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    WD 12TB Gold Drives Now Shipping

    The WD Gold 12TB drives are now shipping and in stock at least at Newegg.
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    WD Shipping 12TB Enterprise Drives

    Here is a link. We're hoping to have a shelf of SAS versions in about a week. 7200rpm/~250MB/s sustained/5yr warranty.
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    Latest Backblaze Reliability Report

    For Your Information
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    How changing drives in a server may have saved my life!!

    Hi all! Well, a quick story and maybe a warning to others..... And a hope for you all to send some good thoughts my way. I was changing out a rack server due to some drive and backplane upgrades the other day and it came loose, I grabbed it before it fell and felt a tight pressure in my chest. I...
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    Apple File System - Looks Like ZFS

    I haven't seen this mentioned here yet, so here goes. Introduced yesterday for macOS as their end-to-end filesystem across all their properties. Apples Quick Blurb... Apple File System provides several new features, including optimization for Flash/SSD storage, copy-on-write metadata, space...
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    Don't expect HAMR drives until 2018 says Anandtech

    Anandtech just had an article up which stated they now expect HAMR implementation drives to arrive in 2018, after initially expecting them in 2016.
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    WD Announces 8TB, 10TB HelioSeal Drives Also announced that all their enterprise drives will be Helium Only starting 2017. The 8TB drives are still PMR, the 10TB drives are SMR.
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    Backblaze posts more on their drive reliability study

    This time enterprise vs retail I haven't had a chance to read it yet. FYI
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    Best ~$250 Upgrade From A GTX275

    Well, I haven't done all that much gaming lately but I think it is time to replace my GTX275. I have a Dell 30" 2560x1600 display and I am looking for recommendations on a good replacement card for casual gaming at the best res I can handle for ~$250 +/- $25. TIA!
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    LSI Outs Their SAS12 lineup

    FYI. More info here.
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    Backblaze posts blog about hard drive life and their experiences

    Here is the link, interesting read. Their findings mirror very closely ours, and they do have an order of magnitude more drives than I maintain. The bulk of their drives are off the shelf consumer drives, many ripped from external enclosures during the 3/4TB drive shortages.
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    Hitachi 7200RPM 4TB SATA $189 At B&H It seems a max of 4 at the discounted price per order.
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    Hard Drive Shipments Have Completely Recovered From The Flood To all who thought the pricing would return to pre-flood levels, not 'gonna happen.
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    Hitachi 7200RPM 4TB SATA $199 At Fry's Retail Boxed, In Store Only right now, in case anyone is interested :)
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    First Pics of the LSI 12Gb/s SAS Adapter
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    WDC Introduces Helium-Filled Enterprise Drives, 40% Higher Capacity At 23% Lower Powe Well, Technology is announced, drives will come soon and HAMR in about 2 years. Up to 7 Platters in 3.5" FF. Wonder if all my mp3's will sound like they were...
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    DEA only has ~40TB server space worldwide as per court statements

    Looks like I have more storage in my Workstation than the DEA has worldwide. I can't believe they are actually putting in federal pleadings that the 2TB of data they have accumulated in this single case represents ~5% of their worldwide infrastructure. Our tax dollars at work!
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    Samsung 22x DVDRW $15 Delivered - Good Till 6/30
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    And the WDC<=>HGST Warranty Replacement Games Start!

    Well, I knew it would happen sooner or later.... Luckily our rep smoothed things out and they replaced the drive with the type I sent out. Unfortunately, I don't see this as the end of this happening, merely the beginning.... We just shipped back 3 failed 5K3000's back for RMA (4 dead total...
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    Seagate 4TB USB3 Drive $149.99 Delivered.
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    My IBM PS/2 Keyboard finally died.. What to get to replace it?

    Hi all. Well, my favorite keyboard EVER, a PS/2 Model M keyboard has finally given out. I am now looking for a more modern clicky keyboard with good travel, what do you all suggest? From my research, I believe that the Cherry MX Blue switches will give me the feel and response that I like (or do...
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    380PB Tape (Yeah, Tape, You Read That Right) Near-Line Install A new take on HSM. 25PB Disk and 380PB Tape. 80,000 tape slots! Definitely shows the haters that tape still has a great future!
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    1TB VelociRaptor Just Released - 200+ MB/s Perfect for write-heavy workflows, and enterprise reliability with Non-recoverable read errors per bits read - <10 in 10^16.
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    OCZ Vertex Plus 240GB At Newegg For $169.99 AR Delivered Not bad even though it isn't the fastest drive in the world, but the price is incredible. Replaced a 320GB drive in my girlfriends 3 year old Thinkpad and makes it feel like a new machine
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    The best use of floppy drives I have seen recently!

    Phantom Of The Floppera!! And the whole buildlog The previous best was and...
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    Seagate 3TB 7200RPM Only $165 Delivered With pricing of over $200 for 3TB 5400RPM drives at many resellers, a 7200 at this price is a welcome development. This is the newer 1TB/platter drive. Update - Price seems to have jumped to $169.99 - Someone...
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    ZFS Finally available for MacOSX

    A stable, third party ZFS client (closed source, payware) is now available for OSX
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    The best use of floppy drives I have ever seen!!! I burst out laughing when I saw this. It starts at about 10 seconds in. It uses the stepper motor speed adjustment and head tracking to make music. He also does the Star Wars Imperial March...
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    Ever see a power cord go bad right in front of your eyes?

    If I hadn't seen it myself I wouldn't have believed it. Just popped 4 new drives into an HP DL380 G7. The server is about 6 months old, the power cord was never touched and lightly tie-wrapped down the side of the cabinet. Popped the drives in and after about 10 seconds, the server shut down...
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    Hitachi Finally Releases Their 4TB Drives
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    TRIM For RAID0 Coming!!!!! Finally!!!
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    Fastest way To Populate 30TB To My New System

    Well, I am getting ready to build my new workstation box, and need to move about 30TB from my old server to this new machine. I have been thinking about the fastest way to move the data over, since it is going to take a long time regardless of the mode. Here are the options I see: 1. Gigabit...
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    Best Case For 14 Drives + SSDs OTHER THAN Norco/Preferably Not Rackmount

    Hi all. I am building a new Workstation/Server and want to get some opinions. It is going to be the following: Asrock Fatal1ty Z68 Gen3 w/i7-2600K 16GB G-Skill DDR3-1600 Nvidia 560 Ti Single Pcie16 (In 16 Slot at x8) Areca 1880i Pcie8 (In 16 Slot at x8) HP Sas Expander Card (Jury Rigged With...
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    Areca 1880i 3 Port(12 Drv) vs 1880i 2 port (8 Drv) + SAS Expander

    Hi all. I am currently upgrading my primary file server (Well, replacing really and relegating the current box as a backup box) The current box has an areca 1231ML with 12 Hitachi 2TB Drives Yielding 20TB RAID6. The new box I am building will be a 12 drive array as well, Raid 6 with 3TB...
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    PCIe x 1 vs PCI-X 133 - SCSI and Backup

    Hi all. This is really more a motherboard question than a storage issue, so I thought I would ask it here instead of storage. I have a box currently running an E6600 at spec, 8GB DDR2, 12 1TB Seagate ES.2 Drives hooked to a Areca 1231ML, connected via PCIe x8 with a 10TB available Raid-6 Array...