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    Seasonic Snow Silent 750W PSU LUCKY DRAW!

    In my experience Seasonic power supplies are insanely reliable and well-built. They tend to cost somewhat of a premium but are worth it. Of course free would be icing on the cake. :p
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    XFX AMD Radeon™ HD 7950 Graphics Card Lucky Draw

    This would be great to drop in a new build for my brother. :)
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    [H]ardOCP & ASUS GeForce GTX 660Ti DirectCU II Giveaway

    I'm looking to upgrade the couple-generations-old video card in my home-office PC (a Radeon HD 5870) at some point and a GTX660 would fit the bill nicely. The DirectCU cooling of the ASUS card would be appreciated for its ability to help keep the system quiet and indeed most likely quieter than...
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    Microsoft Will Remove OEM Bloatware For A Fee

    This isn't anything new, as I know Costco at least has been selling these 'Signature'-branded PC's since at least last October or so (as my last laptop I bought was a Signature-branded 14" Acer TimelineX) and almost all the laptops sold there now have this treatment. Not that I cared since the...
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    Help Water Block for XFX 6970

    I'm using a Swiftech MCW82 + 6970-HS on mine - it's either a rev 1.1 or 1.2 (don't feel like pulling it yet again just to look, but it's definitely not 1.0 since it has no BIOS switch on it :p), so that heatsink, at least, works on the new revision cards just fine and the combo definitely does a...
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    Can't get drivers to install after BIOS flash... ideas?

    As a followup to my own problem, I did manage to reflash the stock BIOS back after many trials and tribulations. After some reading I found that shorting two pins on the BIOS chip may be necessary on newer cards (meaning those without the switch) to enable BIOS writing, and I found it odd that...
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    Can't get drivers to install after BIOS flash... ideas?

    Bleh, I'm running into the same thing with the XFX 6970 (rev 1.1 unfortunately, so no switch on it to switch BIOS back to stock that way) that I bought. I have a Swiftech MCW82 (and matching 6970 HSF for the RAM, VRM's, etc.) on it and so effortlessly overclocked it to the max (950/1450 IIRC)...
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    Newegg overnighting replacement boards.

    OK one correction - after the system was running for awhile Windows decided it did indeed need to be reactivated, but it was painless - I just told it to re-activate online and it did so successfully, no need to call MS or any such nonsense. :)
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    Newegg overnighting replacement boards.

    I got a B3 Pro overnighted by Newegg Wednesday as an advance RMA and got around to doing the replacement tonight... Quite painless, just a simple MB swap, loaded up my previous OC settings and everything is working exactly as before. No need to reactivate Windows or anything. Color me happy. :D
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    Seasonic M12II-620 PSU Drawing

    Eh, why not? :)
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    OCZ Z Series: Z850 Power Supply Drawing @ [H]

    Worth a shot, even if the odds of winning are rather remote. :)
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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    Nifty. Here's hopin'! :D
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    ZOTAC GeForce 9300-ITX WiFi

    Have you tried pushing your E6300 further than that? I have mine in my 9300-ITX setup running at 3.8 GHz fully Prime95 & IntelBurnTest stable no problem (just a +.1V bump to CPU voltage to accomplish this and NB voltage @ 1.2V), with the limitation almost certainly being the MB as in my testing...
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    Need some pro help with new ATI 5870 issue

    Because the CCC GUI designers at AMD are morons. ;) It took me a Google search to find this one myself, as I had the same issue with underscan on my projector.
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    HD5870 & HD5850 Furmark Temps

    Here's mine. Heck, I'd forgotten that I'd backed my C2Q OC back a bit from 3.5 GHz to 3.4 for my 24/7 settings with how rock-solid this machine's been. :D (I last played with those settings last June or so! :o) FWIW, while I'd previously said that my 5870 is remarkably quiet at idle (and it is...
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    Did anyone's 5870 ship

    No I had to remove it. My point about being able to keep it in-place was in reference to the little bit of space I'll most likely get back when I replace the stock cooling since the PCB isn't quite the full length of the card.
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    Did anyone's 5870 ship

