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    AMD takes yet another market share blow

    I think many people fail to see the huge loss of innovation that will/is happening when we only get to play it the way Nvidia decides you may, just look at the CPU market with Intel incremental tick tock of death, GPU's will be going the same way. Guess the next round is GREEN for me after 4...
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    Nvidia publicly bashing Stardock developer over an ALPHA level game

    i feel my IQ dropping as go through each page of this thread, guess the river must be flooded so all the trolls are out from under their bridge. The days of constructive healthy debate on [H] are never to appear, just lots of shouting down of peoples opinions. bah I'm going out to get some sunshine.
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    Nvidia publicly bashing Stardock developer over an ALPHA level game

    Silver lining is AMD competing well with Nvidia on DX12, can't say its a bad thing for us gamers. Landscape might change dramatically in the next 2 years but Nvidia have a big war chest and we know the they put a lot of effort in to competing (wining).
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    New Geforce GTX 970 repeatedly crashing

    try a different PSU if u can :)
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    fury non x vs 980 gtx

    flash the bios from newer 290x cards for higher clocks :)
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    ASUS - our 5 year warranty is really only 3 years

    Vote with your wallet, but since all suppliers seem equally shady to some degree always trying to weasel out of obligations if they can. Guess we should have a list of great service companies as opposed to bad. Problem is margins are so tight on hardware that customer service is a huge pain point.
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    Is it dead? X79 SLI on - off cycling

    yeah water bad, had some experience losing a loop all over a mobo. Put it in the oven and prayed that it would magically work and nope, luckily still manged to salvage everything except the mobo, lesson learnt i guess.
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    390X coming soon few weeks

    AMD is almost as dead as their CPU sub forum here :) It's sad to say but things don't look rosy for AMD, been a life time supporter of AMD and Ati but nothing lasts forever. Most sensible users have switched to Intel CPU's even the CPU market is dying as innovation is stagnant and performance is...
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    295x2 and NF200 compatibility issue

    seriously sell off that board with an old gpu and get something a bit newer :)
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    EVGA GTX 980 Hydro (does it make sense?)

    When it comes to hardware it doesn't always need to make sense, but the cost of waterblock on a classified seems a bit steep, most blocks are around the $99 range from Frozen CPU for example. Although ripping of the stock heatsink and fan is a bit of work if you haven't done it before.
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    ASUS is downgrading me to a GTX 780 on a GTX 780Ti RMA

    People buying ASUS because of the reputation for quality products and i think this probably true how they treat 1% of the 1% doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. Should they provide better service in this case absolutely, does it impact them that much, nope absolutely almost zero...
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    Video Card to Play System Shock 2?

    haha thought this question came from the early 2000's, was like, WTF assuming my HTC One could play these at max settings.
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    Petitioning for 970 Refund

    so I'm guessing sticking with 290-x was a good idea, sad to see Nvidia pull this shit - it's not the first time and won't be the last. Maybe with this backlash they might see a dent in there profits enough to change their attitude. If i had a 970 and was running 1080p i don't think there is too...
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    What gaming video card lasted you the longest ?

    good old Voodoo2 in SLI - then my 7970 surprisingly :) replacing it when new AMD series is released.
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    World's Fastest consumer SSD on SATA II

    u need sata3 otherwise just at 220mb's is the MAX you will see.
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    List all the GPUs you've ever owned

    this zombie thread pops up every few months :)
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    GTX 760 SLI or but a new GTX 970?

    Always buy the most expensive single card you can afford, rule of the [H]orde.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 SLI 4K Video Card Review @ [H]

    Nvidia have the power efficiency and great value for money this round, only question i have is how far this architecture is being pushed - AMD and Nvidia being out of sync with releases is a weird place to be though not like the first time this has happened. I'm guessing AMD surprised with how...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 SLI 4K Video Card Review @ [H]

    I remember all the whining when AMD couldn't get their sh!t together with crossfire now SLI has issues and people who have laid out money on GTX980's are defending their investments, the fact that in 2 generations Nvidia still suck at 4k is quite laughable. Forking out for new GPU's for...
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    Do we have a Gigabyte rep here?

