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    Dual E5530s & Win7 worth folding on?

    Looking at getting getting a box running again. I reacquired one of my folding rigs from a few years ago wondering if how it will fair. Last I was here, running linux under VB was giving better performance than Windows native, is that still true? The box is going to double as a HTPC so looking...
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    Working set size for SMP

    Im looking at setting up SMP on my Linux desktop, but all I have is EXT4 and ZFS partitions. Last I recall, F@H didn't like EXT4 and I dont want to be waking my ZFS pool up. I want to put my work folder in a tmpfs/zram drive. How big does it need to be?
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    Multi-WAN Multi-LAN pfSense help

    Trying to help a friend out who lives in a rural area and has two different internet connections. With a single pfSense box, is there a way to get one a LAN to default to one of the WANs and the other default to a different WAN? Or is this something better served with two boundary devices...
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    Quiet cooler for HD6950 reference

    I am trying to get my computer as close to silent as possible and the HD6950's fan is the loudest thing at the moment. Case is a 550d and Pentium G630 with passive cooler. Any recommendations on a cooler to get? No overclocking and the card is not used for gaming, but some OpenCL development...
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    Recommended GPGPU card

    I am getting into doing some GPGPU programs (mostly CUDA) and am looking for a new video card. I have a 9800GT right now but it is to loud/hot and is an energy hog when idle. I am looking at the GTX 460, 560Ti or maybe the 660Ti. Should I even look at the 660Ti? From what I have read the...
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    KGPE-D16 no boot with M1Z3-6760P3V PSU

    I have a chenbro RM31616 with a 760W Zippy PSU with has 24pin + 8pin + 4pin. Using either a 4pin molex or P4 power to 8pin eps adapter the board wont boot. I know the PSU is good, I just removed a running S1155 system from the case, and I know the board is good, I tested with a CX430 using the...
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    KGPE-D16 no boot with M1Z3-6760P3V PSU

    I have a chenbro RM31616 with a 760W Zippy PSU with has 24pin + 8pin + 4pin. Using either a 4pin molex or P4 power to 8pin eps adapter the board wont boot. I know the PSU is good, I just removed a running S1155 system from the case, and I know the board is good, I tested with a CX430 using the...
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    Mid 2007 MacBook not seeing C300

    I am trying to do a fresh install with an SSD on my MacBook and OSX wont see the drive. Linux installed, but would not boot after. TIA
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    Same work unit run twice?

    What could have caused this? The work server gave me credit the first time and then it looks like I ran the same wu and the work server rejected the upload, makes sense to me why it was rejected. 3.1-ck kernel from source bigadv, WU was 6903 kraken langouste btrfs because of SSD and ext4 having...
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    BFS scheduling tweaks

    Has anyone tried changing scheduling priority or rr_interval for BFS? Right now I have rr-interval set to 300 (from 6, in ms) and SCHED_BATCH for fah6 and all of its children. I am going to try SCHED_ISO because it is mentioned in CK's scheduling doc. SR-2 3.6GHz, kraken, 3.1 with BFS WU...
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    Blue screens from P67 Sabertooth

    I have 2 unlocked HD6950s on my P67 Sabertooth. The system was working fine at 4.8GHz an 1.38V with all other voltages to auto. The only thing I changed was adding 4 Raptors bring total Connected drives to 6 + 2 on the extra Sata III controller. If I take out the drives or if I take out a video...
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    cactus' FS/FT

    Pictures and more info upon request. I am open to meeting up and taking some off the price for shipping, I am in 93405. All items guaranteed not DOA. I'm open to reasonable offers on everything. Shipping to lower 48 if included. Systems 939 X2 - $90 Shipped Asus A8N32-SLI 3800+ X2 was at 2.5GHz...
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    Question about videocard for 10-bit color

    Im going to get a PA241W and was wondering what I need to have to get 10-bit color. I know I will have to use DisplayPort, but is that the only stipulation? Do any of the desktop level videocards allow 10-bit with DP? TIA
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    Free 40U Threaded Rail Rack

    Hey, I know it is a long shot, but if anyone wants a free rack, is in San Luis Obispo CA area and can pick it up let me know. It is four post with 4 rails and it is not in the greatest condition. Every whole I have used is still good, rails are steel so it shouldn't cross or strip easily. I...
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    How long does it take for hardfolding or EXOCfolding to update?