    It will easily if you remove the 3 1/2" drive cage that's lined up with where your card most likely will be. Assuming the fit is like mine though, it's just barely too tight to keep that drive cage in-place for the 5870. Not a huge deal to me since my sole purpose for that drive cage was as a...
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    Did anyone's 5870 ship

    Pfft, that's marketing for ya. :p Yes it's just a reference card, as all of the 5870's in the wild are right now. That said, I'm actually pretty happy with its noise levels. My setup isn't the usual, in that this card was put into my HTPC that's hooked to my JVC RS20 projector. :) The PC is...
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    Did anyone's 5870 ship

    I know it shouldn't really be bottlenecked; I was making fun of the Neweggie's that think they know what they're talking about. :p
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    Did anyone's 5870 ship

    I wasn't expecting mine until Monday but UPS actually delivered something a day ahead of schedule! :eek: ...and... Looks like a project for this weekend is in order after all. :D Too bad I'll be 'bottlenecking' it dropping it into a C2Q machine @ ~3.5 GHz. :p ;)
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    Anyone heard of any ITX LGA1156 boards?

    I'm looking forward to this too; hopefully Zotac releases a board soon after or even alongside Clarkdale's launch (i3 / i5 w/ on-board GPU). I wouldn't expect it before then because as of right now you need a discrete GPU, which isn't an issue for me (or many of us I'd reckon) but is probably a...
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    HIS is running a rebate scam

    I also have an update to this. My original reply to this thread was that I had disputed their rejection but didn't really expect to get anywhere with this. I relatively quickly got a reply that they assigned me a new submission ID that I could track. On a whim I decided to track it this...
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    HIS is running a rebate scam

    Similar thing happened to me - the MIR handlers rejected my $40 MIR submission, claiming I didn't include a packing slip in my submission. Nice way to ensure I never buy an HIS product again guys. :p I sent them a PDF of my Newegg invoice via their online form and I'll see if it gets me...
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    The Official Core 2 OverClocking Database *READ 1st Post for Instructions*

    You're definitely lucky w/ that Q9450 Sysjack, mine would have no hope of even POST'ing with voltage that low at that frequency. :p I guess I can't complain too much though, I can definitely attest to my setup being rock-solid since I've been running it 24/7 without any problems since I settled...
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    The Official Core 2 OverClocking Database *READ 1st Post for Instructions*

    User Name: Googer Stability: 24+ hours Prime95 x64 (blend mode) CPU: Q9450, lapped OC: 3600 MHz Stepping: 7 C1 Week: L813 Code: A360 Vcore: 1.425 (BIOS) Cooling: Water Cooler brand / model: D-TEK FuZion v2 (w/ quad-core insert), Laing DDC3.1 (w/ Petra top), Swiftech MCR320 rad (some...
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    Eh, why not give it a shot? :)
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    Newegg / [H]ardOCP AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Black Edition Drawing

    1. Use it as the CPU in the X-Mas present computer upgrade I'll be building my brother. 2. Phenom
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    New build stopped booting suddenly

    That of course was one of the first things I tried. ;) After a decent amount of futzing around, exhausting just about every possibility I decided the MB had probably spontaneously gone belly-up and hence proceeded to RMA it. The system has been running fine for around 1 1/2 weeks so far with...
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    New build stopped booting suddenly

    First a quickie summary of the relevant hardware components (other parts are irrelevant because I've verified that even stripped down to just these the symptoms are no different ;)): Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R, BIOS rev F5e Q6600 CPU 2x1 GB Patriot LLK PC-6400 memory (though the problem as...
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    6800 owners, please check in

    eVGA 6800 Ultra @ 450 / 1250 (probably have headroom left in both but this is the highest I've tried :p) Room ambient temp: ~23-24 C Idle: ~45-46 C Load: 50 C Cooling: MCW50 + Tweakmonster BGA ramsinks. Also water-cooling A64 3500+ and K8T800 Pro with MCW6000 and MCW20 blocks...