    *tumble weed*
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    LiteCoin Causing Historic High Demand For AMD Radeon GPUs

    yeah bitcoin/litecoin hurts cards - ran 5970's for a year and fan bearings where shot - also 5830's fans all seized up - in less than a year - funny thing is they where all under warranty still and where replaced. Running 100% overclocked i would not ever touch a mined GPU - problem is that...
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    AT&T Unlocks

    yeah rsim works but no 3g or 4g makes it kinda pointless - slowly got them unlocked via friends on AT&T all global unlock sites either don't work or take forever to unlock anything.
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    I cannot decide! Another crossfire dilemma

    sell both and get a 290
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    Two 7970s in crossfire slower than one alone?

    try defaulting all you catalyst settings - seems you may have something enabled. def should be more than 2fps :)
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    Amid all the R9 290/X hoopla, where the hell is the Frame Pacing driver for HD 7XXX?

    nope they will probably just forget we ever existed, glad looking forward they have solved this issue. Glad i only bought 1 7970 - just sell up and move on or go green.
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    amd aftermarket coolers?

    reading this made me want to poke my eyes out !!!!!
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    Dual R9 290 or HD 7990 + HD 7970?

    never go previous generation if cost isn't an issue and 3 R9 790 probably near the same cost as previous 7990 + 7970. Or grab one 790 and then get whatwver the 7990 replacement is :)
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    OCZ Stock Crashes 60.5% in TWO days

    OCZ - bought 16 drives - returned 8 initially - of the other 8 another 7 have now failed and we have 1 left. This was the vertex3 line and we had issues with vertex2 line. I would not touch their products with a 10 foot pole. All replaced with Samsung 830/40 range. Drives where only ever partial...
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    I was close to getting the 290x

    Yeah because Nvidia is a shiny example of perfect products - between laptop failures - exploding drivers and Apple and latest gen consoles deciding not to use Nvidia - i have a pile of non-working video cards 90% of them are Nvidia.
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    I was close to getting the 290x

    yeah must think his opinion actually matters even when he does make sense or post something useful there is always a negative tone towards ATi/AMD
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    I was close to getting the 290x

    Same old posters posting the same old slock - seriously the green kool-aid must be great to drink. People with a decent comprehension and an unsullied attitude will make an informed decision. Vote with your wallet and we don't need to hear your justifications. I'll just go pickup a 290x - woops...
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    AT&T Unlocks

    Anyone else looking to help out let me know - thnx
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    AT&T Unlocks

    yeah the $2 thing was wonderful - now closer to $99 a piece - had success unlocking one so far - seems internet link unlocks fine - if anyone is keen on helping out pm me - for now i just have 4 iphone paperweights or ipods :)
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    AT&T Unlocks

    anyone on AT&T willing to unlock 5 iphone 4s imei's for me? Bought myself a few phones off ebay hoping to unlock them with the cheap services - phone prices over here are just crazy. Anyway long story short now have 5 iphones and no way to unlock them so if anyone is willing to help me out that...
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    AMD Radeon R9 290X Video Card Review @ [H]

    lol the only time nvidia fan bois don't bitch about AMD is when they lead to lower prices - now if only the CPU space was competitive again. Nice looking review guys think i might get one to play with.
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    Hawaii is very powerful..

    Considering they have actual hardware on hand and i'm guessing have tested at 4k there might be a hint of truth in the results - Radeon has always seemed to scale better as the resolution increased.
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    R9-290X tested by unknown random people Results: "RIP Common Sense"

    Speculation is part of the fun, the silence from AMD is telling as this card seems to be a monster.Seems they are actively trying to stop any info leaking out, xtremesystem forum post can be taken as quite an accurate reflection of how this card will perform. Take other leaks with a grain of...
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    The Official R9 270x, 280x and 290x Buyers Club Thread

    in for one 290x - not that the 7970 has been bad but the plan x-fire it with a 7990 just didn't make sense with driver issues. Single card seems to win out when it comes to issues.
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    How NVIDIA could rain on AMD's parade

    smaller die FTW - anything Nvidia does will only be costly for them - wanna stay green pay the toll - want more sane pricing go red - fanboois need not apply.
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    Best AMD CPU

    check out Anandtech's CPU bench results - to compare performance and gab the best priced one :)