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    PWM fans too loud on non-PWM board

    You can connect more than one fan to the PWM connector if the output from the MB is sufficient to power more than one. I have three PWM fans on one connector (some fans have gangable connectors; others will require adapters). The only problem will be that all the fans will run at the same...
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    Google CEO: How to Fix U.S. Energy Problems

    I'll write this slowly, since you can't seem to read very well. If you are running at 100%, someone has to pick up the slack when more power is required. If you're running at 100% - and I'm talking about delivered power: as in max demand from the grid - then some other generator(s) has to...
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    Dual core or quad core?

    Multi-thread programs were essential for good performance overall. For example, if a program had to pop up a dialog box and wait for the user to respond, a single threaded program would essentially sit and wait. With a multi-thread approach, the dialog could be spun off as a separate thread...
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    Google CEO: How to Fix U.S. Energy Problems

    Just because some major generation stations run full time does not make the system "constant." Some generation has to take up the variability. And where does the variable power come from? You can take advantage of any power source that can start and stop easily. Guess what? - stored power...
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    Quantum Bigfoot TX - How to hook it up?

    Ditto - there was only one ATA connector. I've had Quantum SCSI drives - they do exist.
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    Dual core or quad core?

    RAM is limited to 3.5GB (give or take a bit) but how is the multi-CPU limited? XP will use all the cores it can find. The real question you need to ask is "What programs does he run that use significant multi-threading and how many programs does he need to run at one time?" If he runs lots...
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    Google CEO: How to Fix U.S. Energy Problems

    As another has responded - supply always equals demand unless the system breaks down. There's no such thing as constant supply and variable demand. No, I'm pointing out the inconsistencies in your comments. You give no reference for any claims about longevity or reliability...
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    Cable internet with ADSL Model

    I'd give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she listened to the salesdroid by mistake.
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    Google CEO: How to Fix U.S. Energy Problems

    I did. You're don't use consistent terminology. And yet you respond as if others are claiming it will. You haven't been reading my posts. I never proposed building more hydro projects. I gave an example of matching load to capacity. If you don't understand that, it explains why you...
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    After format to NTFS, drive no longer shows up in "safely remove devices"

    If you look at the drive properties in Vista, you should see a tab that identifies whether the disk's write cache is enabled (I use XP, so I don't know how this looks exactly in Vista). If the cache is not enabled, then all writes are immediately completed and the drive is safe to remove...
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    Google CEO: How to Fix U.S. Energy Problems

    Constant = invariant. You have a variable demand. You also have a consistent and uninterrupted demand. There's a difference. You still don't get it. Wind/solar/etc does not replace baseload supplies. It supplements it. I've never stated otherwise. You're confusing political...
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    sata issues with GA-G33M-S2L

    Reformat is not necessary, but a reinstall is. You could avoid a reinstall if you unload all drivers and then add them on the new MB. Personally, I think that's more trouble than it's worth. If it was up to me, I'd reformat and reinstall. If you are switching from one motherboard to...
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    Google CEO: How to Fix U.S. Energy Problems

    You have a variable demand. All utilities do. Get over it. You have no concept of what is being discussed if you compare gigawatt power plants to wind, solar, wave, tidal and other sources. The largest individual wind generators are, what, 5 MW? Most are 1-3MW. That is the context for...
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    Going Green(er)

    You can get an estimate* with a power meter. Brands like Kill-a-watt, UPM and Watts UP are available at reasonable prices. *Estimate since these devices are not perfect.
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    sata issues with GA-G33M-S2L

    Did you change the SATA settings in BIOS from the time you installed Windows until now? You say you are trying two different drives with two different Windows versions - are these versions the ones you installed with this motherboard? You can't just take a drive from one MB and expect it to...
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    Google CEO: How to Fix U.S. Energy Problems

    Yours is a statement completely devoid of any information. Simply restating a falsehood does not make it true. If anyone does not understand the situation, it is you. Batteries are a real solution and they are being used. They work.
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    Google CEO: How to Fix U.S. Energy Problems

    No country has a constant demand. That's why many utilities, including those in many US states, have variable pricing and will give discounts to offset demand from high demand periods to low demand periods. Similarly, storing power in low demand periods for release in high demand will take...
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    Google CEO: How to Fix U.S. Energy Problems

    Yet there is no satisfactory theoretical means of explaining gravitational force as there is with electromagnetic force. Hence, we do not understand it. We know what it does, but we don't know why. My statement stands. And if you can't see the religion statement as an analogy - too...
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    Time to test your colour vision

    I didn't even try. I'm colour blind and can't see much difference in the squares on the top line. I moved a few but can't decide where to put them - it looks like it should go here until I move it and then it looks like it should go there instead. Hey - I feel good when I can match my socks! :)
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    A true power trio and a bunch of screws.

