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    4770k for $199.99 AT MC, 3 days only

    I have the 4770k and Gigabyte UD4H sitting here unopened. Even at this price, I'm not sure if the upgrade is worth it over my 3570k and UD5H.
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    XFX 7970 Core Edition OC'ing

    I feel bad for you man. What's your voltage at? I'm running 1200/1600 (1190mV) on my windforce.
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    WoW: Mists of Pandaria releasing September 25

    Obviously, Blizzard takes note of their demographics. I've already had to put up with space pandas? Ugh.
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    Achieva Shimian QH270| $400 IPS 2560x1440 Korean Monitor

    Received my Shimian Lite perfect pixel from Red Cap a couple days ago. I have one dead pixel and some major backlight bleed coming from the bottom left corner. I'm really hoping the photos I sent him are convincing enough to send me a replacement.
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    Gigabyte GTX 680 $260 from Amazon Warehouse *DEAD*

    I thought my Gigabyte Windforce 7970 was a steal at $340. $260 for a 680 is insane.
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    Can't decide which processor for Gaming/Editing...

    After much research, I've decided to go with this. I work in entertainment, but not on the production side. I'm learning Avid/Pro Tools to increase my skill set. I can deal with a few additional seconds/minutes. In no way am I hardcore enough to justify a 2011 setup. Thanks everyone for...
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    3930K or 3770K rig?

    Hmm weird...I'm heading to MC today. Hopefully the register works in my favor too :) I had an acquaintance that was willing to help me with the intel deal until he found out they required pay stub verification (worried about losing his job lol). Anyways, if you can sell off your 3770k and...
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    3930K or 3770K rig?

    How did you manage to get the $50 mobo discount with the 3770k?
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    Can't decide which processor for Gaming/Editing...

    Back to my original there a REAL WORLD performance difference between the i5 and i7?
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    Can't decide which processor for Gaming/Editing...

    Most places are selling the 2700k for $289...same price as the 3770k at MC.
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    Can't decide which processor for Gaming/Editing...

    I was thinking about that... I would like to stick with newer tech since this is the first build I've done in awhile (been using a laptop). Dumb reason, I know.
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    Can't decide which processor for Gaming/Editing...

    I know the obvious answer is 3770k...but I'm having a hard time justifying the $150 premium over the 3570k (will be purchasing at Microcenter). Programs I will be using to edit: Pro Tools Avid Photoshop Lightroom I don't care how it performs in a benchmark. What I care about is REAL...
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    Open Box PSU...

    M1SII 620W...don't care for SLI so this should be more than plenty.
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    Open Box PSU...

    This. The 5 year warranty is serial based. I doubt the item is more than a month old.
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    Open Box PSU...

    Would you buy a open box Seasonic in "like new" condition? Is it worth it to take a risk for $15 off the normal price?
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    Finally! Deals on 560Ti, 448 and the 570

    MSI Hawk + Microcenter 3570k/mobo deal = win
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    CES 2012 Mobile Phones

    Why would Microsoft integrate a product from Google?
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    dreamcast almost lived on?

    I just bought a power chord and AV cables for my dreamcast. Time for some Shenmue, Sonic, and Power Stone \m/
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    My mom bought my brother a laptop for Christmas

    All my family members come to me first before buying anything tech related. Why didn't your mom come to you?
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    If you had around $150 to spend...

    Decided to hold on to my i7 920...thanks anyways guys.
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    If you had around $150 to spend...

    I have everything from my i7 920 build. Only switching out the mobo, cpu (from intel deal), and ram ($40 Gskill Sniper deal). How much more specific should I be?
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    If you had around $150 to spend...

    I already get that and more for free. :D
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    If you had around $150 to spend...

    ...what would you get? I'm definitely interested in the Z68 series. CPU will be a 2700K....OCing for sure. I'll be sticking with a single GPU. Thanks :)
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    You're waiting for Kepler and have to buy a new card, what would it be?

    I bought a used Asus 570 DCII for $260. OC'd to 900, 2200 mem...I'm good until Kepler.
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    4ghz i7 920, worth it to upgrade now

    I think this is sound advice. I'm in the same boat as the OP. The 2700k is just sitting here staring at me everyday as I decide what to do with it... The extra $200 in my pocket would be nice though...
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    Passive 3D Monitors...

    Bummer :(
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    Passive 3D Monitors...

    Has anyone tried one? I'm extremely sensitive to the flickering thats present in the active technology. Plus I like the fact that the glasses are so cheap. I just saw a HP 2311gt that has passive 3D. At $299 It's rather inexpensive compared to other 3D monitors.
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    Why Star Wars the Old Republic is better than any other game!

    I beta tested from July until recently. All I'm going to say is that I'm not letting all the hype pull me in for a day 1 purchase. You can tell Warhammer devs worked on this game. I might give the game another try in a couple months.
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    Were your choice of games limited as a child?

    I was playing Duke Nukem 3D in 4th censorship here :)
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    So what happened to Neweggs Iron Egg "Guarantee?" So lame...

    Reading comprehension is such a undervalued skill these days...
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    That rug really tied the room together.
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    Looking for the best 27" under $500... are you able to hear audio through the HP 2711x when using your xbox? No website mentions a headphone jack.
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    Stop me from buying a iPhone 4S...

    Current Verizon customer :( I'm only paying $40 a month on Verizon (family line). I'll never switch to another carrier as long as I have unlimited data.
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    Stop me from buying a iPhone 4S...

    I ended up returning the damn thing. iOS just isn't for me. I picked up a Rezound for $49 @ Costco (90 day exchange policy!). Can't beat that.
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    Stop me from buying a iPhone 4S... I ended up buying the 4S. I was in the Apple store having my macbook looked at (one of the updates fucked up my WIFI) when the Genius started talking to me about the iPhone. After I finished up with the Genius, a salesperson walked me over to the iPhone. She also happened to be a long...
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    Stop me from buying a iPhone 4S...

    I've never used it, but supposedly Waze is a great alternative to Google Nav. I would be all over the 4s if it came with 4g and slightly bigger screen. The point some of you made about resale value is pretty good. I could always sell the 4s for around $350 and buy the iPhone 5 a month or...
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    Stop me from buying a iPhone 4S...

    So I stopped by the Verizon store and spent a good 10 minutes playing around with the iPhone. I definitely loved the camera, the polished OS, and screen. In the end I couldn't pull the trigger. The beautiful screen is way too damn small. No 4g, no NFC, and no Navigation are deal breakers...
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    Stop me from buying a iPhone 4S...

    I so would, but I'm only paying $40 a month on Verizon (apart of a family plan). I think Sprint's cheapest plan is $69.99 :(
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    Stop me from buying a iPhone 4S...

    Could you name me one on Verizon? My girlfriend just upgraded to the Droid Razr. I was hoping that would have a good camera, but it still leaves a lot to be desired.
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    Stop me from buying a iPhone 4S...

    If the GSII was on Verizon we wouldn't be having this discussion lol.