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    EBAY - 8% bonus bucks through Oct 20, 2018 11:59 PM PDT

    Ebay is running another promotion. I just got the message in my ebay inbox this morning. Looks like this one runs through Saturday evening.
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    B&H Acer - ED323QUR Abidpx 31.5" 16:9 WQHD Curved LCD Monitor - $350 shipped

    I'm not currently in the market for a monitor but this one checks all the boxes for me. There are very few reviews for this (although there are a few on Amazon if you want to check.) 31.5 inch 144hz Freesync 4ms response time Curved Vesa mountable $350 shipped (but tax applies if you're in NY...
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    Trick to run Freesync on Nvidia hardware

    Curious if anyone has tried this:
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    Auction for a power lunch with Warren Buffet $3+ million currently Crazy amount of money but goes to a good cause.
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    Motorola G5 Plus Smartphone + 6 months of republic wireless service (unlimited talk/text + 2gb data)

    Copied from slickdeals: I hopped on this myself. I currently use google fi with a Nexus 6p and this phone is fairly similar specs wise. The...
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    Fake X79 motherboards?

    A quick search on ebay for x79 motherboards brings up several unbranded boards that look like this:
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    Pimax 8k kickstarter

    So Pimax is releasing their 8k headset in early 2018. I received an email when they started up the kickstarter for it with a goal of $200k. An hour later I received another e-mail they reached their goal of $200k in a little over and hour, looks like right now its already over $330k...
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    Help! My 4k TV was stolen - looking for a good replacement $250-$400

    So on Friday i had a break in at my place and my 4k tv was stolen. Fortunately the tv I had originally wasn't very expensive a Seiki 42 inch model (SE42UGT I believe.) Anyways my landlord is going to replace my tv and i'm trying to figure out what to get. I'm trying to find something that...
  9. S After discount and code - Zotac 1070 mini - $353.09 Gigabyte 1070 mini - $362.50

    Some good prices on "mini" versions of 1070 gtxs for those with smaller builds. - Prices Drop As You Shop Zotac 1070 mini - $353.09 To get this price you must opt out of returns and paying wit debit card. Create a new account and use TRIPLE15. Gigabyte 1070 mini - $362.50 If you...
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    GONE WARM EVGA 970 GTX Gaming $180 B-Stock

    GONE On EVGA's B-stock site. Cooler is reference-like. EVGA - Products - EVGA GeForce GTX 970 GAMING - 04G-P4-1970-RX
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    Using search for convesations

    Hello, I wanted to know if there was a way to search through previous conversations/private messages. For example if I am trading with someone who is familiar but I cannot remember the outcome of a trade we either discussed or made a year ago or longer. I couldn't figure this out and was...
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    Crossover 288k (mini-review)

    Ordered one of these monitors on ebay. Just wanted to give some info for anyone considering buying this monitor. Bought the pixel perfect version so I have zero dead pixels. Very happy with this display so far, its a nice upgrade from my QNIX Q2710.
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    6x Kingston 16gb 1333 ecc ram sticks KVR13LR9D4/16HA

    Purchased these 6 sticks brand new from a member on [H]ere. They were meant for a server for a local company i sometimes do projects for. They are now moving onto to something completely different so I have these 6 huge capacity sticks I have no need for. Feel free to make me an offer on one...
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    Newegg - M550 512gb $220 AC

    Newegg has the 512gb M550 for $220 which I thought was pretty good. Code is EMCPBWW228 ends tomorrow night at 11:59 PT
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    Cheapish pc speakers <$50

    My brother asked me to look into some decent pc speakers for him. He is using some 10+ year old ones now and he wants something decent for waching movies with his gf, etc. I honestly have no idea whats good in that $25-$50 range and would purely be guessing.
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    r9 290 DD cooler

    I tried looking around for information but basically I'm trying to figure out if a r9 290 DD cooler would fit a reference r9 290 card. Are the pcbs the same size?
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    Best current deal on high end phone?