    I wouldn't worry about the screws knocking into things nor the shaking itself causing any problems. Just make sure you've got all the screws and there isn't one more stuck tightly in some nook inside. I'd be inclined to plug the PSU into the wall and test it without putting it in the case or...
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    Google CEO: How to Fix U.S. Energy Problems

    The Japanese have a 34MWh battery in such a capacity. Not all batteries are the little things you stick in your toys.
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    Google CEO: How to Fix U.S. Energy Problems

    We don't completely understand gravity. Does that mean it doesn't exist? We know precisely zero about any factual basis for most major religions, yet the overwhelming majority of people accept them. Measuring global warming and understanding global warming are two different things.
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    Lapped Quad turning blue?

    Or if it gets wet/absorbs water. Sounds like corrosion to me. It's possible it wasn't cleaned well after lapping. You might try a different thermal paste after cleaning it up if you're sure it was originally clean.
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    Google CEO: How to Fix U.S. Energy Problems

    That's true of everything - welcome to the laws of thermodynamics. There isn't just one battery technology. Some of the esoteric, large scale battery systems are capable of up to 95% efficiency. The Japanese project is yielding something on the order of 87%. If you are reclaiming surplus...
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    Taking advantage of idle quad CPUs...

    World Community Grid gives you more options than just folding.
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    Google CEO: How to Fix U.S. Energy Problems

    The sun has come out every day for the last 4.5+ billion years. If it's cloudy, the solar PV doesn't stop working, it just collects less energy. Around my neighbourhood, you can get an average of 3.5 hrs/day of solar power. In spite of this, there are fully functional solar heat and electric...
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    25 Most Influential People on the Web

    Misnamed as "on the web" - these people influence the web and the companies that are behind significant web sites but they themselves are not all on the web. The bloggers and such are but the business people are not. I find it odd that BusinessWeek would use the term "muckracker"! Who racks...
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    Need help with optics question

    You'll need one convex and one concave lens. However, where are you going to get the lenses if you knew the dimensions? Are you going to get these custom made? If not, you'll need to get lenses that are readily available that will also do the job.
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    Need help with optics question

    If your light source is a laser, it is likely collimated already. It's entirely possible you can get what you want from a laser supplier. You may just be able to get a different collimator for the laser and produce a smaller beam. Why do you reduce it after the mirror? Why not just produce...
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    what to do to reduce eye strang with lcd monitors?

    This is awfully close. You should be at arm's length at least. try 30" or more.
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    Is Net Neutrality an American Problem?

    The problem with "competition" is that the entry price for suppliers is very high and the end result is a small number of suppliers (telco and cable usually) who have no interest in real competition. They may grudgingly provide access to independent retail ISPs who lease their connection, but...
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    Need help with optics question

    You don't provide enough information. Someone can give you a lens type, focal length etc. and it may not be usable. When you say 6x6mm beam - do you mean it is a collimated beam or do you mean it is 6x6 at the focal plane? Ditto the concentrated image - do you want it collimated or just 200...
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    Airtight case

    Your problem would be cooling it with no airflow. Maybe a low-power MB and ultra-low-power CPU are in order for this one - Socket P + mobile CPU. It would be somewhat pricier - in fact a laptop might be cheaper/easier to get for the same power. However, even 20W can get nasty unless you get...
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    UK Gamer Murdered over Forum Dispute

    You'll know it's serious when they start killing each other over Solitaire.
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    Is Net Neutrality an American Problem?

    Anyone who's been following this knows that it is a problem in many countries. Britain and Canada both have ISPs who are messing with access, for example. The larger problem of net neutrality is not just what the ISPs do but what the governments themselves do. This is definitely a global...
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    Hydrogen-Powered Hybrid Car Does 450+ HP

    One of the things that a lot of drivers simply don't believe is that traffic lights in many urban areas are controlled by computer and sequenced. The result is that if you drive at or very slightly below (~1-2 kph) the speed limit, you'll get mostly green lights. Of course, you have to be on...
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    Brand new Corsair 520HX fries mobo header, pics inside!

    That's an assumption, not a fact with the info provided. It might have been a problem with the MB that didn't show up with the previous PSU.
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    Hydrogen-Powered Hybrid Car Does 450+ HP

    It won't be able to create a lot of H2 with on-board electrolysis and that will not be tremendously efficient. This means there won't be much capacity for hydrogen-only combustion - it will realistically be used for H2 +O2 injection into the air fuel mix. Supposedly, this increases efficiency...
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    Fusionman Sets Record

    'Cept that many sources refer to him as being Swiss.
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    Computers and wall outlet question

    Grounds will increase safety not prevent fires. Some UPS units will detect a missing ground and complain (if you have the software installed on the computer) - others will not function. GFCI does not require a ground - they can work with only neutral and hot but it's not the best way to go...