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    Steam: Red Orchestra 2 GOTY edition (Rising Storm expansion) free

    Free on steam until "10am" Thursday the 24th. Pacific? I don't know. Rising Storm is, in my opinion, better than the base game, but both are good if you're not an ADHD-ridden spazzoid. The game is the best MP FPS I've played in years, in honesty, and I don't know why it isn't more popular than...
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    Is my Enermeax Infiniti bricked or just being a dick?

    Power surge the other morning. The computer and monitors are connected via a surge protected 4-gang, but it won't boot. I've managed to diagnose the repeating two-beep error code as coming from my 720w Infiniti (not my motherboard) and meaning that it is in PSU protection mode or some such...
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    Creating lean/lightweight W7 installation for an SSD laptop

    I'm having to go away for a while and am taking a laptop with a small corsair force 3 or whatever on it. 60GB or so. So I'm looking at all these suites to trim down the non-essential components I don't want (games, media center, that stuff) so I have room for a few games to play with my fiancée...
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    Multiple monitors: program window positions spaz out when waking from "sleep"

    Whenever my computer wakes from "sleep" mode (my sleep doesn't work, so what I mean here is monitor sleep>monitor on, computer still running) the window positions all go nuts and move to the primary monitor, a 32" HDTV (landscape 1360x768 via HDMI) from the secondary (portrait 900x1440 via DVI)...
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    Overclock profile prevents W7 wake from sleep

    My desktop was unable to wake from a sleep state for years. I recently realised this was because of an overclock, as when I reset to factory recently there was no issue with it waking, and creating a new OC profile (and only OC changes, nothing else) it stops waking from sleep again, forcing a...
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    Accidentally made my HDDs hot-swappable and I hate it

    So I reformatted and reapplied my OC and somehow did this. I've never looked into it before so I don't have a clue what option I must have changed in the BIOS to do it. Can anyone tell me what to look for? This shit is bugging me: P8P67 Pro, for what it's worth.
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    Copying Win 7 to another HDD, then setting up a dual-boot?

    So this is a weird one and I wasn't able to phrase it in such a way that google was of any use, so here goes: I gave my girlfriend all the guts from my PC to go with her new case, so that she could benefit from an upgrade. So we currently have 2x2TB storage drives, and each of us has a 1TB...
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    Logitech G400 randomly disconnecting/reconnecting in W7

    As it says on the tin. Had the mouse a while now, probably about 18 months. Weirdly doesn't seem to happen in 3D applications, just on the desktop or in browser/video file windows and the like. Makes the USB unplug "dah-dum" noise and the cursor obviously locks up for 2-3 seconds. Directly into...
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    Best DVI to x adapting approach - HDMI, DisplayPort, whatever

    Got a 7950 and stupidly forgot to check the outputs. Only have DVI to DVI cables. Wondered if there was any difference in quality/anything else, in the same way DVI offered better quality than VGA. Say between DVI/HDMI cables, DVI/Displayport cables, or adapters for existing cables, or if...
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    ATH-A700 vs DT770 Pro

    Just a quick one - looked for the headphones thread but couldn't find it. Using an Auzentech X-Fi with no amp for desktop usage, nothing spectacular. Constant heavy use, rarely use my speakers. Used the ATs years ago and adored them until they broke, but I can get the Beyers (both 80 and 250...
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    Recurring theme with all headphones dying - audio cuts out of one earcup

    So I'm on what must be my sixth pair of circumaurals and am starting to get bothered by a trend in all my headphones - every one of them has died by having the audio gradually cut in and out of an earcup until it eventually stops working altogether. I'm pretty sure it's a connection/wiring...
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    Greenmangaming seems to be having some kind of sale - DE:HR currently what, 8 dollars

    Deus Ex: HR is currently at £4, which is super cheap. I think that comes out at something like 200,000 USD; a good deal in any case. Seems to be a run of daily sales. Worth keeping an eye on.
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    King Arthur 2 out soon - anyone want a 50% off Steam voucher?

