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    Windows 64bit Edition and SATA

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    File Server Remote Access Rec

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    Recommended PCI Wireless Adapter

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    Exos-1 Problem, need suggestions!

    urgent bump
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    Exos-1 Problem, need suggestions!

    I am having some trouble with my exos-1. I spent the better part of the evening cleaning my exos but when I reassembled the unit, the user interface on the front no longer works. The green power led is lit up but the fans are not spinning. The pump is running however. I am very worried...
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    More Xbox 360s Dec. 22nd

    Well this is odd, I just called my local best buy (Pasadena) and they said they did not get any in stock today. This is a big store that received 70 or 80 units last Sunday. Maybe they are holding out until tomorrow?
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    Poll: Reliability of Various Storage Drives

    1. Have you ever had a hard drive fail on you? Yes 2. Have you ever had a USB Pen fail on you? (if you've used these) No 3. Have you ever had an external Hard Drive Fail on you? (if you've used these) N/A 4. Have you ever had a CD-R, DVD-R, or other optical media fail/corrupt on you...
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    A brand new [H]ard|OCP

    That sure looks great, my one thought is consider shrinking down all the summary info at the top (ie featured articles, latest articles, etc). I don't know about most people but I check the site a few times a day and I just want to check the news. If I have to scroll down a bunch it is more of...
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    Serial Communications?

    Solution: minicom
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    Serial Communications?

    So I am trying to get this serial device I have to communicate through a serial->usb adapter to my mac. Drivers are installed, everything is ready to go. Problem is I don't know how to get a terminal to connect to my serial device. I know in windows I can use hyperterminal, set the...
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    Mac Media Programs

    Alright so I'm very excited to say I just picked up my apple system a wonderful powerbook. I'm having the incredible experience of sitting out on my patio listening to music streaming off of my NAS in the other room. While this all may not seem like much, this is freakin nuts to me! Anyhow...
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    Raid5 Cooling

    I have a 5 disk raid 5 array and I have had the second disk failure in about 3 weeks. This would lead me to believe it is a cooling issue. Does anybody have proven suggestions on hard disk cooling. These drives are always on and noise isn't a big issue. I don't care about flashy blue...
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    Raid 5 Array Restoring...Safe to Use?

    So after a drive failure in my new 1.2Tb raid5 array I left the whole system off until my replacement arrived out of fear of a second drive failing. But now the second drive has arrived and the array is restoring itself to full functionality. The downside...its going to take the next 20+ hours...
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    Project Concept PC H-1

    I'm guessing you have taken all necessary precautions to prevent electromagnetic damage?...Because that is certainly going to be an issue with a large high power speaker sitting within a few inches of your hd, etc... You might want to rethink a few things
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    TriColor LED Problem

    I'll set it up again and make a video in the next few days. Its extremely cool, 8 different color states and its very bright.
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    You can help make longhorn better!

    This is an extremely critical feature that must be added.
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    TriColor LED Problem

    Wow well that was silly, I think the company I bought these from sent me the wrong type initially (common anode) and thats why I was so confused. I connected this thing up a minute ago and it worked exactly as I expected. Very cool! I highly recommend it.
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    TriColor LED Problem

    Ya If you look at the data sheet basically thats what this thing is, 3 leds in one casing. The red one is the only one that lights individually, i'll mess around with it more tonight and post what I find.
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    TriColor LED Problem

    I'm pretty confident I dont need a driver for this thing. I do like thore's idea of mixing up the pattern. I'll play with that when I get home from work. I'm under the impression however that the three colors can be on independently so you can mix the colors to get 8 different color combinations.
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    TriColor LED Problem

    So I picked up a very nice tricolor led from I can't seem to get it wired properly and was hoping somebody could point out my stupidity. Here is a datasheet for the led: I picked up one of the common...
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    Whats the best FTP Server program?

    I highly recommend eFTP, if you are using the eFTP client to connect to the server you can encrypt with 1024 bits of blowfish encryption. I really hate trial versions of software, and thats also one reason I like eFTP so much...its free! Clean user interface and easy to setup. (Be sure to...
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    Carbon Fiber Material for Robot!

    Im working on a very small robot 4"x3". The structure won't be under signifigant structural strain, weight is the key consideration.
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    Carbon Fiber Material for Robot!

