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    SOLD Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Bundle 256GB Core i5 8GB keyboard case Extended Warranty sold
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    Seagate GoFlex Satellite HDD's Anyone on here have this yet? I'm curious about it. Way over priced but I like the wifi option. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 & it doesn't have a microSD slot for extra space. I know I could always get...
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    Netgear Ultra 6 Diskless storage I have been thinking about getting the diskless storage listed above. Do you think it's a worthy investment?
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    anyone play WoW in 3D? If so, whats your FPS?

    I was wondering if anyone in here plays WoW in 3D occasionally while running a GTX 570/ 580 SLI. What is your FPS in cities, flying around, 5mans & 10/25m raids? The reason I'm asking is that I'm considering upgrading to 580 SLI & I might get two more Asus 23" 3D LCD down the road but undecided...
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    EVGA Step Up program question

    I'm thinking of using the step up program to get a 580. Would I have to send in my 470 before they send me a 580? Would like to know because I only have one card now. If I have to send in my 470 first, I'll go buy another 580 (for SLI) so I can use my PC while I wait for my new 580. If I don't...
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    Microcenter i7 920 for 229.99 B&M only On sale for 229.99 online order & pickup in store. My friend & I just purchased one each and we'll be picking it up in a hour. I will let you guys know if we get the D0 or not.
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    Popcorn Hour does anyone own this and how do you like it? does it read every format out there? I have a lot of blura movies in .mkv format and was wondering if I get this, would i have to convert it to .avi. it says H.264, so does that mean it can read .mkv?
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    Preview: TT HR-03GTX cooler for all the GTX200 owners that don't know about the soon to be release new Thermalright HR-03 GTX cooler. Shame I have a soundcard between my 260SLI or I would of gotten these when they are released.