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    Stupid Question

    I know it's a stupid question, but what is the current generation of AMD graphics cards? I'm looking for a mid to upper mid range card.
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    Ryzen Mobo Suggestion

    Due to my case I'm in need of an ATX mobo that has ALL vertical SATA headers instead of having them laid down to the edge. 6+ headers. $Cheap$ is highly desirable. It doesn't have to be pretty(will be in a 4U rack case), it doesn't have to be a great overclocker, it doesn't have to have...
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    After a couple weeks of getting parts in I fired up my new 5820K build a couple days ago. At first I couldn't get the machine to overclock at all for shit. Now, 4000mhz under 1.19v(haven't tried lower), 54'C max temp with all the stress tests I've been able to try. I'm sure this thing has...
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    SSD Speed

    Lastnite I had just fired up my new build. I had initially ordered a Samsung SM951, but the place I ordered it from was unknowingly out of stock - order canceled. So I ordered a Pro 950 elsewhere. My Asrock X99 Extreme4 recognized the Pro 950 in the "BIOS", Winblows10 installed in a couple...
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    Your experiences with the i7 6700K?

    So far, how are you guys/gals liking your 6700K's? I'm in my planning stage on my next system. My current is a Phenom II 945 that is getting long in the tooth. 5 years of solid service, running nearly 24/7, and working 8am-6pm, then gaming/mulit-media thereafter. I know the 6700K is...
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    Cases with LOTS of 3.5" mountings

    I need suggestions for a ATX(full or mid tower) case that has a crapload of 3.5" mountings. However price is the biggest issue - "cheap" is the keyword.. This wont be something for modding or display - just to sit in a closet as a storage "server". It doesn't need to be made all that well...
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    Best Video Card Series For After Effects?

    My gal is into Adobe's graphics software(Creative Suite 5.5) for personal and professional use, right now I got her hooked up with the best card(nVidia 9300GT) we could find locally until I could get something better ordered later. (don't flame me, it was better than the onboard that came with...
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    11.4 Firefox Text Sharpness

    Has anyone noticed in Firefox 4.0 with the new drivers that the text and browser components are fuzzy and have graphical issues? I have Cleartype enabled, and the Catalyst settings for AMD/ATI are no different from previous drivers. It isn't with just Hardocp's page, it is every website. I'm...
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    Dumb Question

    How long are the ATI 5830 and 5850 cards? I have a OEM(HP) computer that doesn't have the case capacity of a aftermarket setup, and I want to upgrade this 5450 to at least a 5830.
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    Toshiba Satellite A105 S101 upgrades

    I just purchased my first "new" laptop in 11 years, the Toshiba model mentioned in the thread title. It has a Celly-M "380" 1.6ghz and 512mb( minus shared video) of DDR2 4200. I looking ahead for a CPU upgrade, what all can I put in this lappy? ...sorry for being newbish with that...
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    Opinions about Averatec please.

    My possible future position may require me to use a lappy for accessing email and mapping software while "in the field". I found a new Averatec Athlon XP-M 2600+ w/15" display for only $550+SH. ...which beats the HP, Dell, and Compaq $400 units spec wise by miles. The only thing is, how...
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    Venus vs. San Diego core?

    Whats the real difference between the San Diego and Venus core CPUs from AMD? ...other then one is an Opteron and the other Athlon 64.
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    Iwill XP333 rev2.0 + Athlon XP-M = ?

    I hope someone has experience with this.. Can someone tell me if the Iwill XP333 Rev 2.0 mobo (w/ALI chipset) and an AMD 2500/2600 Mobile XP-M CPU work together? I'd like to upgrade from this locked Pali core 1700+ to something that has some OC'n potential without upgrading the mobo too...