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    WASD Code V2B Cherry MX Green White LED backlit TenKeyLess

    WASD Code V2B Mechanical Keyboard Cherry MX Green White LED backlit TenKeyLess Got about 2 days left on it. Thanks guys
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    Bulletproof Windows 7 for Parents

    Hello, My father blew up his Pentium 4 finally with a nasty Trojan. This weekend I'll be putting together a new computer for him. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations about how to secure and keep a new Windows 7 computer as maintenance free and reliably as possible. I'm...
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    DDR2 or DDR3 for E6750

    I have 2GB of DDR2 on Windows 7 64bit. I wish to upgrade. Specs: 2x1GB PATRIOT 240P PDC22G6400LLK Mobo: GIGABYTE GA-P35C-DS3R 775 R E6750 @ 3.2GHZ As you can see I"m overclocked a fair amount. I wish to keep this. Should I upgrade to 2 more sticks of 1gb DDR2, 2x2GB sticks of DDR2 or...
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    Computer Troubleshooting

    Hi Recently my computer has had an interesting but inconvenient set of problems. -After several hours of computer being on my network adapter (built in or pci card) will stop working. -Upon restart the computer will not get through the BIOS and will restart and continue in that loop...
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    COD:4 CD Key Location

    Hi I have COD:4 installed and now its kind of screwed up and I want to reinstall. Only problem is I can't find my cd and key. How can I retrieve the key from the already installed game?
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    Netgear gigabit 8-port

    Can these stand up to abuse? like 4 port full load for 10 hour abuse?
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    Loose IDE hdd cable

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    Small Digital Camera

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    Fastest CD ripper

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    Should I continue with Apple?

    I have a G4 Powerbook that I used for 6 months and now I have a Dell Latitude that I have used for a year now and I'm using at the moment. I want to upgrade because the Latitude is a 1.4ghz Celeron M and the speed is getting to me. I really miss OS X but I don't miss a few things about it. I...
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    Which notebook has the best wireless reception?

    nothing else matters, what's out there?
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    Digital OTA decoder card

    What kind of cards are there for digital over-the-air reception in SD and HD?
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    I am looking to buy a printer/scanner combo. The features I would like are: Direct printing to CD/DVD Multipage scanner feed (put in 20 pages and hit go) And I could care less about media stick inputs, fancy screens, etc. I also don't do a lot of digital picture printing although...
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    Why don't any games support light guns?

    Why don't any games for PC support light guns? FPS would be so much cooler with one :cool:
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    Remote windows terminal on XP pro

    How would I set a computer up to allow remote terminal connections? What I am looking for is a fully functional Windows desktop that does not interfere with the operations of someone sitting at the computer. Is this possible with XP Pro? or even Windows 2003 server?
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    How does this high-end config look?

    Chenming Black Full Tower case $79.00 NEC 16X 3520a $64.99 LSI "MegaRAID SATA 150-4" $215.99 Hitachi 250GB 7200RPM HDS722525VLSA80 (Four of them for raid 5) $519.92 Logitech Cordless MX Duo $55.00 Patriot 2x512 PC3200 $219.50 PCP&C Turbo Cool 510 $200-210 AMD...
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    Please add "SLI" to the search function

    I remember when the forums just came back there was a thread about how three letter words were being disallowed from searches and then it was decided that some crucial ones would be allowed. True? Coudl the acronym SLI be added to that list?
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    Best sound card for 5.1 Gaming?

    I'm looking for the best bang for the buck in terms of performance in games to price. Audigy series is the only way to go correct? I see cards that range from like $50 to $250 in the Audigy series. Will the cheap one perform just as well for gaming?
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    Firefox Ad blocking (usercontent.css)

    I'm trying to get the usercontent.css to block some text ads. The HTML code for the ads I'm trying to block is like this: <!-- Begin Links --> <body text="#FFFFFF" link="#FFFFFF" vlink="#FFFFFF" alink="#FFFFFF"> <table width="100%" height="45" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">...
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    What is this dual cpu system worth?

    Dual P3 800mhz 256MB ram 2x40gb hdd Top of Line Voodoo card Various other attachment from a few years ago Custombuilt
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    Low level formatter on floppy (zero fill)

    What is a good zero fill program that comes on a floppy?
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    Boot disk on a floppy

    I'm looking for a book disk that comes on a floppy that will then allow you to boot off CD, or HDD, etc. I know its out there as I had a link to the site earlier, but forgot what it was. I believe it was a SourceForge project...
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    Sug.: Ability to change title in FS forum

    I'd like the ability to change titles in the forsale forum. Could that be possible? thanks :)
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    What soldering iron should I get?

    $15-50 price range :)
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    Doom 3 help needed

    How do I manually override the airlocks on the monorail level?
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    Doom 3 error, won't keep detail

    2.4 ghz P4 1 gig of ram 9800 Pro I have the detaul set on high and I set the resolution on 1280*1024. I restart Doom amd when I open it up again it shoes 640*480 as the reso.
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    What 512 Stick should I buy?

    I have 2.4 gz P4 with Dell Mobo and 2 * 256 333mhz ddrram, 9800 pro, etc. The mobo supports up to 400mhz as per the Dell site, but will the Mushkin Level 1 PC3500 work? BTW, I don'r necesarily want the best that will work for my current setup, I want it to work great of course, but if I...
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    Which 9800 Pro should I buy?

    Has to be from either or
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    Dell 4600 = NO 48bit LBA?

    Can't really figure it out. I have a Samsung SP1614N I format it using the Samsung tool, it boots up with Ontrack Dynamic Drive Overlay, then I insert the OEM XP Home CD from Dell with SP1. Max GB is 128/137.5...
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    I got a Samsung 160 SP1614N

    Samsung Spinpoint 160GB 7200RPM IDE Hard Drive, Model SP1614N Will give review once installed
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    my frickin ears!

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    Athlon XP still worth it?

    I'm gonna be getting a new computer pretty soon and so far getting a 2500+ Mobile and OC'ing it looks to be the best buy. But in your opinion, how long will it be before XP processors turn obsolete? I don't have enough money to be majorly upgrading every year. In two years, a major upgrade...
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    System Restore

    How does the Windows XP system restore work? Do you have to make restore points, or are they automatic?
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    Lian Li PC-61 or Super Lanboy?

    My friend is getting a new computer and will be planning to OC his cpu and possibly video card. what do you think is better for cooling, the lian li pc61 or the antec super lanboy?
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    Proftpd Help (Linux)

    I need some help on a linux proftpd config. I've set the default root as ~ and now I want to add fake folders that point to the real ones in some peoples ~ directories. How do I do that? I tried adding symbolic links but how I"m doing it doens't seem to be working.
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    Website needs some critiquing :P What do you guys think? This was a school project that I did with a few people, but I basically did the whole thing... all the CSS, image editing, designing, etc... :) I think I'm going to change the font right now, the gallery subpages could use a good cleaning...
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    Thread Preview?

    Can we get thread previews after all the bugs are sorted out? :cool:
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    Used IBook Price

    A friend at school has an IBook that is approximately 1 year old. He said it is 800mhz, 128ram, and has a 12" screen. He is willing to sell, but is not in dire need. How much should I offer him?