    How long does it take for hardfolding or EOCfolding to update? I finished a bigadv last night, I think ~1-2am, but still haven't see it update. I haven't put a pinhole in my firewall so I cant ssh to it to look at the log. :(
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    Linux bigadv in VM on W7

    I have finally got the SR-2 I got from pjkenned this weekend up and running, but it seems to be getting low ppd, ~79k/day on 6901. It's clocked at 3.3GHz x2 (l5640), ddr-1830MHz running bigadv smp 24. It is going to be my main rig for the time being as I RMA my Asus i7 board. I'm wondering if it...
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    Adding 9800Gt to HD6950 system for folding

    I have an old 9800GT sitting around and was wondering if there is a way to get it working enough to use it for folding. I tried before when I had dual HD4850s to use it for PhysX but the drives did not play together nicely, is this still the case? TIA
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    WTB: E5530 D0 or two hexacores

    I'm looking a single E5530 or matching hexacores I need <=95W hexacores I have verified paypal for payment TIA
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    How to clean 1366 socket?

    So I had a leak a few week back and fixed it but didn't think it went anywhere but on top of my block. Today I took out the CPU so that I could test another and found that there is water and corrosion all over the socket and bottom of the CPU.:( Any suggestions on how to go about cleaning the...
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    Dual 1366 Mobo that can use 4GB sticks of desktop ram

    I now have 2 E5530's, 24GB of G.Skill ram and a Z8NA-D6C. Threw it all together and stuff lights up and fans spin but not post, I'm thinking it doesn't like the ram. I sort of knew that this board has a tendency to not like non-ECC ram but I took the chance. Now I either bought a unexpected...
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    All zero MAC from windows 7

    After enabling port security on cisco layer two switches windows 7 computers are giving all zero mac addresses in the router's arp table. Any ideas? TIA
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    Are there any benifites or detriments running rad fans as pull only?

    I have a old car heater core as my rad and it is thick and has a high fin count. I am trying to get the most out of 2 Med Speed Panaflos @ 7v. Is there a difference or does it not matter? Are fans made to create a positive pressure zone on the back side, but cannot do the same delta P if they...
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    lossless/uncompressed/multichannel audio from i3

    I cant figure out how to get my new i3 system to output more than stereo. Im starting to think its a problem with the AVR. H55M-USB3 i3-540 Win 7 Home Premium Connected with HDMI to an Onkyo SR-TX606 It says PCM on the AVR and it seems windows knows it is connected to it but only gives...
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    Best set up for small home server

    I have a small, < 10 user, ampache/subsonic/apache/FTP server that I also use for code testing. Are there advantages to set up a firewall/router like pfSense etc and not just put it behind a normal home router? I have DD-WRT on a WRT54g atm and I use openDNS for a domain name. It's a AMD...
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    Are there driver conflicts if I run 2 different vendor video cards?

    I have CF 4850s and 3 monitors. I would like to be able to run all 3 but when I put the third on windows protests. Now, I have an old 9800gt that would be fine for the 3rd monitor and I was wondering if it is possible to have both AMD and nVidia drivers on the computer at one time without to...
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    Cooler for x6

    I have a norco 470 case and want to get my cpu to ~4GHz. Im at 3.5GHz/1.3V right now with a Thermaltake Mini Typhoon at 48C full load with a 29C MB temp. Im thinking about getting a new cooler or putting a better fan on the current cooler. If I just get a fan I would look at something...
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    Going to build my own case

    Any recommendations of sheet metal thickness. Im thinking something like 20ga steel. TIA
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    no 5.1 from SPDIF on win7

    When I test in playback devices it will show its using DTS or Dolby but It wont give me 5.1 from any media player when Im playing a DVD. Specs in sig TIA
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    Can I use my sound card as a DTS/DD decoder?

    I have a turtle beach montenegro and my receiver does not have optical in. Can I run optical from my BR player to the optical input of my sound card and then run 5.1 analog to my receiver and get sound from both the computer and BR player? TIA
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    Network Monitor Extension

    Anyone know of a way to use my monitor connected to my Ubuntu Desktop as an extended monitor for my Windows Desktop? It would be a third monitor on the windows desktop thus just connecting it with DVI/VGA isn't possible ATM. TIA I apologize if this is the wrong sub forum for this.
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    What do you use to share files over your network?

    I have a linux file server and have been using NFS to my linux desktop for years. Im trying windows again but want to see files on my linux server and still have good transfer speeds. Is there anyway to get NFS going on windows? I realize there is samba but from what I have read performance is...