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  1. funpak

    PM me for details

    PM me for details
  2. funpak

    Suggest OS for low end rig

    Do you have experience with linux at all? If so, I would suggest Bunsenlabs, it's a very lightweight distro (successor to Crunchbang) based on Debian
  3. funpak

    Overwatch On Sale For $35

    the $35 deal is actually the $60 version (origins edition), you bought the regular edition. origins edition includes skins for OW and other blizzard games
  4. funpak

    Overwatch On Sale For $35

    How long does this deal last? I'm hoping till after 21st so I can decide after a free weekend.
  5. funpak

    RIP Newegg, you weren't good lately anyway

    Still have Amazon and Microcenter here in NJ, I'm good.
  6. funpak

    Ever played a game only to realize you were playing it wrong?

    I remember that game, I saw the NY minute option and was like, hell yeah I'm from NJ and I'm gonna do that. Never made it to the next checkpoint.
  7. funpak After discount and code - Zotac 1070 mini - $353.09 Gigabyte 1070 mini - $362.50

    Did you sign up for PayPal debit card?
  8. funpak

    What's the first video game you ever played?

    Sorry to bump but my first video game was Super Mario Bros on a 8-bit Nintendo. My first computer game was Lemmings.
  9. funpak

    Case for mini-itx build, been away for a long time

    I snagged corsair 380t off CL for $25 two days ago. the room is pretty spacious for mini itx.
  10. funpak

    Clear Acrylic cases...are they any good?

    i bought a sunbeam ufo from newegg last fall. it looked nice but a bit heavy. sold within weeks later. :/
  11. funpak

    My BFG GTX 280 OC Died!

    should've a video card as a backup. i went a week without a video card because of RMA.
  12. funpak

    CD Drive to Drive Tray Mod

    i can haz tutorial?
  13. funpak

    my nameless rig. [done]

    yeah but the platform his case is standing is probably blocking the airflow.
  14. funpak

    Need a case change, suggestions?

    go with a LL. :D
  15. funpak

    How did I manage this? (pic)

    really?! yay, more blackbirds to come!
  16. funpak

    How do I unlock my case?

    benny benassi's satisfaction girls can fix for you.
  17. funpak

    i screwed up, help!

    cool down the ram! i kid, i kid!
  18. funpak

    How to boot memtest86+?

    to be honest, the last time i used nero was years ago. let me recall my days, you need to use 'burn image' or there is a 'burn as image' in the drop menu.
  19. funpak

    Time Warner Cable Tries Metering Internet Use

    what, no!?! i better switch the provider.
  20. funpak

    Post your "Ghetto Mod" pics

  21. funpak

    Pac Man Roomba Hack

    i want one.
  22. funpak

    Post your workstation 2008 !

    scrawnypaleguy, we have something in common. black ikea jerker and black whitmor shelves. lol, i'm going to buy more shelves to replace the wooden shelves (can be seen the pictures.) yeah, i need more storage since i'm an industrial design major and i have so many art supplies (you can see...
  23. funpak

    How to boot memtest86+?

    ^^ this guy is correct burn as image and your computer should boot to the cd if first boot goes to cd-rom.
  24. funpak

    Buying Open-Box Mobo From Newegg: ?

    i actually bought an open-box motherboard from newegg once and had no problems with it. however, without accessories included, i had to find drivers for the motherboard which is a minus. so i still prefer fully packaged motherboards.
  25. funpak

    Post your workstation 2008 !

    as you've seen my old pictures (server was changed so my pictures weren't displayed on the first page.) i've decided to redo my room and i'm given a better space (chair is removed in the pictures.) the blue thing is a futon. behind me is a some narrow walking space and a walk-in...
  26. funpak

    Need Orange LEDS?

    3mm or 5mm? sells them, $.50 each. :D
  27. funpak

    Post your "Ghetto Mod" pics

    i'm glad i didn't buy any d-link products especially di-604's. gonna love my buffalo whr-hp-g54's.
  28. funpak

    Acrylic Cases,...

    i had a sunbeam ufo, it was rather small and useful. however, i'm not a bigger fan of acrylic cases so i sold it to my friend.
  29. funpak

    Toddler proof case?

    duct tape to cover the button? :D
  30. funpak

    Why don't budget cases have...

    i'm an industrial design major, it costs money to produce cases. more money would put in producing higher end cases. if companies want to save money then they'll have to produce simple or lower end cases. it's about money. if companies find a way to replace material with and costs cheaper...
  31. funpak

    I need some tips on cleaning up my case please.

    i got several cuts for putting in a 9700cnps, you are not alone. also, make sure your fan in the front is intaking as well as fan exhausting in the back so you'll have a better airflow. edit: make sure your hsf fan is in the right position (a link to my case)
  32. funpak

    I need some tips on cleaning up my case please.

    i concur. :/ and i think that's a 9500cnps.
  33. funpak

    how do i remove...

    why do you want them removed?
  34. funpak

    Post your workstation 2008 !

    k'nex desks are so hardcore. :D
  35. funpak

    Best Place to buy Cases
  36. funpak

    Weighted Companion Cube case

    who stole OP's companion cube/!?! :p
  37. funpak

    FREDRIK vs Jerker

    oh man, that picture on the listing is not a jerker. :p
  38. funpak

    Post your workstation 2008 !

    i'm not speaking of the furniture, i'm speaking of the wall with outlet in the middle.
  39. funpak

    Post your workstation 2008 !

    don't tell me you are at RIT because i know that dorm room definitely matches RIT's.
  40. funpak

    FREDRIK vs Jerker

    i love my jerker, i bought it few months before it became discontinued. right now, i'm looking for a black shelf. :D