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    WMP11 crashes when streaming through IE/Firefox. Help?

    Out of nowhere, WMP11 (vista 64) crashes every time I try to stream content (audio or video.) I have no problem downloading the content then playing it, but I am unable to stream. This happens whether I'm using IE or Firefox. I have the latest codecs as well. I don't want to do the following...
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    WMP12- Windows Media Player 12 In Vista 64?

    Has anyone been able to download/install WMP12 in Vista 64? Thanks.
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    Overscan in Windows 7 with GTX 260 / resolution and scaling problem

    Hey Everyone! Title says it all. I have the LG246WP monitor and have tried everything and still can't get Windows 7 to recognize my display as a monitor instead of an 'HDTV'. The overscan shows about a 1.5 inch black bar on the right side of my monitor and a 1/5th inch black bar at the bottom...