    Got the King Arthur rts by neocore in one of the steam sales a while ago and it's a surprisingly good game from a more obscure developer. It seems they're sending out 50% off coupons to people who bought the original, but my disposable income is going to prohibit me from buying it for a while...
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    Logitech RMA generously offering a choice of KB - need some insight!

    So I've had frequent and recurring issues with my DiNovo Edge and the replacements which I won't go into. Logitech's customer support has always been phenomenally generous to me and has already replaced it twice, but either I've got some spectacular bad luck with them or the DiNovo Edge just has...
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    Reformat - my stuff's all retarded and junk

    So I reformatted yesterday, as I've done before - all programs and files backed up, all I do is go through the folder and run all the .exes, back to normal within two hours. Usually. This time I've reformatted and gone through the process, and certain application windows just fail to load the...
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    ASUS P8P67 and onboard ALC892 - not detected

    I've had this P8P67 and been using my Auzen X-Fi for a few months now with a USB microphone built in to a webcam. But the quality sucks, so I want to plug in my Logitech desktop mic. The problem is that my Auzen's mic port has never worked since day one, so in the past I plugged it into my old...
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    GPU fan no longer spins; PC won't POST

    So my computer's been acting up for a while, been unable to play any games more challenging than Worms or Plants vs Zombies or it crashes with a mosaic pattern and skipping audio, as well as locking up for 10-20 seconds at a time whilst playing games or watching video files. Example...
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    Need help identifying a monitor display issue

    I'm running a dual-monitor setup from one GTX280, controlled by UltraMon: one 24" DGM L2442WD, a 1920x1200 PVA panel connected via DVI, and a 1400x900 piece of muck connected by VGA. Since yesterday the 24" main screen is failing to display images when being turned on after a long period...
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    Steelseries Ikari - input from owners

    I'm looking at maybe getting an Ikari, but for all the good stuff I read about it there's something troubling me. My Deathadder's IR won't track on my desk, which is painted with black gloss paint. My MX1000 does, but is shit. So it seems optical mice track ok on this surface, but lasers - or...
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    Need help nailing the cause of frequent crashes

    My computer's been acting up for a while now, about 8+ months but I've been suffering through it, putting it down to the OS or me being a moron or whatever. However, since it's persisted over a variety of OS installations and I've opened it up and checked everything I can I'm stumped and need a...
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    New to multi-display computing, software list/advice needed!

    So I just dug out an old monitor I was lending my little brother and hooked it up for some powerputing, but because I've never had cause to pay attention to multi-display software before I'm stuck as to what to use. Googling only comes up with results for triplehead or similar since I don't...
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    Steam interface update

    Look at this mess. I wouldn't be so opposed to this complete train-wreck of a UI if it wasn't enforced, but unfortunately as of the most recent Steam update there's not even any option to use the existing interface. They came up with a proper release candidate, made it obligatory, and didn't...
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    Constant error messages on saving files in 7

    I am having great difficulty getting files to save on first try in 7 recently. I don't have a clue why, but I have work stacking up because I can't get it done quickly enough, as it takes about three tries to save any file successfully. It occurs either when downloading: or saving in...
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    A dumb thread containing a dumb question.

    I have been out of the loop for the past few years so not only am I fuzzy on what's better than what these days, I can't remember what my own hardware's compatible with. I have: GTX 280, Asus P5N32-E SLi plus, Q6600, and 2x2GB Geil DDR2 PC6400. My computer is being a lazy slob - running 7...
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    Advice on sudden memory issue needed

    Yesterday or the day before my installation of W7 - a brand new format as of two weeks ago - started behaving uncharacteristically sluggishly when running processes or even using explorer to move/browse files, locking up for periods of about 10 seconds quite frequently. I just noticed this...
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    Mass Effect achievements lost

    Reformatted recently. Backed up my save files and put them back and carried on playing with no issue except for my achievements being wiped. The only fixes I've been able to find anywhere is to use the console to unlock them, which doesn't work as they reset to locked as soon as I quit. Is...