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    Can someone help me restore this photo?

    I was rummaging around a bunch of old papers a little bit ago and I found a picture that I had printed out about 8 years ago of my dads 1965 Chevelle SS. It just so happens that I've been racking my brain trying to figure out a really cool birthday gift for his 50th birtday coming up next week...
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    Please help me find alternate solutions for broadband for my dads office!

    I've been spending the past few days trying to figure out a way to get broadband service to my dads office, which unfortunately is out in the boonies. Currently we use MSN dialup there, which would normally be OK except for the fact that the phone cable in the office is older and only supports...
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    OMG, Little black ants all over my 12" PB.. will it void warrenty if I take it apart?

    Holy crap, I was gone all night last night and left my 12" 1ghz Powerbook on the floor at my parents house and when I go to pick it up today I notice little tiny black ants crawling on the case. I crossed my fingers and opened the screen and they were all over the keyboard. I've shaken the...
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    It's another one of those "critique my photos" threads!

    Hey guys, I just got back from a weekend long music festival and decided to take pictures the whole time. I pulled off about 300 or so pics and just got done sorting them. I picked a handful of ones that I thought were good (there are other great ones, just tired) and It'd be really cool if you...
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    Applecare refused to replace my dead 12" pb battery!

    Wow I'm mad. I bought my 12" rev. B powerbook back in September of 2003 and bought applecare about a year later. I do realize that it's been about 1 1/2 years since I bought my laptop, but the battery never performed close to it's specifications in the first place. When I first bought it I was...
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    Help, trying to share an HP 5150 over a Windows XP network

    I recently dug my 1 1/2 year old HP 5150 out of the closet to print out some powerpoint notes and I'm having trouble sharing it across a windows network. The printer works fine while plugged up to the USB port on both my win xp machine and my rev b 12" powerbook running 10.3.7. I have printer...