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  1. bleeblak8

    5 bucks per enclosure plus 5 for shipping.

    5 bucks per enclosure plus 5 for shipping.
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    Picked up an iP XS yesterday...

    I'm waiting to see if there are any deals on Black Friday like when I bought the 7 Plus at Target, got $250 gift card. Hopefully that will be the case, been 2 years on the 7+.
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    Project: TM-β - a home cluster build

    Any update on this?
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    WD - Easystore 8TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive - $129.99

    Yeah I see sold out and none in stock at local stores. Not sure if these contain the red 8tb drive. The model number is different. BF Deal - Model: WDBCKA0080HBK-NEBB - SKU: 6110900 BB Exclusive - Model: WDBCKA0080HBK-NESN - SKU: 5792401
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    Cool Video of the Day

    Depending on the setup, they might have an small CCTV camera hooked up to a 5.8ghz transmitter or whichever freq they like to use. Not sure if the mobius sends live video out. If you are interested in any of this kind of stuff, check out They have some good beginner for FPV...
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    [USED] Ultimate File Server - 24 Bay SuperMicro Opteron Servers w/24 Port RAID $299+

    I snagged one of these from my old employer that got new SAN controllers. Gutted it and put in new hardware. Supermicro 3U
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    How to run a VM from server on a client PC?

    Are you wanting to access the Win7 VM from your ESXi Host? And would it be on the same network? If so you need to look into PC-OIP which would allow you to view the VM on the client PC as if they were there. Or you could also use RDP and access it that way. What are you wanting to do with...
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    Radio recording in ESXi - Sound issue

    One way to test if its going to work at all, is to have the console open. If you can get sound in the console in vSphere, then you should be good when you disconnect from RDP. I can't remember how I did it in the past, but I would think it would be possible. I'll do some investigating and see...
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    The 100 Smartest Cities In America

    Appears that the three major college towns made the list. :)
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    T110 II & ESXi: again :)

    4) You will not be able to use the video card on all guests, unless you have a dev card. Then you can use the graphic card in the different guests. I am not sure on pass through, but I believe it will, but only for the one guest its tied to. A graphic card like this would work for the guests...
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    Galaxy Nexus - What ROM are you currently running?

    I use to run Gummy Nexus, but now i've switched to JellyBelly and I have to say I enjoy it. Very fast and smooth.
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    Bluetooth Headphones/Earbuds

    I've got a pair of these and they work good for biking. But not sure on working out.
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    Project: Mondrian

    That's just what I was going to say. Looks like a PS2, Neat though, keep up the good work. OP, What type of finish are you going to apply to the wood?
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    Ultimate Video Game Set-Up

    Damn, thats a few systems. The real question is, do they all work(which I imagine they do) and does he play them all?
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    Danger: Door Desk

    Very nice, my friend did this with a Solid Core door I got him from my work. Damn thing is so heavy and isn't going anywhere. He did about the same thing your doing for the legs, 4x4 along with some bracing around the back. That will be a mighty fine desk. And a sturdy one at that too.
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    Microsoft Flight

    If you want a sim, how about Real Flight, Although they come out with a new one every 9 months, I got it when it was 3.5, hell now they are up to RealFlight 6. Although DLing now, I liked Flight Sim X. Does this have Multiplayer? Or is that "Extra"?
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    3gb of free dropbox space for a year

    Woot, more space, thanks
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    Transformer Prime, when and how much?

    Try BS Player Lite, that works good for streaming MKV's and playing them local.
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    Anyone else notice newegg doesn't have any shoprunner items?

    I've noticed that Shoprunner won't apply to really big items. I guess not a lot of cases and larger items. But otherwise its been nice to get free shipping, and having the year free is nice. Not as nice as Prime, but still nice for the Newegg purchases.
  20. bleeblak8

    Warm/Hot - HP Proliant N40L + 2GB ECC - $229 shipped

    I had just bought this for 299 2 weeks ago, oh well, it is a good server and very quite, would defiantly recommend it to anyone. And the extra ram is always nice.
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    Transformer Prime, when and how much?

