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    Can't decide which processor for Gaming/Editing...

    I know the obvious answer is 3770k...but I'm having a hard time justifying the $150 premium over the 3570k (will be purchasing at Microcenter). Programs I will be using to edit: Pro Tools Avid Photoshop Lightroom I don't care how it performs in a benchmark. What I care about is REAL...
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    Open Box PSU...

    Would you buy a open box Seasonic in "like new" condition? Is it worth it to take a risk for $15 off the normal price?
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    If you had around $150 to spend...

    ...what would you get? I'm definitely interested in the Z68 series. CPU will be a 2700K....OCing for sure. I'll be sticking with a single GPU. Thanks :)
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    Passive 3D Monitors...

    Has anyone tried one? I'm extremely sensitive to the flickering thats present in the active technology. Plus I like the fact that the glasses are so cheap. I just saw a HP 2311gt that has passive 3D. At $299 It's rather inexpensive compared to other 3D monitors.
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    Stop me from buying a iPhone 4S...

    The more I keep hearing about the Nexus, the more I care less about it. The main use for my cellphone is work and social. I don't spend hours with custom roms tweaking every bit of the phone. I don't even play any games. Stupid requirement, but I want my next phone to have the best camera...
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    Realspace Pro 9000 Office Chair

    Any of you guys own this? I've strictly used cheapy leather chairs that wear out after a year. I'm hesitant to drop $300 on a chair, but I'm willing to if it will be dramatically more comfortable.
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    MBP 13" Backlight Bleed

    I just got a new MBP 13" from Amazon. Amazing piece of machinery, but unfortunately I have some backlight bleeding along the bottom of the screen. It looks like a bunch of ripples. Is this a known issue? Reason I ask is because it isn't terrible, but I feel I should have a perfect screen for the...
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    Going from Desktop to Laptop.

    So I have decided to take a break from PC gaming. As a college student, it's just too much to keep up with the latest and greatest. All I need is something powerful enough to run Reaver/Pro Tools recording software. I'll probably do some light gaming (Starcraft, BBC2), but I don't want a...
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    LG D2342P

    Has anyone tried this monitor out yet? I haven't been able to find much information on it, even though its available on Amazon.
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    GTX 560 ti: MSI or Gigabyte?

    I'm stuck between and The Gigabyte is already OC'd to 1000 while the MSI would need to be OC'd to that level...
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    Budget Gaming 17' Laptop

    So far I have found these 2 laptops that are within my price range: What do you think of those specs for everyday gaming? I went on HP's website and was able to customize it for the same...
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    Best Gaming Laptop around $800

    What would you guys recommend for a gaming laptop around $800? Tigerdirect is offering 15% CB so if the recommendation could be from there that would be great :)
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    i7 Upgrade Suggestions

    I7 920 EVGA X58 LE 6 GB Corsair Dominator XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 120mm Rifle CPU Cooler Just a few questions. Is the Corsair a good choice of ram for this Mobo? For...
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    Why no Vsync?

    I don't get it when I see people post things like, "oh yeah I get around 125-160 fps." Obviously they are running without Vsync to get those numbers which makes the game look terrible due to screen tearing. I know its nice to see big numbers flying, but why would you want to at the expense...
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    Something I have noticed with LCDs..

    I have noticed while gaming that if the FPS is locked at 60fps, it looks absolutely fantastic and very smooth. Now the moment it begins to drop below that it just looks so stuttery and kinda makes me nauseated if its in the 30 fps range. Even at 55 just doesn't looks smooth to me...
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    Anyone want to start a new WoW account?

    I'm sure most of you have heard about the recruit a friend deal, but for those of you that don't it allows us to get our characters to 60 extremely fast (3 times the normal leveling speed). So if you are new to the game or just want to start a new account so you can get a 2nd character to 60...
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    GTX 295

    We'll the GTX 280 deal bombed, but I still want to get rid of this 4870 1gb. I was looking at the 285's when I started thinking...fuck it, I want the best. When I bought the X850XT PE it was $500 and that damn thing lasted me for 3 years. I'm tired of buying middle of the line shit...
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    ATI Drivers Still Archaic

    No gaming profiles. No way to force Triple Buffering in D3D. If you enable AA in the drivers and AA in the game, AA will not work. Adaptive AA gives graphical anomalies in some games. I was a firm ATI believer through the 9800 to X850XT PE series until I upgraded to a 8800GTS G92...
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    Terrible AA when connecting Xbox360

    My monitor is the Dell 2709W and I have my Xbox360 connected via HDMI. I don't know what it is, but some games suffer from some very bad jaggies. Devil May Cry 4 looks smooth, but games like Mortal Combat vs. DC and GOW2 all have mad jaggies, some vsync issues, and just doesn't look that great...
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    Dell 2709w Brightness issue

    I really don't know how to explain this clearly, but I'll give it a shot. While playing Warhammer and WoW I notice that my screen gets a notch brighter every time my character begins to walk. When I stop walking, my screen goes back to normal. The brightness change is very small, but it is still...
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    Deciding on a 4870 1GB

    Right now I'm looking at the ones that have the heatpipe cooling on them.
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    Just bought a new monitor.........

    Right now I have a 8800 GTS 512 mb. I will be receiving a dell 2709W soon. Since I will be running at a higher resolution, should I go for a GTX 260 core 216? This is the last day for my 10% off coupon to work on Ebay so I have to make a decision today. I have also considered the 4870 1gb...
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    Finally! Bought a Dell 2709W

    I finally decided on purchasing the Dell 2709W after months of research. I think this is the most research I have ever done for a piece of hardware. Thanks for all the help everyone! I will post my experience with the monitor after I get to toy around with it in photoshop/movies/video games.
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    26" + for photoshop and pc/xbox360 gaming

    Basically I'm looking for a panel that will serve me well in photo shop, as well as pc/console gaming, and some occasional movie watching. Dell 2709W UltraSharp seems to be the best choice for me so far. I was considering the Planar 26" but I heard the black levels aren't that great. I heard...
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    2001FP 1:1 Scaling

    So I'm waiting until black friday to pick up an HDTV. For the time being, I would like to use my Dell 2001FP for my console gaming (xbox360). When I set the monitor to 1:1, it becomes a very small square in the middle of my screen. The only way to make this bigger is to use full aspect, but that...
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    To go or not to go with 16:9

    I am so temped to pick up the E2400HD. While comparing the screen size to my 20.1 inch Dell 2001FP, I noticed that my 20.1 monitor actually has a very slight advantage when it comes to vertical viewing area. Horizontal area is of course a lot bigger. I thought 24 inches meant that the E2400HD...
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    Hazro coming to the USA?

    I have read comments from people on this board that say Hazro is coming to the USA this month. Is this true?
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    Will I ever find a monitor that fits my needs (and wont break the bank)

    So for awhile I was set on the Benq V2400 and FP. 10e gave me some nice feedback on both of the monitors (thanks man!). I was about to order the FP when I started reading that 1900 res on a 24" makes it a little harder to read text. I already have my default font and icons big on this 20"...
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    Long time lurkers first post!

    First, I'd like to thank you all for the vast amount of information you all provide here. Now here is my dilemma. After many hours of lurking these forums, I am now down to these 3 models: DoubleSight DS-265W 26" BenQ FP241VW Sharp AQUOS 32" 1080p LCD HDTV w/Vyper Drive Game Mode...