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    Cant get 4k60 over hdmi2.0 on HP Spectre

    Yes to all that. Tried both ports with multiple cables, video cards, video card ports. Tried messing with the OSD with no luck. It has an option for DP 1.2, but no HDMI options. Update drivers and installed utility.
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    Cant get 4k60 over hdmi2.0 on HP Spectre

    Hey all I just received an HP Spectre 32inch 4k Studio Display from a friend and I'm trying to get 4k60 over the hdmi2.0 port but it wont go higher than 4k30. The specs say the monitor has an hdmi 1.4 and 2.0 and I have an RX580 by MSI that should work fine. I cant seem to get the 60hz. I've...
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    Halo 5: Guardians

    Got mine day of release and it's still in the plastic. Maybe I should get it started.
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    Dreamhack Austin May 6-8th 2016.

    Been a while since a LAN. I think Noreaster in Mass was my last way back in 2008 or something.
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    Just showing off my rig

    Very clean. It looks great. Wish mine was that neat.
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    4k recommendations, please~

    Is 32" that much better size wise than 28"? I have a 28" and now wondering if I should have gone 32"?
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    Droid Turbo 2 Survives 70 Drops To Concrete Floor

    Meanwhile my droid turbo survived zero....:-(
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    Antec's New Flagship Signature Series

    Very sleek, wonder if I made the right choice with NZXT....I think so.
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    Post your Mouse and Keyboard pics

    My desk is a disaster. I'll post one soon. Gotta clean!
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    FX8350 throttling

    I've had the same exact problem. My 8320 dips to 1.4 ghz if the VRM get too hot. I've got a few extra case fans now and one blowing right on em. Seems to help.
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    Dropping cash at Best Buy on GPUs: Dual 980tis?

    I game at 4k with a single 980ti and an 8320 at stock. Bought the 980ti from best buy actually as well. Go for the EVGA SSC with ACX 2.0. It's a great card. I play BF4 on ultra without AA and average between 48 and 70 fps depending on the map. Haven't tried too much with other games yet. edit...
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    Question about NVIDIA video card 4K Dell monitor

    Won't do much for gaming, but it should run simple desktop applications just fine.
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    Push me over the edge: GTX970 or R9 390?

    970 simply due to power consumption I think. You can pick up a 970 for pretty reasonable price right now, used and new.
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    Low FPS/Stuttering on a cold boot - After a Reboot all works fine?

    When you uninstalled drivers, did you use the DDU program from guru3d? I had somewhat of a similar problem until I wiped all drivers with that and did a fresh install.
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    Best AMD CPU

    Can is run Crysis 2?
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    Talk me out of building a budget AMD gaming rig?

    I think at this price point AMD is your best bet. Won't be worth the money to go Intel.
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    Should I Keep this 8320e?

    I love mine. Game at 4k with it plus a 980ti. Just gotta keep the temps low to keep it from throttling.
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    Push me over the edge: GTX970 or R9 390?

    I had the 970 and it was really amazing. I bought a fury x (I know not what you are talking about) and didn't much care for it. Drivers weren't bad however.
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    SanDisk 120gb SSD - $120 shipped!

    Ordered 2. Got them today. :-)
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    Completely bored with gaming, I have stopped.

    Play solitaire then go back to today's games.
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    How to tell if Blu-Ray offers better quality over the DVD version?

    If you get them at the right time tho, Blurays sell for under 20. Just gotta keep a sharp eye.
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    Best Buy - Droid Incredible Pre-Order

    You mean accessories available on 19 of May.
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    Hate em. Everyone used to want them when I worked at Best Buy. Not sure why. Cheap I guess
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    CPU Cooler to fit in X Qpack

    Yeah, I bought it for a htpc but realized it was better than my gaming rig so I switched. Hah. I tried using the psu in a mid tower but cables were too short.
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    Which processor should I choose?

    I have the 620 oc'd to 3ghz on air and I love it. Upgraded from an e6600 and what a difference.
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    Post your Mouse and Keyboard pics

    My mouse ran away.
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    Go crossfire or just upgrade?

    I was thinking about doing the same. I've got a 4850 but only play games on a 19" monitor so resolution isn't really high enough.
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    CPU Cooler to fit in X Qpack

    Oh, and how do you cable manage in yours. I tried and failed. Too small and it's full up now.
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    CPU Cooler to fit in X Qpack

    Thanks. I'll have to check that one out.
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    Ultra PSU parts needed

    Same thing happened to mine. I just figure replace it. I don't trust taking apart a psu.
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    start the psu without psu fan?

    Mine had been running on full load for a while before I realized the fan wasn't working. I could smell burning.
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    Largest open gameworld?

    Sorry, just read evil sofa's post.
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    Largest open gameworld?

    Far Cry 2??? Not sure if that even counts.
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    CPU Cooler to fit in X Qpack

    I'm looking for an cpu cooler for a AMD athlon II x4 that fits in an x qpack matx case. Any suggestions.
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    Just Cause 2...It's already over?

    Kind of a let down if it's that short. I wanted to pick it up but replay value is a big must.
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    Getting a new Verizon phone...

    Gettin the Droid this week. Can't wait.
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    does anyone make a car charger that doesnt FAIL?

    +1 for what 0mega said. I have something similar and I love it.