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    8800GTS stream processor unlock?

    So according to the [H] review of the 8800GT, now the 8800GTS will also have 112 stream processors up from the original 96. Does anybody know if this will be a firmware update available for owners of existing 8800GTS cards, or if it'll just be for new cards sold from this point on?
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    So... Q6600 or E6850?

    There are a few threads already discussing the rumored price drop where the Q6600 and the upcoming E6850 will supposedly be priced the same, but I'm starting a new thread to discuss the pros and cons of each CPU because I haven't seen much discussion about that. So if the rumors are true...
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    How do you color-calibrate a Dell 3007?

    So the 3007 doesn't have OSD adjustments for individual colors (red, green, blue), right? I've read about people calibrating by changing settings from their Nvidia card drivers, but I don't see it there either. Am I just missing it? In the Nvidia control panel I went to Display, and the 2...
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    What's the point of quad-core?

    So quad is the hot thing these days, but what's the point really? Unless you're running a busy web-server or doing some serious research-related number crunching, is there really a point to it? With most applications not yet multi-threaded, who really has 4 concurrent single-threaded...
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    8800GTS/GTX and Call of Duty 2 owners, please help

    I tried searching for info on this but couldn't find anything, so I'm asking for help from anybody with an 8800GTS/GTX and Call of Duty 2. I just got an 8800GTS, and I'm seeing flashing polygons but only in Call of Duty 2. Anybody willing to help please try the Hill 400 - "Rangers Lead the...
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    Got an Audigy 2 ZS--didn't know what I was missing

    Yeah, yeah, "welcome to 2004" and all that. I know. I'm behind the times in the audio arena :) That's pretty obvious from the Sound Blaster Live! that I was still using before this. So after my Creative We-just-slapped-X-Fi-on-it-to-fool-customers Xtreme Audio debacle, I went to eBay and...
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    What's wrong with my RAM setup?

    I performed the Sisoft Sandra memory bandwidth benchmark on my system, and my scores are really low. I'm getting about 1900 with the system in my sig, which according to Sandra is lower than PC2700 on an nForce2 chipset (scored 2500), and way lower than PC3200 CL3 on an ATI Xpress 1600 chipset...
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    Asus A8R32-MVP onboard audio crackles?

    The onboard audio on my new Asus A8R32-MVP makes a pretty constant crackling noise--kind of sounds like radio does when you are getting a weak signal. Is this normal? I've heard of audio problems with this mobo but wanted to see if anybody here experienced the same thing and if there's a fix.
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    X-Fi gobbling up CPU cycles

    I don't really know if that's what's happening, but when I put a new X-Fi card (the basic, low-profile version) into my system it dropped performance of games anywhere from 10-20% compared to onboard audio depending on the game, and 3DMark06 wouldn't run at all (screen goes blank then it...
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    Socket 939 with passively-cooled chipset?

    I have a DFI NF4-DAGF that had a bum chipset fan that would whine, moan, and rattle. So I replaced the fan-heatsink assembly with an Evercool, which works great, except that it's also a tiny fan rotating at ridiculous speeds, so it emits a high pitched whine. So now I'm in the market for a...
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    20" S-IPS non-widescreen LCD recommendations?

    So I bought a 2 Dell 2001FP LCDs a couple weeks ago for photo editing and general use. One of them had backlight bleed in the corners, but it was otherwise great (could only see the problem when the picture is completely black). The 2nd one looked like the backlight was misaligned--the left...