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    installing xp pro over vista

    Hey everyone. I have a hp dv9500t laptop that came with vista home premium. however, I don't really like vista and want to use xp pro instead. Has anyone ever installed xp pro over vista on this specific laptop? Should there be any driver/bios/chipset issues? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Hello everyone, I was wondering about the DVI outputs from video cards and DVI inputs on monitors. If a monitor has a DVI-D input, does the video card have to have a DVI-D output in order for everything to be compatible. BTW, I am looking at the Samsung 226BW and Dell 2407. Thanks for any help.
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    Mac games are a bit expensive for me. So does anybody know of any good games to play that can be downloaded for free and can be played multiplayer via internet? Thanks And if there are any very good games (rp.fps) that are worth buying, please post. =)
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    best bittorent client

    Anybody have any suggestions for what program to use for torrents in mac os x?
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    best laptop stand for macbook

    Hello everyone, I was at my friend's house earlier today and saw that he had a laptop stand for his macbook. It's the 13 inch model. Does anybody have any suggestions for a good laptop stand for the 13 inch macbook?
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    What's the difference?

    I was browsing newegg's website to look at 680i boards. what's the difference between: and They both look exactly the same. I'm confused.
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    Home File Server

    Hello all, I want to build my own home file server. I will be using it to store primarily videos, music, and program setup files. Also, is it possible for me to take advantage of a dual gigabit LAN mobo? Where would I connect the upload port of the gigabit LAN to? And what other basic uses...
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    Best MB for C2D E6600 and 8800GTS/X

    Anybody know what the best motherboard is for the C2D E6600 Processor combined with the 8800GTS/X? I haven't been keeping up with the latest gear lately and just want to get updated. Any opinions and suggestions are appreciated.
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    Best case for...

    Hello everyone, I plan to build another pc soon and I haven't really been keeping with the latest gear. I plan on building a C2D setup with 8800GTS/X. All I'm looking for is above average airflow and something that won't heat up so easily. I was looking at the Antec 900 case and think that...
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    Regular Temps for Macbooks

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering what the regular temperature for a macbook should be. I use the istat pro widget and it shows that my CPU A temp is always around 53 - 58 degrees celsius. Is this normal is way too high? Please let me know. Thanks
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    No sound when playing games.

    Hey everybody. I went to the Apple website to download a few demo games and NONE of them have any sound. I mean they do, but it's not playing on my Macbook. Any suggestions on what I should do? Also, I went to the Audio MIDI Setup. And under where it says "Audio Output", it says "Output is not...
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    Bootcamp: Windows XP upgrade

    I just recently decided to try out bootcamp. However, I read the instructions and it told me not to install xp pro and THEN upgrade to sp2. rather, have a full install of xp pro sp2. Has anybody tried installing xp pro on bootcamp first and then upgrading to sp2? please let me know. thanks
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    How to disable sleep on Macbooks?

    I just recently purchased a new Macbook. However, every time I close the lid, it enters sleep mode which disconnects me from the internet and it gets kind of annoying. Does anyone know a way to disable sleep when the lid is closed on the macbook? Thanks.
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    .mov to .avi, .mpg help

    Hello everyone. My camera (Nikon Coolpix S7C) can record movies. When I transfer them onto my computer, they are in quicktime format. I am planning to make a video of various clips I found over the years including my recent camera videos. First, can someone tell me a good program to convert...
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    multi monitor support question

    hey guys. i plan to buy another monitor soon (within the next few weeks), and i was wondering how to tell whether a video card supports multi monitors or not. any help would be appreciated. thanks
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    new monitor help

    Hello everyone. I am planning on buying a new monitor within the next few weeks and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I want a monitor no less than 20" but no more than 24". I have been looking at the Dell monitors was wondering what the difference between the 2007FPW and 2007WFP...
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    How to unlock pipelines in 6800?

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    How to unlock pipelines in 6800?

    I recently purchased a eVGA Geforce 6800 128mb video card and was wondering on how to unlock the extra 4 pipelines as well as the shaders. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    clicking noise for 9800pro

    i have a problem. my computer has been quite noisy lately so i decided to find out what's making all the noise. i found out that my 9800pro is making clicking noises whenever my computer is on. i tried cleaning it but still same problem. any suggestions?
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    No Video Signal For A8n-sli

    i recently purchased the asus a8n-sli deluxe motherboard. i put everything together ( cpu, hd, vid card, memory, etc). when i turn the system on, there is no video signal at all. I am using a regular PCI video card but I don't think that should be causing any problem. I'm also using the 20 ping...
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    Multiple Cd Rom drive Detection Problem

    After I had finished building my computer and POSTED it, i noticed that my computer only detects one cd rom drive at a time. I had put in all the jumperes and cables correctly and both of the cd rom drives have power. When I have my primary and secondary drives both connected, the copmuter only...
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    how do i remove my thermal paste?

    hi. i've heard a lot of good things about AS 5 so i decided that, if possible, to change my current thermal paste to AS 5. I would like to know how to go about removing the paste without causing any damage to any parts. Is there a safe a popular procedure? Please let me know, thanks.
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    need help with cooling

    ok. i have a thermaltake case with 7 stock fans. they push 37 cfm max. the detected temperature is roughly 30 C. it reaches to about 36 C when im gaming. i want to lower the temperature to at least 25 C. is it possible? i'm looking for some good fans that push a lot of air and are quiet. and one...
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    Asus 9800pro 256mb

    Hey I was wondering if the Asus 9800pro 256mb is any good? Saw it on newegg so i wanted to get some comments before I purchase it (or not).