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    AMD Phenom II X6 $230 In stock

    AMD Phenom II X6 1055T $229.29 - in stock AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition $324.65 - not realeased yet Looks like I might be upgrading my e7200 soon :) $149 after rebate @ tigerdirect 1090T BE $249 after rebate@ tigerdirect
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    XIGMATEK HDT-D1264 $13.50+shipping AR

    Nice cooler for cheap. Newegg has the same rebate, but is $18.99+shipping AR. If I didn't just get my OCZ Vendetta 2, I would be all over this one. Mwave
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    ATI Radeon X850 XT Video Card $355AR AGP

    $450- 10%code-$50 rebate = $355 at CompUSA Ripped from ben's bargains. They have the 10% off code there.
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    HL2 seen thru a radeon 7000

    I sold my 9700pro and have a Leadtek a400gt on order that won't be here for a couple of days. So I'm stuck with a radeon 7000 to play HL2 with. Surprisingly it doesn't seem to be too bad. I'll download fraps sometime today to check framrates, but it is playable. My guess is around 20-30 fps, I...
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    Is this PQI stick a good deal?

    At Fry's, they advertised $79.99-20=$59.99 for a stick of 512mb PQI PowerMemory, which isn't a bad deal. I went over there and got the ic number off the stick and did some googling. Those PMI's had an ic number of v58c2256804sat5. Kingmax, Transend, OCZ, Ultra and Gigaram use them. Even more...
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    Cheap memory at Fry's

    PQI 512mb pc3200 Cas 2.5n $79.99-20=$59.99 Limit 1 Looking at the price for these sticks is at least $84. There aren't any reviews for these particular sticks, but here is a review for thier 2-2-2-5 which are sold out on Newegg. Maybe they'll have them at Fry's...
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    X800XT $450 Mid Sept shipment Add to cart for discount.
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    New Silencers are coming

    I was surfing for info on them and found a few Euro websites selling them. Hopefully, they'll be here soon! I'm waiting for the NV4 for my 6800gt. Hopefully it's not delayed to long.
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    10% off best buy coupon 7/23 to 7/26

    Found on anandtech forum(wolverine27)
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    New Silencer Review
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    bfg 6800 gt for 359.99 This is almost funny, but it's a good deal. I'm ordering one now.
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    $422 6800gt(bestbuy) or $435 x800xt(gateway)

    The BB deal is $399 plus tax free shipping, or $435 free shipping and no tax. Which one would you get? Should I consider the x800xt for a few bucks more? I currently have the 6800gt on order from Bestbuy.