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    What cpu to get? 3600, 3800 or 3900.. cooling is not an issue..

    Parting out my current rig to build something new. The dimm 1 slot stopped working on my x99 setup. Just sold off the dual 1080 GTXs I had on water today. So I’m ordering a new CPU and Motherboard this week, as well as a new cpu water block. Current rig I have a 5820k @ 4.5ghz all cores , been...
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    Home plex server/HTPC suggestions , mine diedish

    So I currently have a Home Plex server. It's in a hot swap 12 bay rack mount case. 4960k cpu , 8 gigs of ddr3 , 850 watt platinum PSU. This also acts as my HTPC. I bought a 1060gtx to go in it , used here of the for sale. Had it for a few months before getting a chance to put it in as we just...
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    Getting Static and feed back over HDMI

    I hooked up my gaming pc to my Marantz receiver and I'm getting a lot of static and feed back in my speakers. When the video card is loaded up it gets worse. Nothing else in my rack has this issue. I also have a HTPC in the rack that will play video back with out an issue but does get some feed...
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    Ideas for storage on my Plex server/HTPC

    So right now I have a rack mounted 12 bay hot swap case with , 3x3tb drives a 1.5tb and a 1tb drive. 256gb ssd for OS (win10 64bit). Has a Msi z87-g45 MB, 4690k cpu, 8 gigs of ram. It's currently running drive pool. Which works great. I have 464 blu-rays loaded on my server currently . Now I...
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    Just got back to folding. new rig sitting at 1.3mil PPD

    Built a new full water cooled rig for gaming. When not gaming it will be folding around 20 hours a day. Picked up the PSU i wanted yesterday for it. Rig is 5820k @ 4.4ghz Dual 1080GTX's with water blocks Dual 360mm rads and d5 pump HX1200i PSU so I can sit at the max efficiency while folding...
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    Evga EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 PS, 80+ PLATINUM 129.99 Might be able to get it cheaper if you do the power supply test to see how big of a psu you need. Gives you a coupon.
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    Got a replacement 850w in the mail keep it or upgrade.

    So my Corsair 850TX PSU started making a buzzing sound and the fan would spin up at random times. Really annoying when it's the loudest thing in my system. Called Corsair they sent me a brand new in the Box 850TX-M. So I'm running 7 x120mm Corsair ML fans, a D5 pump, dual 1080's, 5820k@4.4ghz...
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    Corsair Refurb sale Strafe cherry mx 49.99

    Corsair is having a pretty nice Refurb sale. Got a Strafe RGB for 99.99. The Basic red only color one is 49.99. Mice also on sale 29.99 for the RGB M65..
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    Help!! with what slots I can use on MB for video cards, MSI godlike Carbon

    So I'm trying to figure out if I can run dual 1080 gtx's in slot 1 and slot 2 of this motherboard. The break down on the manual says. • 5 x PCIe 3.0 x16 slots (PCI_E1~E4, PCI_E6), support up to 4-way mode - 1-way mode: x16/ x0/ x0/ x0/ x0 - 2-way mode: x16/ x0/ x0/ x16/ x0*, x16/ x0/ x0/ x8/...
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    EVGA Z170 FTW Intel Socket LGA-1151 no reserve

    No reserve starting bid 99 cent.. happy bidding..
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    Water cool my 1070's or step to 1080's and wait..

    So I have dual evga 1070 gtx's at the moment. I have 30 days left on my step up program to step up to 1080's. It's going to cost about the same to water cool the 1070's as it is to bump up to a set of 1080's. Even if I do bump up to the 1080s i'll water cool them at some point (more later then...
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    9.99 case plus 34.99 in vinyl wrap..