    Any suggestions/ ideas?
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    Carbon Fiber Material for Robot!

    I am working on a bit of a robotics project currently but figured you guys would be good to ask. I need 2 small 3"x4"x~.125" carbon fiber panels. I also need over 12" of 90degree angle. The 90degree angle piece needs 1" or 2" on the two sides and roughly the same thickness (.125") as above...
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    Project pDat (uDat clone!)

    5/18/05 Update! So a few months have gone by since uDat was put together, I'm happy to report it is running quite nicely with 3 IDE drives rigged into the SATA Hotswap bay. I finally have an idea of when the drives and SATA controller will be within grasp. I'm guessing around the first of...
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    Refinishing Beige Case - Restoring that Classic Look

    Alright thanks for the cleaning advice, what about the corner that got a bit deformed when the case was dropped? I wish I had a camera nearby to show what its like, basically the top right front corner of the case is slightly flattened and there is a hairline crack in the plastic. It isnt...
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    Refinishing Beige Case - Restoring that Classic Look

    I came across an old Apple SE a physics professor of mine had lying around her office and I knew I had to have it. The modding potential for such a thing was just to great to leave it sitting there unused. Anyhow she agreed to part ways with it. It's Beige exterior is in need of a little...
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    whats your favorite BT mouse?

    The Logitech MX900 is also a blue tooth wireless mouse. Not sure if its exactly what you are looking for. A buddy of mine has one of these and I haven't heard any complaints. A good old google search reveals a few more
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    Right Panel window

    I was just about to mention this. I have one and I love it, extremely well designed
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    Gold USB sockets anywhere?

    Ya that really seems like the best way to do it/easiest way out, go to your nearest compusa and find some cheap usb hub like that one with gold usb connectors. Tear that thing open and unsolder them and there you go. You probably wont pay that much more doing it that way.
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    LCD Question

    I have a matrix orbital serial lcd and it was damn simple to setup. I'm not to found of the software support. No good apps by matrix orbital themselves. Some good community support but I haven't run across a truly cannot live without solid tool...but again last time I tried was a year or so...
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    Baute Besitzen!

    Damn I have never come across those Mountain Mod's UFO cases before, they are quite cool! I won't be seeing you at any lan parties soon ;P. (wheels...haha ya right)
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    Music Collection Organizational Program?

    Alright so I'm looking for a recommendation on a lightweight, fast music management program with all the normal features. I have a iTunesesqe arranged mp3 collection and need a good way to manage all these files. I could use iTunes but...ya I know there are a number of progs out there that...
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    CPU Cooling issues with AS5

    Scratches...yikes that doesnt sound good. I am assuming you followed all the directions layed out here A small rice size dab should do ya just fine. Remember be gentle! I forget what the default vcore is on my 3200+ but i think...
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    Lian LI - PC-V1100 Case with the DFI Lanparty NFII Ultra B

    First of all Welcome!! Secondly, I have the V1000 which is a very similar floor plan. My mobo and heatsink are a bit different (Abit A8v Pro and Koolance waterblock) but there is plenty of room to go around. Its a very very nice case, I really love it. Great airflow and very quiet.
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    Audio Interpreter output to Parallel port

    I was wondering if anybody has heard of anything like this before. I am interested in tapping into the output of my audio driver, interpreting that in a program and then outputting a representation of that to my parallel port which will have a bunch of led's connected. Basically I want to...
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    Project pDat (uDat clone!)

    Ya I was rearranging my room today and the server got unplugged sorry!
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    Interest Check: 5Disk RAID 5 SFF Computer

    If you are familar with the current mFATX offerings not much else exists! I would much rather prefer a pentium M in there or something of that sort simply because of the lower power consumption and resulting lower heat output. However that isnt an option at this time. microATX boards are...
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    Interest Check: 5Disk RAID 5 SFF Computer

    The keys have one bump in them, so ya I do imagine they are the "generic" ones you speak of. Regarding the switch I think the one installed is fine. 5x74Gb raptors definitely would make a difference, however, the whole point of this box is to have a tremendous amount of storage available in a...
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    Interest Check: 5Disk RAID 5 SFF Computer

    None of the electronics suppliers I am aware of currently make such a thing unfortunantly. That would be an ideal setup however.