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    ITUNE 7.7

    THE fix is to give the program admin rights under vista . find exe file right click =propertys capatibility file +click admin rights . restart program itune. apple did not include admin rights in 7.7 ver ?
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    GeForce Release 175 video drivers

    hey my mouse setting any keybord are screwwed up on halo and crysis after loading new graffic drivers help . halo my keybord dont work help me
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    Games that should be made

    i like to be a grizzly bear hunting down humans to eat . or hunting other prey.:eek: how about a game called the hood ,inner city gang wars. a shooting game / killing pigeons in a city area.:p
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    bioschock new price

    black friday-- best buy --bio schock 24.99 bucks grab it buddys
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    gears of war crashing

    Hello, im using vista new pc power to run a shuttle to space, i had the same problems if you have vista give this ago worked for me. Look for your gears of war folder... click programfiles/microsoftgames/gearsofwar/binaries/ go down the list pick the startup "Application file", right mouse...
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    encrypted hard drives

    Seagate announces encrypted hard drives Chip reportedly makes it impossible for anyone to read data off disk The Associated Press Updated: 9:33 a.m. ET March 12, 2007 SAN JOSE, Calif. - Seagate Technology LLC, the world's largest hard drive maker, announced Monday the first manufacturer to...