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    Help! I broke a micro ribbon cable!

    By the way can these be used instead of the ribbon cable or are they only extensions without heads? The ribbon cable thet I have is a 20 pin
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    Help! I broke a micro ribbon cable!

    Thanks a lot I will give this a shot!
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    Help! I broke a micro ribbon cable!

    Thanks,but the problem is that the Seiko dictionary does japanese to english translations. That is the other big reason she got that particular model.
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    Help! I broke a micro ribbon cable!

    Yeah it does a little odd. I also forgot to metion that it is a japanese product. She paid about $400 for it about 3 years ago, but I found it online on an american website for $150. If worse comes to worse that will be my last resort, but I can't afford that much right now since I just made my...
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    Help! I broke a micro ribbon cable!

    My girlfriend dropped her E-Dictionary the display got messed up. It had lines going across the screen making text difficult to read. I figgured that if I take it appart and re-secure the display ribbon it may fix it. Well the thing ios that it did, but while prying a corner open the ribbon...
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    InWin HTPC Case at $29.99 w/ FREE SHIPPING!

    I was able to find the dimesions here they are Width 5.61 in. Depth 13.74 in. Height 13.23 in. Weight 8.2 lb. Just in case anyone else needed them!
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    InWin HTPC Case at $29.99 w/ FREE SHIPPING!

    I am need to build something like this for my girlfriend, but I need to know the exact dimensions. I need it to be around the size of those old bulky laptops from like 1997. Could someone please post the dimensions for this case.
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    General consensus of Apollo v-cards?

    I have an Apollo 9200 pro that I bough about 3 to 4 years now. It is a great card and have had no problems with it (like with overclocking) and it still works very well after a couple of experiments I had conducted using this card. I guess from my post you can atleast know that they have been...
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    Is my Power supply hindering my machine's performance?

    Hi, I am running all the stuff under my sig with a thermaltake pure power 420 watt PS. During processor heavy applications my computer always slows down to a crawl. My friend's machines don't suffer from this and have slower processors and less ram. I figure that maybe the slow down could be due...
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    Which Playstation 2 RPG to get?

    I would recomend to stay away from xenosaga. It is nothing like xenogears and to top it all off the American version is edited for suggestive sexual content and a side story.
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    Anime Lover's Rejoice #2 - Gasaraki 1-8 for $24.99

    I am waiting out for the extended director's cut of the Eva boxed set to come out.
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    I have seen the worst when it comes to tatoos and that is somebody who actually had Goku (from Dragon ballz) tattooed on his entire arm. Now that is retarded :rolleyes:
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    Half Life 3 Screen Shot Slipped out

    Check out that real-time shadow rendering! Man they even went through the trouble to add more garbage in this game! Half Like 3 with 36% more garbage! Is that pink thing in the puddle a condom wraper?
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    I just recieved a buggy in HL2, am I in the middle yet?

    I just got frustrated and used the gravity gun to toss the buggy to the other side of the wall :D
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    Big sale on Pampers disposable diapers @ Amazon

    Or you could be a fat baby like I was an come out :eek: weighing in at 10 pounds or was it eleven? Oh well I guess my mother will not wanna remember :D
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    Weird 9800 (Pro?)

    Does it have 8 active pipelines? I heard the non pros only have 4 pipelines.
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    Need a suggestion for a simple Palm Pilot or PDA

    I know cells can do that, but the moron uses one of those motorola nextel phones, which he thinks are the best, because nextel offers some expensive phone service and he likes to fuck around with the walky-talky. I already sugested getiing a better cell phone/provider.
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    Need a suggestion for a simple Palm Pilot or PDA

    I get re-directed to oh, okay i had to copy and paste it Are all the models that filled with features? Is there anything more simple?
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    Need a suggestion for a simple Palm Pilot or PDA

    Hi, my boss gave me the F'ing task of finding some thing for him in the way of a Palm Pilot or PDA. All he needs it for is storing numbers and internet access to check his mail. I don't know jack-didlly about these things so I need suggestions. My boss being an old man needs something that above...
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    Games that use Directx 9.0c crash computer

    That happened to my AIW Radeon 9800 the exact same thing. Using direct x 9.C caused the card to crash and the machine to reboot or start beeping. As it turns out it was my card and since I had recently bought it (only 10 days) I decided to get a refund. In my case it was my card and it just...
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    vid card dead?

    You mean you installed the newest ATI drivers right, not Nvidia?
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    Half Life 2 - The movie, summer 2005.

    I guess it is to be continued....?
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    Half Life 2 - The movie, summer 2005.

    Who cares about a Half LIfe 2 movie when a Transformers movie is on the horrizon! Check out this dramatic footage! :D
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    Hot! BJ @ target

    awww man! I have to wait 4 to 8 weeks? But I want it Now!!! :mad:
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    HL2: bridge level *spoiler*

    I don't understand why in today's games every single thing has be spelled out for you guys. I guess all these pretty graphics have spoiled you guys. Remember the early generation games? Everything wasn't spelled out for you. You did things and you found out later through cause and effect what...
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    Playstation 3's Cell to outpower PC's?

    I don't mean to be the guy to ruin the party but as I recall SONY and company have a nasty little habit of spewing some rediculous lies about their next system's performance. Remember some stuff they said about the PS1 the PS2 and the emotion chip? and now the PS3. From what I read the other...
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    PSP for sale on eBay?

    ohhhh man this guy is going to have a HUGE selection of games to play! Until the system comes out here! Oh my god I hope it is region free! Oh and oh yeah I hope the wiiner can read hiragana to play his new imported games. Wow what a Deal. :rolleyes:
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    HL2 - Big Bug? Crash that kills

    Once the game (not my machine) crashed and when I tried playing again all mysaves were gone! :eek: :mad: :(
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    nintendo DS.... thoughts?

    If any of you guys really wanna get a PSP and can hold off for a bit, you might as well wait a bit until other PSP revisions are realeased as they are promised to have a better battery life. As they release new revisions they will use smaller nanometer technology for their boards which equals...
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    doom 3 expansion RoD pics

    This time I will first wait a bit for the price to drop a bit first. All these great FPS have satisfied me for now. :cool:
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    If Half Life 2 became a movie, who would play the characters?

    Leonard Neemoy as the G-man
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    doom 3 expansion RoD pics

    They are going to have a gun called the ass grabber for use on other marines. To show that Gordon Free is not the only grabber in town! :D I wonder how many other games are now going to have their version of the physics gun?
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    doom 3 expansion RoD pics

    The only difference I noted is that the game is not as dark. edit: Yeah I though it would be a funny RoD instead of RoE
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    Lost HL2 save game...

    for me I was playing and all of a sudden my game craped out and shut off (the game, not my machine) the I said okay I will play later. Then latter I went back to it and all my quick saves and auto saves were gone. To top it all of half my regular saves were gone too. DAMN...
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    Half Life 2. First 10 Minute impression

    Great game so far just two things I noticed. First the game still has some small issues with scripted scenes where characters start going through physical objects. Second I have only played the game for an hour and 15 mins. and it seems as if I have progressed wayyyy to much for such a short...
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    HL2 Collectors Edition Thoughts

    Us "steamers" are getting Half life source you know and we also get Day of defeat source.. :D
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    Wow, STEAM servers getting hammered

    yeah Half life2 and Metroid Prime 2 the dynamic duo :D
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    Is this a ok card

    The 9800 pro would be a great option for you if you wait until the x700 starts to pick up in retail the price, then the 9800pro (make sure it is 256bit no matter what) should start to drop. If you can go up on your budget you can get the 6600gt which is another great card for your range. Just...