    Picked up the 9.99 case from the hot deals thread. My son is 7 and wanted his own computer. Also wanted him off mine lol. Let him pick out some vinyl to wrap his case with, he wanted a space one. Ended up wrapping it today. Think it turned out pretty good.
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    NZXT H440 Extended ATX full water cooling

    Starting a new build. Case NZXT H440 CPU 5820k MB MSI Godlike Carbon x99 RAM 16gigs of Corsair LED DD4 3200 Video cards Dual 1070 GTX FTW EVGA Cooling dual 360mm rads ( have a RX360 and AX360 but not going to fit) XSPC D5 Photon 170 Fans Corsair ML120's x 7 Really like this case. Be my second...
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    Best video card for my HTPC/Server

    Looking at putting a more powerful GPU in my HTPC/Server. It's on 24/7 so idle power the lower the better. I currently have a AMD 270x in it. Starting to do more gaming on my HTPC and need a stronger car. I have 2 , 1070 GTX's coming for my main rig to replace dual 290's. I could toss a 290 in...
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    Bad 1080 gtx founders

    One of my customers ordered a 1080 gtx from stright from nvidia. So I go to install it and upgrade there computer to windows 10. Installed the card and go to install Windows 10 clean off a thumb drive. Would get to about 64% and the stop with an error. So I did a clean 7 install and let it do a...
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    4k Samsung now or Wait for Ces for maybe 40inch OLED?

    I have been looking at getting the samsung JU7500. But I really want a OLED 40inch. CES is only 2 months away. Think it's worth the wait? To see if they release a 40inch OLED 4k at ces or go ahead and pull the trigger and grab a 4k samsung now? Doen't mind spending the extra money if the OLED is...
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    Sli 970's for 4k testing with DSR reliable?

    So I just picked up 2, Evga 970's. Running fine at 1475 clock. I know they really only have 3.5gigs of memory. So I have been runing some games with the DSR at 5120x2160 res. Tried everything from WOW to BF4. Everything is running 60+ fps. BF4 is really the only thing that maxes out the memory...
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    evga b stock 970 gtx 259 , 980 369

    I just picked up 2 970's EVGA GeForce GTX 970 SSC ACX 2.0+. Get them while they last.
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    Curved 40 inch 4k or 34 inch ultra wide?

    Looking at upgrading my monitor. Currently have a 29 inch 2560x1080 lg ultra wide. I do like the monitor but the lower res is not to my liking. I have owned a 2560x1600 display in the past and miss the higher res. I will be using the monitor for pretty much nothing but gaming. Looking at getting...
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    Gaming laptop or amd a10-7300 laptop for World of Warcraft

    Looking for a laptop for my wife to play WOW on maybe some diablo 3. I was wondering if I could get away with a AMD A10-7300 for WOW or need to step it up to a full gaming laptop. I want it to run well doesn't have to ultra but at least normal settings at a good 40-60 FPS. I don't mind spending...
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    Playing Origin off nas or server? any one got it to work?

    So I have a server in my house and would like to be able to store all my games on it and play them on my gaming pc that only has a 120gig ssd in it. I got steam to work fine I just run the Program off the server on my machine and it works fine. But I can't get Origin to do this. It keeps saying...
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    Help help finding a fitting or solution for external rad

    Ok so I'm going to use ridged tubing inside of my case then I'm going to an external radiator, pump and res. So I need a fixed mounting point on the case for the ridged tubing to connect to. I found the PCI slot ones...
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    Asus RT-n66u Ends Sunday 11/30 Been a great router just upgraded to a AC one..
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    Should I sell my 290's and upgrade to 970's or toss water blocks on the 290's?

    I'm about to build a new case and water cool it all again. The 290's are of course loud as crap on air. On water the noise will be a mute point. The 290's play everything I have fine. I'm running 2560x1080p 29inch lg monitor. My system is dual 290's refrence, 3930k@4.5ghz, 16 gigs of ram, 1300...
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    plants vs zombies garden warfare pc 18 bucks

    Games Stop has it right now for 20 bucks and when you use Coupon SUMMERPC drops it to 18 bucks. Great game for the price.
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    Smallest case I can get 3 dual slot cards in..

    So I'm looking for the smallest case I can get 3x290's in. Also a atx MB. All that's going in the case is a psu, 3x290', ssd, and MB. No hard drives or DVD drives. Everything is going to be water cooled , with the radiator that I'm mounting under my desk. So I want the smallest case I can get so...
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    650 Ti or 460 gtx sli ?

    So I just built my wife a new rig. G3258@4.4ghz 8gigs of ddr3 1600 MSI z87-g45 750 watt PSU So I just rebuilt my uncles computer and he gave me 2, 460 gtx's 768 meg cards (he upgraded to a single 290). They overclock very well. I also have a 650 ti 2g card that I can put in the system...
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    Help me pick a setup for my wifes gaming rig.