    I've been a long time customer of virgin mobile on their 25/month unlimited text/data plan. The plan is great and I would stay on it but I'm limited in the phones I can get as its a grandfathered plan and apparently they charge you an extra $10 a month if you upgrade to too new of a phone...
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    Display problem with Lenovo e420

    Ok just for reference I purchased this laptop as-is and I’m trying to fix it. It’s a Lenovo e420 it is in nice shape but no display is output onto the screen. When I got it I opened up the plastic case that holds the hard drive and ram, wireless card etc. There was no hard drive, I did a...
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    Issues with XFX 280x DD

    Hello, I bought a XFX 280x double dissapation. The card seems to be working fine but I noticed that GPU-z sees the card as a Tahiti card and when i try to install amd catalyst it just sits on detecting system hardware when it is attempting to install the drivers. I ran valley benchmark too...
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    Broken PSUs

    Hi my cousin manages to get large shipments of electronics and sometimes he gets pc stuff. Some of the items end up being non-working or components with issues. He has around 15 or so PSUs that are non-working mainly with either the unit not powering on or with it powering on and immediately...
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    2500k golden chip?

    Hi I've heard in the past about so-called 2500k golden chips that can get to 5.0 ghz or higher without voltage adjustment. Well I have a 2500k that does 5.1ghz with no voltage adjustment and I'm only using the stock intel cooler. I'd assume with better cooling and some voltage tweeks that this...
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    [TD] AMD Phenom II X6 1035T = $67.97

    For those that missed the 1055T last night for $90, Tiger now has the 1035T OEM for $67.97
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    Tiger - 955 OEM for $70 F/S today only

    955 OEM for $70 bucks again, free ship today only.
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    NEWEGG 16GB ARES 1333 DDR3 RAM $60 AC F/S Just picked up a kit. Not the fastest but dirt cheap for 2 8gb sticks.
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    amazon HIS 7870 IceQ 2 for 219.99

    See link below, I think its a nice price.
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    Newegg - Free Team DDR3 1600 8gb (2x4) RAM with select AMD boards
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    need recommendations for tv to use with 7970

    Hi everyone, I really need some help because my knowledge in displays is severely lacking and there are so many tvs out there I have no idea what to buy. I'm likely getting a 7970 gpu likely a asus d cu II. I also need to currently upgrade my tv in my living room. I stream the majority of...
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    [Newegg]Rosewill RNX-N150HG 802.11b/g/n, USB 2.0, High Gain Wireless-N Adapter $12/ea

    Use promo code EMCNCJH48 Here is the link: Nice usb 2.0 wireless adapter for $12 with free shipping after promo code. I...
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    NEWEGG - $80 ARs OCZ 550W Modular PSU & 60GB OCZ Agility 3 SSD
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    Wireless signal extender?

    Hello, I need some help as I'm trying to find a way to make my wireless signal stronger, or at least make it so I can have multiple points in the house that are separate wireless connections. I'm sorry if I'm miswording any of this but can't you buy wireless hubs that would take the wireless...
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    Recommend me a 1155 board?

    Hello, I'm looking for advice regarding getting a motherboard or possibly 2 for socket 1155. Specifically, both pcs will be using a 2500k, a single 6950, 8 gb ram, a 120gb sata 3 SSD, backup HDD. I currently have a ASUS P8Z68-V LX which is a decent board but I'm under the impression...
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    2500k vs 2600k

    I was given the option to upgrade from a 2500k to a 2600k. Is it worth $75 for the better chip? I would be using it mainly for gaming.
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    Is OCZ RMA wrong or am I?

    Hi Everyone! Just wanted to get everyones opinion here. I bought a petrol 64gb SSD off another user second hand brand new sealed in the retail packaging. Unfortunately, the item was DOA and I tried going through OCZ RMA for a solution. Here is the response I received: "Unfortunately...
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    SSD Question Raid 0 or bigger drive?

    I notice everyone saying "Just get a bigger drive because the performance is almost equal." I would like to know which is better if price is equal. It seems raid 0 is the obvious choice since its faster (I don't care if I feel the difference), unless I'm missing something? Is it difficult to...