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    Can't Decide between two cheap laptops

    Hi everyone I'm looking to get a cheap laptop. I need it in the next few days. I'm looking at under $500 CAD. And I don't want to order online. I found these two. Which one is better?? Compaq
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    when is Half life 2 episode 3 coming out

    Gabe said an announcement would be made Q4 2008. It wasn't.
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    Zeno Clash

    I played the demo and enjoyed it. If I didn't have so many games to play right now I'd buy it probably. But until then, I think I'm gonna wait for a weekend deal. I love it when games are built off of Source engine!
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    GTA 4 PC: Professional Review Scam

    When you consider the rigs that PC Game Reviewers probably use to judge a game, of course GTA IV would do very well. Most GTA IV PC users probably did not have as good as a PC, therefore performance sucked and they give it a poor review.
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    Street Fighter IV headed to Steam

    Totally getting this!!!
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    Games that 'everyone' hates... but you love! (warning- play nicely)

    I loved Matrix: Path of Neo as well as 24: The Game. Both games did not go over so well with the critics.
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    I don't want to live.... please, killl me

    This is probably a clone of that Desparate Housewives game. i.e. Sims engine game.
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    The Witcher

    Yeah I agree with you, the inventory system is a only a tiny bit improved...still ugly and fairly inefficient.
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    Left 4 Dead Survivor Mode: First impressions

    Yeah, I really can't stand playing this mode with noobs lol. But its so much fun! The communicating aspect is awesome.
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    New TF2 update is out, and it's..............hats?

    Interesting! I'm excited to see what happens.
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    Brothers in Arms Hell's highway awesomO!

    I really enjoyed the game. Played it through in just a few days. And I agree that the cinematic are great, however the run a tad too long in my taste. But then again, I enjoyed MGS's cut scenes so maybe its just me.
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    Which RTS game should i play first?

    Really? That's ridiculous. "Um..yeah we didn't like your expansion. So, uh...we're gonna sue you!" But yeah the original World In Conflict was a gem of a game.
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    Which RTS game should i play first?

    Haha, nice to know someone is keeping the PC game industry alive. I vote Demi-god. I heard the RA and WiC expansions are mediocre. Hopefully that isn't the case.
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    Good laptop FPS games?

    Well, official Steam games such as Counterstrike: Source, Team Fortress 2, and Left 4 Dead all have great anti-cheat measures (so long as you play on a "VAC Enabled" server), Although in any Valve package you won't get anything in terms of military or war-type games. I would suggest maybe...
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    Suggest a good 3rd Person Shooter

    Dead Space Max Payne GTA (any of em, really) Mass Effect Stranglehold (Though some people would disagree, I enjoyed this game) Assassins Creed Any of the Splinter Cells
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    Eve Online Developer misconduct still ongoing?

    You would think this is more than just a video game.... :rolleyes:
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    GameStop Sells Played Games As New

    i remember one time buying metroid fusion "brand new" for the GBA come home, turn it on, theres a saved game on it.. i said wtf
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    Steam Weekend Sales

    After waiting forever for a good deal on CoD4, I decided to suck it up and pay the full price. Whatever, the game is worth it anyways.
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    OnLive...death of dedicated pc hardware?

    I absolutely love the idea. But I don't know if our internet would be capable of this today. Maybe some of those European connections can do it :p.
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    Advanced SystemCare Pro

    Hey guys I've been using a program by IOBit called Advanced SystemCare pro. Its supposed to be this all-in-one spyware removal, tweaking, ram cleaning program. Its supposed to make your computer runner smoother, better, faster etc. Anyone else have it? I've been using it for about 4 days...
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    Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

    I thought the first CoJ was pretty good. The kid platforming levels kind of sucked, because FPS platforming is well...kind of stupid. Also, the whole not being able to whip the horse/corpse thing was silly. The storyline and the action was enjoyable. So I'm looking forward to this one. I...
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    I got a new vc and my timing is way off

    this is probably the best thread i've read in a while everything about my new computer is awesome IT SUCKS
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    UT3's Titan Pack dated 3-5-09

    i'd pick it up if it was on sale..sounds cool, just got too busy to play it
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    help me get my steam account back!

    Valve warns users that they never have to give their information. The only site is or make sure https:// is in the website domain (you need that s) NO ONE will ever ask you in an IM or anything to verify your shit. Come on man, you should have...
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    Popular games that you just...hate

    Hate is such a strong word..... However, I couldn't really get into Fallout 3 or the Stalker Series. Games with weight or inventory systems piss me off.
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    games from elementry school

    Man I spent so many quarters on that one. I remember one day at Chuckee Cheese I finally beat it. That was awesome.
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    games from elementry school

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    games from elementry school

    Commander Keen Reader Rabbit Putt Putt goes to the Moon Dr. Brain The Amazon Trail Ski Free To name just a few Anyone remember Club Kidsoft? EDIT: Thought of a few more! Space Quest (I loved the 6th one) Incredible Machine Cyberia (I only had Cyberia 2)
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    Fallout 3 ... overrated?

    Overrated? No, not really. Did I like it? Meh..... It was fun at first. I found myself getting bored. I feel a game can be too open-worlded. I didn't like the idea of having to open every little box and shelf if I wanted to make money or get good items. I found myself mashing the E key...
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    Condemned:Criminal Origins...very underrated

    yea this game was great! one of the few that creeped me out
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    Games you would like 4 PC platform

    MGS4 - PLEASE!!!! God Of War (any of em) Gears Of War 2 Resistance (2) LittleBigPlanet and of course, EA Sports games that use the 360/PS3 engine...I hate the ps2 version!
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    New Nvidia Card...Need to know what to get (sizewize)

    I would love to overclock my CPU but my motherboard doesn't allow any kind of overclocking unfortunately. Well I'm thinking I have at least another inch, maybe even an inch and a half for the video card so I should be able to handle a 260 no problem. But if I get a Geforce 260 I guess the...
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    New Nvidia Card...Need to know what to get (sizewize)

    Hey guys All I want to upgrade is my video card. Because of my motherboard, I figured I would have to get Nvidia (which im ok with). Its just that when I installed that 320mb 8800GTS (its a fairly big card) it fitted fine but with not too much room to spare... I'm willing to spend...
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    [Poll] [H] WoW Private Server?

    why the hell would someone bump this?? i actually posted on this like a year ago..and don't even remember, and totally disagree now with what i said a year ago, haha
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    Advice on my upgrade.

    Down the road i'd like 24. By then my video card could be obsolete though, lol. How do I find out the amperage on the PSU??
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    Pirate Bay cashing in?

    I think DRM has worked in some of these cases though. It's bullshit that DRM causes more piracy because they don't like the DRM. That's honestly just a lame-ass excuse to justify their pirating.
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    Advice on my upgrade.

    Hardware Guru...would it hurt if I got the 4870 ATI card? Maybe future proof myself a little bit more?? Especially since I might want to get a larger monitor in the future.
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    Pirate Bay cashing in?

    I only read the part after the picture and the advice to consumers/producers. Interesting though. I myself am kind of working on quitting the pirating thing. I really can't afford games but I'm to pay for ones that I think will be worth it. And for the ones I don't think will be worth it...
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    2008, a terrible year for PC gaming.

    L4D - great Witcher Enhanced Edition Fallout 3 Dead Space - stop whining about the controls, they're fine Call of Duty WaW - say what you want, I like it Assassins Creed - the port worked great for me Grid Some I can't speak for but I heard are great..... WotLK Prince of Persia...
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    Advice on my upgrade.

    update: changed entire layout for simplicity sake in hopes of getting more replies (or at least one)