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    how to do a system restore.

    I goofed up and now alot of stuff on my comp is scratchy. how can i do a system restor to a few days ago.
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    Spy ware killer...PLEASE!!!!!

    OMG I have lost control of my comp. I downloaded the new bit tor. and now I cant get into ms config. It resets my homepage. and norton doesnt say its a virus...but yeah. I need to get rid of this now. It's pissing me off, help guys. I now have those little dinky search bars on the bottom and top...
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    Help I Need A Banner

    OK guys, I suck I mean I'm a joke. I need a banner that looks good for my auctions. It needs to say Nick's Rare Books. That’s it. I try and try but it looks like ass. If you guys can help me out I would greatly appreciate it. This is the first time I've ever tried to auction anything off before...
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    Good Looking Ebay Auctions

    Hey guys I need a good program to create eBay auction pages. You know not the old gay looking one's but good one’s with decent backgrounds ect. I have never actually sold anything on eBay before but I want to give it a shot. However I also want to be able to instill the confidence in my auction...
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    whats my bottleneck...a little help

    Ok guys here's the deal. I have a p4 2.8c backed by a gig of kingston hyperx pc 3500...well I started messing around with my o/c today...I jumped the ram up to 2.8v and my cpu up to 1.8 (its on an abit ic7 max 3 and has a thermalright slk 900u on top of it) well the hottest I could get it and...
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    Help Help Help

    ok guys, so I'm in my bios....I up the ram voltage to 2.8 and then I start with the overclocking goodness. i took my p4 2.8c and try taking it up to 3.5, well i up the cpu voltage a little and give it a wirl.......BLACK SCREEN...nothing no message. my monitor is flashing (the lttle green power...
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    I hate this fan, its a demon...come to kill our children

    Ok I give, I can’t take it. I wake up in cold sweats wondering if it is going to chop my pecker off, swirling in a bloody fury like a drunken prizefighter. I swear to god, it's looking at me. I PURCHASED A VANTEC FAN. I didn’t think that 56 dba would be that loud. OMG it gives me night terrors...
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    Sweet Jebus I’m Almost Done

    Ok guys I love the fact you’re all giving me these upbeat responses and cheering me on. But I will say 1. I will bench mark at stock stats. 2. This is not the first comp I’ve worked on or “built”…simply the first for me. I snapped and decided I wanted to do it my way. Not go…ohh ho hum…but just...