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    "Aquaman" Will Cross $1 Billion at Worldwide Box Office

    It is well deserved. Aquaman is, by far, the best DC movie created since Wonder Woman and it's definitely better than that.
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    Valve Slammed over “Horrendous” Steam School-Shooting Game

    You have to realize this man is coming from an emotional reaction to the article. I wouldn't really expect a whole lot of logic from some of the people posting here because they have a strong emotional response to this subject for some reason or the other. *shrug* We all obviously would like a...
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    Killer Instinct

    They released a patch today that fixes that > 60hz issue among other things.
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    Killer Instinct

    I co-sign everything that Domingo has said. He is right on the money about this game. I have been playing this since Dec 2013 back in the season 1 days. This game has advanced to actually be viable competitively. It really is underrated and should garner more interest in the major tournaments...
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    Netflix Releases Sneak Peek At New Voltron Series

    There was already a redo of this series a couple of years ago called Voltron Force. Wasn't too bad as far as kids cartoons go...
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    VR: The Time For Tech Demos Is Over

    Introducing the Games Coming to Oculus!
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    An Inside Look At YouTube’s Subscription Service

    I'd rather pay $15/year just to remove the ads. Fuck all that extra nonsense. I have been wishing for this for some time. But it didn't turn out the way I hoped. Oh well. Ad Block it is.
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    Microsoft Looking Into Windows 10 DVD Player App Problems

    You don't have to pay. Like always, you can utilize other options. Some people have already posted about such things before your post, haha.
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    Facebook Working On A Dislike Button

    Giving AK47's to monkey's... what could possibly go wrong?
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    Ashley Madison Insists It’s Not a Scam

    I call bullshit on that number of new signups being real women....
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    Official LawBreakers Announcement Trailer

    Yea, the premise is what got me interested in this game. I'm excited to see what gameplay they show on Friday. I dunno if you can read what you type. But sure give us more insight into a game that you never played before. /sarcasm
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    ESPN Personality Who Criticized Gaming Departs Company

    Edit: I agree with MrPotate
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    ESPN Personality Who Criticized Gaming Departs Company

    I'm not sure you know the difference between sports and gaming. But I agree. ESPN should stick to the traditional physical sports coverage.
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    Windows 10 Latest Preview Build Release Notes Leaked

    Does anyone have information on how the free upgrade works in the following situation: I use my Windows 8 machine to upgrade. I then change a significant amount of hardware and want to re-install windows after that first year. Since I don't have an actual windows 10 key, how would I upgrade?
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    Leaked Intel i7-6700K Benchmarks?

    I'm in the same boat as you. I'm chilling right now!
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    The E-mail Comcast Execs Sent Employees

    TWC in the area I used to live in was worse than Comcast. It was so bad people had to sign a petition to allow for a potential monopoly to happen so that Comcast could take over TWC's business in Philly. SO YMMV, I guess.
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    When Video Game Trolling Is A Good Thing

    Haha, I'm not sure if you know that CUG is being sarcastic. Never take anything he says serious.
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    Intel Blames $1B Revenue Hit On Windows XP's Stubborn Grip

    Basically what he said,except I have a 2500k. I would also say that we both knew this was going to happen and are quite happy with our strategic purchases. Amiright?
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    EA Closes SimCity Studio

    Because Sim brand brought in as much revenue as whole studios. The Sims alone brought in as much money as the whole EA Sports studio at one point.
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    'The Interview' Takes In $31 Million So Far

    I thought it was hilarious and I did the same thing Kardon and Ur Mom did. I even watched it sober. It was definitely better than I thought it would be. Nowadays people have a hard time distinguishing between "This sucks" and "I didn't like this". Believe me, there is a big difference.
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    Facebook Is Considering Adding A “Dislike” Button

    A dislike button option to the average person is like giving matches to a 3 year old. Queue in George Carlin quote...
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    Facebook Is Considering Adding A “Dislike” Button

    That is the same line of thinking that I have.
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    Destiny Averages 3.2M Players Online Every Day

    Destiny is fun and all but Warframe is really fun. It has like 10x the content that Destiny has. The grind also is much more rewarding. You guys should check it out. It is the best F2P game I have every played. Even if the XB1 version is a buggy POS half the time due to it being new to that...
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    Battlefield Hardline "Will Work" at Launch

    I have always said this and will say it again... BF games are amazing experiences when they aren't buggy pieces of shit. I have been playing since the original BF:Vietnam back in 2004. They have always had problems. But fuck were they fun to play when they worked.
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    Destiny Ships $500M, Highest-Selling Digital Console Release

    I was all set to buy Destiny till I played Warframe on the XB1. Framerate issues aside, I am so addicted I canceled my Destiny pre-order. I'll wit till Destiny goes on sale somewhere. I want to make sure the Hype is real.
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    What Happens When Your Friends Start Leaving Facebook?

    Haha QFT. Facebook is great. You can customize it to fit your needs if you take the effort. If you hate the people on Facebook, then maybe you should change your own circle of friends that you add to your FB account.
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    Facebook Addresses Messenger Rumors

    The funniest thing is people using the regular facebook app believing the fear mongering-ass articles that first "reported" this "issue". Why? Because the facebook app they are using to complain about the additional facebook messenger app has ~90% of the same permissions. But then again, that's...
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    AMD's 30 Years Of Graphics & Gaming Event Live Stream

    Is that actually true now, though?
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    Dead Island 2 - Sunshine & Slaughter Trailer

    Oh so the people who made Dead Island 1 are not in charge at all for DI2 and Dying Light?
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    Comcast Is Investigating a Customer Service Call From Hell

    Smells like you just got f*cked....
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    Xbox Exec: Resolutiongate A 'Perception Challenge' That Must Be Fixed

    QFT. I have a 760GTX and I play my xbox more nowadays, but I blame that on Killer Instinct. BTW, did any fans see the EVO panel about season 2? Very very interesting. Welp, I'm off to play KI 2013 on my XB1 and then some BF4 on my PC. You fellas have fun arguing over specs. I'm going to play games.
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    Remote Control Birth Control Implant

    1. Some of y'all are missing ducmans simple point so bad I'm surprised you don't hear that huge whooshing sound over your head. 2. This has remote access? I don't see this going very well unless it's secured properly. And I don't have much faith that it will be.
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    PC Dead Rising 3 Not Capped At 30fps

    You can run YouTube at 60 fps on chrome.
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    Computer Successfully Beats the Turing Test

    Right? I can't believe I'm saying this but... QFT
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    PC Dead Rising 3 Not Capped At 30fps

    120hz and 144hz gamers are comprised of what percentage of the market? More than 5%?
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    Conan Visits E3

    That was awesome. I thought the UberCar thing he did with Cube and Kevin Hart was funny but this.. he is a really funny guy. And those bishes..... oh man. I have to go to E3 next year.
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    FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Question

    You can't IIRC. You have to play that mode in that FUT style of choosing your own players.
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    EA to Release Battlefield: Hardline on October 21, Unveils Trailer

    Haha, this made me chuckle. They'll be showing off BF3 at E3 which starts tomorrow. yay!
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    Computer Successfully Beats the Turing Test

    or parents... Stuff like this scares me. I don't want any progress till we have proof that there are safeguards in place.