    I got mine from Best Buy, you just have to check to see when they are in stock. I had it pre-ordered on amazon but cancelled and went to BB Online to grab it. I know this link has been on here but here it is again. Now In Stock As for the wifi, I was getting crap signal but i moved my wifi...
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    Transformer Prime, when and how much?

    Resisting if Futile, just got my Prime on Friday and I love it so far. Updated right to ICS and the dock is sweet. I think this will be a good replacement to the laptops I have. Mostly wanted this so I could watch my TV shows from my WHS on this.
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    Google talk app that doesn't suck?

    Which ones have you tried?
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    apple iphone 4gs camara qualitiy

    No such thing as an iPhone 4GS, thanks but no thanks.
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    Transformer Prime, when and how much?

    Yeah I did the same thing with the Prime and the dock, had them preordered on amazon after a couple people said the tracking updated to soon. But mine still said mid feb. So I cancelled and got both from BB. Should be here Friday.
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    Warm - Meritline 3 pack Sata cables, $0.99 with code

    3 Sata cables for a buck with code. Get them while you can. Will take 2-3 weeks. $0.99 w/Code: MLCK014FNL1 For First 500 Orders Link Click 3 pack and apply code. Free shipping and only a buck, can't beat that.
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    Verizon Signal Booster/Repeater

    Do you know what Wilson booster they are using? In the Lower Level if you are at out of the room that the booster is in, you have no signal, but if you are close to it you get some. So its doing something. And what do you mean by the more expensive ones are more invasive?
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    Verizon $2 fee 1/15/12

    Ways to avoid the fee It seems if you do auto bill pay, the fee is waved, just if you use your debit or credit card to pay online. Not sure what the difference is between the auto bill pay with Credit/Debit and just paying with Debit/Credit. My guess for the fee is the fee Verizon is charged...
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    Verizon Signal Booster/Repeater

    I'm guessing you are referring to these as the ones that are cheapish. Booster The Wilson Wireless is one we have in our office and it works great. I can't remember where we got it but I think it was more expensive, that could also be the antennas we have. Either way, the Wilson has better...
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    Screen Protectors

    I didnt have any screen protection for my original droid, but then i bought a droid x from the forum that had an anti glare screen protector on. I liked the way that felt and so i put one on my galaxy nexus. I'm sure i dont need one. But its just nice to have.
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    Official Galaxy Nexus Thread

    In case anyone is interested in Google Wallet for the Galaxy Nexus Google Wallet And you get $10 dollars for free also when signing up.
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    Official Galaxy Nexus Thread

    Yes, they have a CDMA option only in the settings so you won't kill the battery.
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    Official Galaxy Nexus Thread

    Yes they are, 25 bucks for the extended battery, had to pick up one. Loving this thing. If only my area had 4G, oh well.
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    Assassin's Creed Revelations Amazon PC Download $34.99

    If you've played AC2 then yes, Brotherhood is great, adds a lot to the story. I like the controls in BH better, not sure why.
  35. bleeblak8

    Assassin's Creed Revelations Amazon PC Download $34.99

    Oh very nice, can't wait for this game, as long as it comes out by the end of this year I'll be happy. Does anyone know if this will activate on steam like other Amazon games do?
  36. bleeblak8

    Turn a PC Off or Leave It On?

    My main rig I turn off, but otherwise my HTPC, WHS and Untangle box stay online 24/7. My main rig takes very little to start up so I don't mind waiting. A coworker of mine does leave his rig, his kids rig on 24/7 but he's BOINC'ing, tried to get him to Fold but no dice.
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    Amazon is having a PC day it seems for Gold Box Deals.

    I'm guessing this will be next Paint Roller
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    Amazon is having a PC day it seems for Gold Box Deals.

    Hmmm not sure about those small drives, But I know that of the 5 2tb drives and other friends with 2tb drives, that Hitachi is the best for reliability. I haven't had a problem with any hard drive, but I usually bought WD. But others have had terrible luck with WD drives over 1tb, which makes...
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    Logitech 50% off sale

    You may want to contact Logitech if its a hardware failure on your mouse. My left click was going out, just sent it to them, and they shipped me a new one.
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    Ratpadz XT $25 w/Free Shipping

    You have to add it to the cart, that is when it is 19.99. I thought the same thing too. Get one, they are sweet.