    So my wife would like me to upgrade her gaming rig. Right now she is running a q6600@2.7ghz (OC is limited by the intel MB), 8 gigs of ddr3 1600, 2x640wd hd in raid 0 (short stroked) 650ti 2g and 750w Corsair PSU. I just received a z87 MSI g45 gaming MB for payment for a computer job also a x58...
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    Hot..Rosewill RSV-L4411 Rack Case with 12 hot swaps 160 shipped.

    I have this case in my rack and works great. Also it's AIO cooler friendly. Great price for a nice server case. Newegg = Amazon =
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    Just nothing better then gaming on a huge screen

    So I moved my main rig into my rack. Its now hooked up to my dual HDMI out Yamaha. I can game up stairs on my 50 or down stairs on 120inch dlp projector. There is just nothing that compares to a 120inch display. Makes you really feel like your in the game. I have played on triple monitor...
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    Need help with which way to go with my home storage.

    So I got a new rack for my home and I'm redoing pretty much everything in it. As of right now I have a rack mount case with Q8200 775 socket quad core.. 2x 1.5tb drives 1 x 1tb drive 1 x 3tb drive blu ray drive. 350 watt PSU.. Should I upgrade the cpu ? I have a i5 750 laying around with...
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    How loud should my PSU be getting?

    I just bought a corsair HX1050.. This thing seams to be way loud. I can hear it spin up just sitting at the desktop some times.. It's crazy loud when gaming ( like 7970 amd on air loud).. My TX750 corsair never got this loud. It's really annoying since my system is pretty much silent. My TX750...
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    Best Over clocking card on water for 400-450.

    I'm looking to pick up 2 new video cards for my new build. Cards will be under full cover water blocks. Also running a HX1050 pay and cpu is a 3930k. I was looking at either getting 2 780gtxs or 2 and 290's. Right now I have dual 7950's@1100mghz. Wonder what you all thought would be the better...
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    Radiator, 2x7950's and 3d glasses, started sunday the 15th

    Have my Watercool MO-RA3 420 PRO radiator 140mm with fans listed and my dual 7950's with water blocks listed..
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    Help me pick a X79 MB

    I'm picking up a 4930k for a new build. So far I have 2x7950's on water, corsair 900D case, Corsair HX1050 PSU, 1 SSD , 1 blu-ray drive, full water cooling system. Going to be using the system mostly for gaming and also for Folding for team 33 and also ripping blu-rays. Going to be adding a...
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    Stating a newish Build go 6 Core or stay Quad core?

    I'm starting a new build. What I have so far that I'm keeping is 2x7950's@1100 on water,blu-ray drive, SSD drive, and new 900D case and everything will be water cooled. So I have around 700+ or so to spend on a new motherboard and cpu. Been debating picking up a 3930K or 4930k for my new build...
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    HOT Corsair 900D 255 AR @ Newegg and Free shipping..

    It's 299.99 - 30 rebate - MBLEMCRTS5 5% off coupon (has to be used through the mobile app) + Free shipping.. Thought this was pretty hot, coupon is only good till the 15th.. I have one on it's way already.. :D
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    Help me pick a new case...

    Looking at picking up a Corsair 900d. But if there is something better out there I'm up for ideas. I want a good water cooling case. Right now I'm running a small case with an external 9x140mm rad. I like quiet so the more rad I can fit in the case the better. Like to spend 200-300 on the case...
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    Doesn't seam worth folding on my CPU

    I have a 2500k @ 4.5ghz and 2 7950's @ 1100mghz .. With just the video cards folding I get 151k ppd .. With the cards and the cpu folding I get 159k ppd. Doesn't seam worth the extra power and heat to fold on the cpu and more..
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    So I just benched the new 13.11 beta drivers holy @#$@#$

    This is just on 3d mark 11 I went from a p13708 to a p14584..My Graphics Score went from 18213.0 to 20298.0. About to run some more test but as soon as I started 3dmark11 I was almost 20 fps over what I usually get.. Average from test 1 went from 82fps to 92fps.. This is on a cfx 7950's @ 1105...