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    [img] being converted to [attach]

    If you try to insert an IMG tag with an external URL, the forum uploads the image as an attachment and then converts the BB code to [aattach] (with one a.. have to escape this somehow otherwise the whole post breaks, hence the pastebin links). However, if the IMG tag is surrounded by URL tags...
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    Latest post in subforum is usually wrong

    The latest post for subforums is usually wrong, or something is messed up. See picture: Steps: Went to General Gaming, saw that there was a new post in the Evolve thread in PC Gaming & Hardware. Clicked PC Gaming & Hardware, that thread is nowhere to be found.
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    Forums being marked as read

    I don't know if anyone else has this problem but each time I go to HardForum I see that there are a lot of new posts since the last time I visited. If I then go to any forum (Hot Deals, General Mayhem, General Gaming, etc.), everything becomes marked as read. This has happened 3 times so far...
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    Catalyst 12.8 Released

    Release Notes: Windows Vista/7/8 x64: x86:
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    X9SCL-F Intel/LSI RAID1 array not listed in Server 2008 R2 setup

    I just purchased a Supermicro 5017C-MTRF barebones system that comes with Supermicro's X9SCL-F motherboard, but for the life of me I can't get the RAID1 array to show up when starting the Windows Server 2008 R2 setup. I've run through all the basic steps but I'm stumped: - Set the SATA type...
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    Catalyst 11.7 Released

    Release Notes: Vista / Win 7 x64: Vista / Win 7 x86: XP x64...
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    Catalyst 11.3 Released Win 7/Vista x64 full package: Win 7/Vista x86 full package: Not available from the download page yet...
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    Catalyst 10.8 released Release Notes: One of the things that stuck out: Oh great, their warped ideas of what looks great will now be imposed one everyone by default. Denoise? Edge enhancement? Brighter...
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    Windows 7 middle-clicking taskbar program discrepancy

    I've noticed that middle clicking a program in the taskbar only works (and by works I mean launches another instance of the process) if a shortcut to said program is somewhere in an indexed location. For example, if you have a shortcut to Notepad in an indexed location (say, the start menu)...
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    Catalyst 10.2 is out

    Release Notes: -> Full Suite Vista/Windows 7 x64: Vista/Windows 7 x86...
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    Catalyst 10.1 is out -> (Windows 7 64-bit drivers) Although it doesn't show 10.1 quite yet, if you...
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    Intermittent Data Corruption on RAID

    I've recently been noticing corrption in files that are stored on my RAID (16 1TB Seagate on an ARC-1280ML with 2GB ECC RAM, RAID5) that seems to be pretty intermittent. One day I'd watch a movie that's stored on the server and I'd notice terrible corruption. I could confirm the findings on a...
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    Windows 7 Search Quirk

    So I recently tried to search for some files in my music collection, but I found the results a bit strange. As you can see by the two searches above, search #1 yields tons of songs incorrectly, as Explorer isn't picking up the metadata but when you check the file properties, its all...
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    Old control panel shader options

    Anyone remember how the old control panel used to have the option to change how OpenGL (I think) applications were rendered? There were choices between black and white, emboss, matrix style, and some others that I can't remember anymore. Memory a bit sketchy here, though.. Anyone have any...
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    Steam - 10-90% off everything Oh yeah. 10-90% off everything. Valve Complete pack for $75. What a steal. Doom II? $0.99. Take a look, but be aware that it ends January 2nd (or maybe the 31st as the home page says December 31st).
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    AMD to enable ATI Stream for Radeon HD 4000s and take on CUDA I'm so glad too. Can't wait to see applications (much like DGAVCDecNV) start popping up that can put my card to use.
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    Server (Win2k3) freezing

    I recently noticed that my file server (10TB RAID5 by way of an Areca 1280ML running a fully updated Server 2003 R2 from a boot drive not on the RAID) would freeze occasionally. Things like the screen not updating, input freezing, remote file copies stopping, and not being able to ping it are...
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    Multiple network connections (Vista vs. XP)

    I've been having some problems lately with multiple network connections under Vista (apparently a similar PC running XP shows no troubles) for some time now. To start off, heres a little picture: Connections that are always present/never removed are represented by solid lines, connections...