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    HardOCP has always been AMD [H]aters

    OP was clearly born yesterday with that join date. Doesn't know how this forum was like during the AMD 64 Opteron days.
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    Abit IP35 Pro

    Still have this board...very impressive. I had the vdroop mod along with a q6600 @3.6 . It's now sitting in my closet at home though lol.
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    Diamond HD 7970 - $311.99 AC/AR w/ FS @ Newegg

    Was looking into a 660, but I jumped on this the second I found it. I'm coming from an 8800gts 320mb @1080res
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    3M Headlight Restoration Kit for $14.95 shipped(2 bucks cheaper than amazon)

    This is an excellent kit. I used it all the time on customer cars and they were extremely satisfied...came out like new. The only downside is it takes quite a bit of work, but otherwise highly recommended.
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    GRID $3.74 (Steam Midweek Madness, Ends 10/27)

    That's what she said :p
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    450GB VelociRaptor newegg $129 F/S No Rebates

    It's all around improvement from boot times to game loading. It's very worth it at this price range and I'm thinking about picking on up. I currently am running 2 of the same generation 74gb in raid 0 with ssd for cache. I'm definitely contemplating this right now :D
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    450GB velociraptor for $160 shipped

    What about kingston's hyper x? From the reviews I've read, they're very reliable.
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    OCZ Solid 3 120GB $140 / after $30 rebate / $2 s&h

    Tigerdirect link
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    Newegg Labor Day Sale

    Just got this in an email. here :)
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    Indigo Xtreme Thermal Interface?

    I think he's talking about his experience. 90C for a long time has never harmed his cpu so he doesn't believe it's harmful. Two to three "personal processors"is a really bad test quantity to make that call.
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    Indigo Xtreme Thermal Interface?

    After that review, I'm thinking of sticking with the mx-3 I have.
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    ASUS P8P67 Pro New B3 Revision Motherboard Review @ [H]

    I'm confused as to why someone would opt for a p67 board now instead of a z68.
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    Newegg_Shell_Shocker - Crucial M4 128GB SATA III SSD (price unknown or $228 or less)

    Nice! Thanks for the heads up :) We'll see where this goes.
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    Intel Processors to ship CPU ONLY for retail...up to 180w TDP

    I'm assuming 180w is with turbo boost on 6 cores from 3.3ghz to 3.9ghz. I think that can somewhat explain the 50 watt boost. You should take a deep breath and relax ;)
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    Intel Processors to ship CPU ONLY for retail...up to 180w TDP

    Read more: Read more:
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    Upgrade to IvyBridge?
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    G.SKILL Value Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1333 C9 $34.99

    With prices like these, gigabyte needs to release another i-ram.
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    Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro : Yay or Nay?

    I'm currently working on a big project and I'm wondering what you guys think of this heat sink. It will cost me double the price of a NH-D14 to bring it in the US, but as long as my project comes out perfect...I'm happy. There's a decent chance the fan will be changed with an AK-FN059, but that...
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    2600K RMA. How is Intel on RMA's?

    That sucks, since I'm all for that assumption. 99% (yes I threw a percentage out there) of these processors don't go bad so quickly. Considering this is an unlocked current generation flagship processor, is it really that insulting to you that people might assume you there's a chance you gave it...
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    Best Performance Card for $250 Price Range?

    I was asking the same question 5 months ago. Luckily things haven't changed much and it's still the 6950. If you're playing 1920+, go 2gb.
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    MS Intellimouse Optical - new versions, or replacement ideas?

    stupid forum restrictions... google search the following: n g o h q windows 7 usb mouse fix It's the first link
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    MS Intellimouse Optical - new versions, or replacement ideas?

    Yea, forgot about that. I run it at 500mhz as well.
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    2600K RMA. How is Intel on RMA's?

    What do you think killed the cpu? Did you give it a crap ton of voltage at any point during its life? Really just wondering. I thought only western digital offered this
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    MS Intellimouse Optical - new versions, or replacement ideas?

    As an owner of the intelli 1.1, I can tell you that I've experienced none of these problems. I've used this mouse with a qck+ and later on qck heavy (current). The mouse is flawless and I'm still using an intelli 1.1 today. I started using the 1.1 mouse competitively back in 2002 and I had to...
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    "Fast" mousepad

    Non-cloth pads eat up mouse feet quicker. I don't think you're being realistic in what you're asking...I'm speaking from experience.
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    New Build, Old Parts

    It is until you get to 1333mhz.
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    New Build, Old Parts

    Understandable, but as far as memory, I would definitely opt for 1600mhz. He would be taking a small, unnecessary performance hit by going with 1333. With prices so cheap, there's no reason not to.
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    New Build, Old Parts

    I'm curious as to why you only listed MSI boards..
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    Build suggestions for a i5-2500k cpu

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned Smart Response, since he seems to want a quick boot drive with some reliability. If you want to go SSD for boot drive, I think most of us can agree intel is currently #1 when it comes to reliability. I would also stick with the 3xx series SSD from Intel which...
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    Upgrade to IvyBridge?

    ahh...didn't read the whole thread :o I've read a lot about "30%" improvements from SB to IB, but I'm still waiting for actual benchmarks. I don't know why people are talking about waiting as if this is coming out in a couple months. I'm expecting mid January to be the earliest release date for IB.
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    Q6600 overclocking

    At 3.6, I'm assuming you have the G0 stepping. I would stay out of the 1.5v core. Also, if indeed you do have the G0, the sweet spot for performance/voltage has been around 3.3ghz for everyday usage. You really have to step up voltage, cooling, and start tinkering with VTT to get your 3.6ghz+...
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    Best Cooler for an i7 920 at 4.0ghz+

    OP, there are many heatsinks available to do what you require. If you choose one of the higher end coolers from Noctua, Thermalright, or Prolimatech, you should be in great shape. That's just 3 of the top brands out there that you wont be disappointed with. There are many more, but please expect...
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    Need a black cpu heatsink for price limit

    Anyone know where I can purchase this in the USA?
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    New build, no idea what I'm doing

    Doesn't mean you got a crappy one. Mine wasn't stable at 4.5ghz either at 1.3volts. I haven't done much overclocking since I'm using the stock cooler, but it has to do with the bios. The more recent bios seem to require more voltage for stability. As long as you're not hitting 1.4v you should be...
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    Upgrade to IvyBridge?

    Doesn't seem contradicting. It seems like he's saying to wait and see how much of an improvement gap there will be.
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    Built my PC... How are these temps?

    It's the caffeine from all that coca cola you've been drinking :D
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    Need a black cpu heatsink for price limit

    I was planning on using different fans, so the LEDs aren't a problem. My main goal is to have this thing as flat black as possible. I'll give away a little of the project which is the theme. This project is based around a black and yellow theme. Speaking of the dark knight, I was just looking at...
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    New build, no idea what I'm doing

    This one is my favorite as far as guides. You should be golden.
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    Built my PC... How are these temps? Nope, you're all good. During bios, the cpu is working at it's default frequency and features set as...
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    New build, no idea what I'm doing

    Well first, here's a great guide to helping you out. As far as your frequency being different all around, this is because of your c3/c6, EIST, C1E, etc. shown here...