHZ GSkill DDR2 800 RAM started to fail (errors on memtest, causing errors on Windows). As the HZ RAM used D9 chips, I figured it would eventually go south. Problem was, that was the only RAM I had on my rig. After contacting GSkill's customer...
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    Dayton DIY RS621BK reference series speaker kit

    Well after looking at one bookshelf speaker after another, I finally decided on the Dayton DIY RS621BK kits. If PC building was my hobby, I guess I should see what building speakers are like as well. I wanted to see what speaker building for dummies was like. :p...
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    Which NHT mini?

    Well I am still looking around for a set of mini speakers to swap out my Yammi cheapo PC speakers. I had been looking at the NHT Absolute Zeros as my choice due to their high WAF and good reviews. Then just recently NHT said they brought back their very popular Super Zeros...
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    Noob question on monitors

    I want to get a monitor for my wife in the next few weeks. I am looking at something around 21.5" - 23" and price around $200 -$300 range. She does not game but does watch movies and browse the web. I am wondering which monitor is most appropriate? Would something like the Dell 2209WA IPS...
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    Usher / Ascend comparison talk continued

    Sorry, I started an OT discussion on someone elses thread ( bad :mad: ) and I didn't want to continue to threadjack so I decided to start this thread. Last post below. Thanks again for your comments astrallite. Interesting definition of the term "bright". So you are saying that...
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    Stupid Receiver Question

    Sorry for the stupid noob receiver question but I needed to get something clarified. I just purchased a Marantz SR5001 receiver to hook up onto my PC. Until I get decent bookshelves, I plan to run this with the cheapo Yammie active PC speakers and the Hsu STF-1 active sub. Originally I was...
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    Coolink GFXChilla and non reference design Powercolor 4850

    So got a chance to upload shots of the new vid card cooler. I got this since my stock cooler on my Powercolor HD4850 was not particularly a great cooler but more so, it was loud as a jet engine (at least to me). ATI Catalyst helped in making it quieter but I just did not like the cooler...
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    Finally ordered a sub! Thanks all.

    Finally decided to order a sub since my PC had no bass to speak of. Criteria, it needed to be tiny (8" drivers preferred), within about $300-$400, active, and quality in bass over quantity (since I will mostly use it for music). Finally chose this...
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    M200MkII or KRK Rokit 8?

    I am hoping to be able to upgrade my speakers from my cheapo Yamaha YST M7 to something a bit better soon. The two speakers I am eyeing at this time are the Swan M2000MkII or the KRK Rokit 8. Any opinion on which is better? Though I game somewhat, my more important requirement for the...
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    Warm? Polk Audio RM6750 5.1 speakers $199 & FS at the Egg.

    Well NewEgg seems to be having these things on sale. The 599 retail seems not a realistic price and these seem to occassionally come down to 199 - 250 at places like Frys. The thing I liked about this deal is the free shipping and that its the Egg. Don't know how good these are compared to other...
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    Another budget Rosewill build

    Ok so this is nowhere near a [H]ard PC build, but I like it for a generic Rosewill case and budget build. :p Nowhere near as amazing as markkleb's build but for a generic case, its pretty nice. So here it is. Finished phase II of the...