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    Steam Summer Sale June 25th

    With Humble Bundle Monthly at least since they are a third party that just gives keys, you get to keep them even after you unsub.
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    Are you ditching Steam in favor of Epic Store?

    Ugh. Loaded up the Epic client and all those free games I 'bought' are no longer in my library. Checked my purchase history under my account and they're listed. Used the built in troubleshooter and apparently their servers are fubar. To make sure, I uninstalled the client and when I went to...
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    Mortal Kombat 11

    When the end of MK X happened.
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    Epic Games Store

    And the devs tend to remove anything that's not positive, so they aren't generally a reliable place to get information.
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    Prima Games is shutting down

    More options are always better than less.
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    Steam Controller Worth $34?

    as a novelty, i think it's worth $34. as a useful controller, no. it often goes for much less (sometimes $5) so unless you really just want something to tinker with, i'd wait to get it at a much reduced price.
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    What game do you think should get a sequel or a remake?

    God Hand Alan Wake Alpha Protocol I'm not holding my breath on any of them tho. Edit: Also, Chaos Overlords. Edit2: Also, Heavenly Sword.
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    Rage 2

    I played way after it was released and so I never had or noticed most of the technical issues that people had with the game. While the "open world" that this game's promotional materials promised didn't deliver, the general game loop of shooting things in a mostly linear levels was done well...
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    Borderlands 3 others leaked

    Just because you didn't like it doesn't mean it doesn't deserve a sequel. I absolutely LOVED RAGE and would LOVE a sequel.
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    The Only Game Review Site You'll Ever Need

    That is Asterios Kokkinos . He is a frequent guest/contributor to the The Biggest Problem in the Universe podcast where he sometimes does bits as videogame journalist Tom Phillips. He has also released the books The Enemies of 20-something Megaman 1 and 2 and used to be a co-host on the...
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    Download Windows 10

    What's the 'N' version?
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    Too pumped up, can't wait for Mad Max game, so installing Rage...

    I recently beat it and enjoyed it quite a bit. I actually played it slowly over several years. It's a great game to just play a mission for a bit to get your fill The graphics are pretty good, but the animation is really top notch.
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    Does GOG fixes games so they are compatible with newer OS's ?

    Yes, GoG curates their content and for the most part ensures compatibility with newer OS's while Steam has more of a laissez faire free market approach where they put most of that responsibility on the sellers. You want an older game to run on a newer system, GoG is your best bet.
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    South Park: The Fractured but Whole

    This one's not being developed by Obsidian. I wonder how that will effect it.
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    Steam Refunds

    It will be interesting to see how this will effect the Steam sales. Companies might be less inclined to discount their games.
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    Carmageddon Kickstarter - Oh Yes!

    Performance is a little iffy, but damn if this game isn't fun as hell.
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    Mortal Kombat X

    Absolutely loved MK9 and watching high level play from tournaments is great. Can't wait to see MKX at EVO this year.
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    SJW's Attacking Obsidian and Pillars of Eternity

    At least the text that replaced it is clever. It's still super dumb that anyone got their panties in a bunch over that.
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    Dark Souls 2 PC - April 25, 2014

    I haven't had the time to play this yet, but want to soon. Is there anything I've missed out on by waiting? Seems like the patches are changing quite a bit.
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    Dark Souls is on Steam

    I had an issue logging into GFWL. If you have 2 factor authentication enabled, you have to turn it off to log in.
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    Petition to Remove Anita Sarkeesian from Mirror's Edge 2 Development

    Well, this is gonna get fun real fast... Personally, I don't care. If they feel that her involvement with the game is beneficial, that's their call. Let the chips fall where they may.
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    Dark Souls is on Steam

    I've never had any issue with those archers. Just get behind something for cover if you need to then run up and hit them.
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    Dark Souls is on Steam

    Yeah, you can bait the hellkite to jump down to the bridge, then you can hack at it or run past it like this.
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    Dark Souls is on Steam

    It's probably bc they have to pay to keep all that data on the GFWL servers. At some point they have to consolidate their stuff as it won't make sense to keep it on a server they aren't even using.
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    Dark Souls is on Steam

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    Dark Souls is on Steam

    This was just posted on the Dark Souls facebook:
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    Planetary Annihilation new RTS like total annihilation and supreme commander

    They haven't moved on. They are constantly updating it. Like most devs, they have more than one team.
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    Planescape: Torment - Spiritual successor

    Yeah, I'm pretty impressed with how good it is looking already.
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    Can I use a offline profile for *all* GFWL games ?

    I have no idea about using offline profiles, but MS says it's not shutting down GFWL so any games that use it should be OK for the foreseeable future. See Here
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    wasteland 2 beta

    It's worth noting that the current pricing is due to it being a Kickstarter project and the current access is beta. In order to not completely piss off all the backers, they (and many other KS projects) have had to keep their early access price in line with their Kickstarter tiers that included...
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    The Last of Us is coming to PS4 'sometime' this summer!

    Resident Evil 4 was re-released on PC.
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    Silent Hill HD Collection

    I just realized the HD collection isn't on PSN. :rolleyes: I'll prob end up buying the originals from ebay unless I find the collection for dirt cheap. Thanks, guys.
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    Silent Hill HD Collection

    Awesome, thanks! I'll pick it up on PSN.
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    So.. when did you start your Steam account?

    I'm at 9 years - August 27, 2004.
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    Silent Hill HD Collection

    I'm planning a marathon of horror related games to play from Sept 1 through Nov 30 and was considering playing through at least the first couple Silent Hill games. I've never played any of them. Is the Silent Hill HD Collection an OK way to go? I know there were a bunch of problems when it...
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    Dark Souls 2 PC - April 25, 2014 you waited patiently for the rapist naked by the fire? I really don't know what this game is anymore.
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    [Rumor] Steam Summer Sale starts on 19th and lasts 8 days?

    Sounds like a good reason to get a controller.
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    Dead Rising 3 shows up in Steam database.

    It'd be real nice if they could find a way to get the original on the PC. That and Gears were the only games on the 360 I wanted to play.
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    Far Cry 4 set in the Himalayas

    Looks more like a jackhammer to me, which might make sense if there's a lot of ice. Edit: Just notice it says "Impaler Harpoon Gun" right next to it. :rolleyes: So yeah, that doesn't make much sense.