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    Do I need an RGB controller for 6 noiseblocker NB eLoop X fans with my MSI mainboard?

    Hey guys! im putting together a new build and cant find any info on the following problem. i have a msi b550 tomahawk motherboard, an AiO corsair for the CPU and 6 noiseblocker eLoop X RGB fans for cooling. i dont think i have enough fan and RGB connections on the motherboard for those. do i...
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    Anno 1800 Closed Beta Keys?

    Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone got into the closed beta and has a spare key? im really itching to play some anno
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    Nantucket - whale hunting RPG on steam.

    so i pulled the trigger on this one and so far its been great. put about 5 hrs in and its keeping me interested if only for the sea shanties. you start out on a small boat with a handful of crewmembers and it gets more complex as you go. currently hunting bowhead whales in the autumn and...
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    They Are Billions - steampunk zombie RTS

    10% off currently, still in early access. loads of fun. really tense and quite hard from my limited playtime. check it out
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    just came out yesterday. neat little stealth game with cool mechanics and pleasing asthetics. played an hour today and im really enjoying it here's jim sterling giving it a go, who also has a cameo in it
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    Rocket League

    Anyone else playing this? It's getting a lot of exposure through youtube lately and its quite fun. Easy to pick up, hard to master.