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    Artifacts, What Do?

    Ask them to pay for the return shipping this time. It shouldn't be your responsibility to constantly pay to ship it back. That being said, I know you put it in another rig, that means the other rig have a different psu correct? Otherwise I might check out your psu for possibly being the culprit...
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    1080ti with 4770k and 650 watt PSU?

    I have a 3770k and I'm still fine with running this card. Games these days aren't very cpu intensive. Don't worry about it.
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    Asus Rampage III Formula vs. Rampage III Extreme

    a common misconception is that Rampage III extreme supports quad sli and that's just not true. source:
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    Need some WC advice

    personally I don't see any difference between tygon or PVC. technically tygon is industrial quality tubing which means better quality but in the end the mark up isn't really worth it. just by any tubing that fits your compression fitting specs and you'll be fine.
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    cooling the 4GHz q9400

    wow nice, too bad my crappy q9550 can't go over 3.91ghz stable
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    Corsair Obsidian Series 800D

    my temperature for my whole setup is better than when I had it in antec 900. I have my 3 ultrakaze (2000rpm) on the top blowing into the case. Often i only have one fan blowing into the case from the top while the back fan and the bottom fan are both turned off. (I'm only cooling an OCed q9550...
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    Radiator position and ABS Black Pearl

    perhaps he put the t line there for the soul purpose of emptying the loop when needed. not as a reservoir replacement
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    5870 Quadfire user video!!

    for the love of god this guy must be loaded
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    If you are using Eyefinity...

    Man that price is just too much. i guess I'll have to live with a single 24 inch monitor (I refuse to go over 1 monitor because those borders for multi monitor setup is just pure fugly)
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    What CPU cooler do I go with?

    i've been using coolermaster hyper 212 up until I switched to water cooling and I gotta say, it's one of the most pleasant heatsink I've used.
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    Will corsair dom. GT work with regular dom.?

    correct me if I'm wrong but isn't memory throttled to the slowest of your sets? nonetheless people will always recommend you to use the same spec rams for your computer.
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    PC won't turn on.

    it definitely sound like a problem with your power supply. It also sound like your house is not getting enough clean energy supplied to your house (or through that particular fuse). Flickering when you turn on a computer is definitely a sign that you should do something about the electrical...
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    Too low Voltages??

    down throttling was already there during the core2 eras.
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    razer imperator

    razer is just releasing way too many versions of the same thing. Buy it if you like it and don't already own a razer product, otherwise, just skip all their mouse releases until something really ingenious comes out.
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    Corsair Obsidian Series 800D

    haha is being really sneaky in hiding the case from all searches. The fact is you have to type in the link manually (good thing I saved it eh) and they will indeed sell it to you for 294 canadian. Furthermore, they've had it in stock for a while now...
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    Q9550, One Core Running Hot

    hey deeky, nonetheless could you post if the result changed for you when you reset your heatsink? I would also prefer equal temperature but having a waterblock installed makes the resitting quite annoying if the change in temperature is negligible.
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    Corsair Obsidian Series 800D

    BeavermanA: Thanks for the complement, your rig looks amazing too. It wouldn't be what it is without your helpful comment regarding the reservoir earlier (almost bought the spin reservoir if you hadn't warn me in time). Little_4nic8er: I was wondering why have you decided to order from NCIX...
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    Q9550, One Core Running Hot

    I remember when I had my first installation, the stock heatsink wasn't seated properly and the core was constantly running at 95 degrees Celsius range and yet the computer acted like it was running fine. Also, I've installed a new air cooler and now have upgraded to water cooling both...
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    Corsair Obsidian Series 800D

    I just thought I should add my build to the list. Great case btw. No complaint so far from me.
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    Fan Controller?

    nzxt sentry 2 would be the perfect match for you. Not to mention it's also cheap
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    Mousepad for G9

    I'm using my wooden computer desk for my mouse, I don't see the point in buying a mousepad especially with the amazing tracking technology we have now.
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    Galaxy - 8 Weeks of Free Video Cards @ [H] - Week 3

    Please let me win something in life lol
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    Sepia Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

    perhaps there's interference in your house that coincidentally use the same radio frequency as your mouse or perhaps your mouse isn't designed to go further than 30 cm (check the specs). Furthermore, I've never heard of this brand of product before so perhaps it could just be a bad product. Do...
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    Best air cooling full tower?

    corsair does not belong in this list as an air cooling tower. In fact, it's highly recommended against air cooling in this heat trap
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    Reducing the number of subforums

    Just like evilalchemist said: Gadgets subforum can include phones Video cards/physics/display can go in a graphics section Cpus can go together (AMD, intel, all non-AMD/Intel CPUs) what's the point of general hardware? (when you already have a sub forum for pretty much everything) and there...
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    My G15 lcd is solid orange please help

    nope, they hold the brand new keyboard until they receive the broken unit from you. Just got mine last week.
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    Reducing the number of subforums

    seeing that you've been member for 12.5 years, most likely you're my elder. For that, I respect your response. I should clarify that I do know which forum to post for each of my particular needs but you have to admit it makes random forum surfing kind of time consuming. Thanks again for your...
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    5970 - $599

    haha to think i paid the same amount for a 4870x2 just a year ago (actually $650 canadian) Dang, I don't think my antec 1000w can power this card. This quad rail thing is really killing me.
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    How good is Mushkin?

    ocz reaper is fine, I have them for a year now and they're still going strong (I bought them while they are rated at 5-5-5-15 so that's a bonus for a 1066mhz ram) Furthermore, they have lifetime warranty so why should you worry. P.S. Mushkins do their job right, I haven't heard any complaints...
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    Reducing the number of subforums

    hi guys: I was just wondering if you would consider reducing the number of sub forums. The amount right now is very overwhelming in my opinion and many cases I don't know which one is suitable for what I want to post in and waste a lot of time opening all the different subforums in different...
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    System idle temperature and load temperatures, what's considered healthy?

    correct me if I'm wrong but even though tj max is set at 90, intel spec sheet said recommended safe temperature for Core 2s are generally under 71 degrees celsius. Either way, you are fine.
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    My G15 lcd is solid orange please help

    logitech's warranty is top notch, their service is great not to mention they will send you a brand new keyboard instead of a refurbished one to boot. Will definitely buy from them again
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    120.3 rad inside (top side) Antec 1200??

    hi sorry i couldn't help you with the 1200 dilemma but if you are already going to upgrade your case to a bigger size in addition to installing an expensive water cooling setup, have you thought of just getting perhaps the corsair obsidian? That case I'm 100% sure will fit your rad if it can fit...
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    Best wireless gaming mouse?

    If you knew that already, why didn't you clarify the statement I made instead of pointing me out as a liar I agree I should've clarified my statement but the person posted above me made it seem like no computer can charge it while its off. I simply provided a counter argument
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    Best wireless gaming mouse?

    Thank you. Just to the skeptic: why would I lie about something like that?
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    [Review] Triple Radiators V2

    oh god I feel stupid, sorry, gotta pay attention to what I'm actually reading
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    [Review] Triple Radiators V2

    hi skinnee, may I ask why?
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    Corsair Obsidian Series 800D

    thanks a lot for your response guys, I'm trying my best to avoid modifying the case (I know silly huh) so I'm sticking to the single bay reservoirs.
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    [Review] Triple Radiators V2

    aww my feser one x-360 isn't in the review
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    Corsair Obsidian Series 800D

    wow nice setup. I do have a question about your watercooling set up though, I saw a guy on youtube with the same reservoir as you and heard him say he had to physically mod the 5.25 inch bays to fit this dual slot reservoir into the case, weird thing is i don't think i see you mod your case...