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    Need a New Power Supply For My Dell E510

    Hey Guys, So my power supply went out in my E510. The E510 requires a BTX PSU. Right now I am looking at a refurbished OCZ Modstream. Is there any reason I shouldn't go with it? Can I trust a refurb PSU? Is there anything that would be better for under $75? Also, I've never swapped out a...
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    Notebooks Without Optical Drives...

    So I'm diggin the high performance ultraportable notebooks that are out like the u260 and the samsung series 9 but the problem with these for me is the lack of an optical drive. With something so small and portable I would love to pop in a movie on a flight or road trip and an external optical...
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    Memory Usage Is Way High?

    Hi guys, I've been getting those "your computer is low on memory" messages a lot lately. I checked the memory usage in task manager and I am Idling at 69% usage....what is up with that? It is really annoying! Oh and it is the workstation in my sig
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    Wireless speed dropped rediculously...

    So Ive noticed that my wifi speed on my notebook has really slowed down recently. Using the internet has become tedious on it and it was fine a few weeks ago. As I type this the little icons in the box are still loading. So I checked my network status and my laptop is connected with an excellent...
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    Macbook vs Macbook Pro?

    So I'm kinda sorta shopping for a new laptop and I like the macs. I was looking for something portable so I liked the macbook. However, I really dislike the material and colors. It also lacks discrete graphics. Now I love the MBP but it is bigger and heavier plus much more costly. I know there...
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    Need Quick Answer about Ohms!

    Alright, So I'm watching some items on ebay that are ending soon. One is a Harman Kardon receiver that outputs at 8ohms, the other is a set of sony 5.1 speakers with subwoofer. The speakers all are rated at 3ohms. Will these two work together? I figured they wouldnt but I wan't to make sure...
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    Itunes new computer/phone

    so I'm getting a new laptop soon and I have all my songs on my iTunes on the current one, how do I get them to the new one without messing with folders and stuff?(too many songs from diff places and such) also, I'm not sure in gonna replace my iPhone with the 3g one so I have been looking at the...
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    vga to dvi/hdmi

    So my laptop outputs vga and my 32" lcd only inputs vga at 1280x1024. If I run a vga to hdmi cable will I be able to run my lcd at 1920x1080? Will this cable work...
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    Toshiba 32RV530U with computer

    So ups delivered my toshiba today, I have it hooked up and it seems to be great for everything except: I connected my laptop(primary computer ATM) to the vga port and was shocked to find that the vga on this screen only supports up to 1280x1024! So I cant run it at native rez from the laptop...
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    2007wfp Sell or keep?

    So I just ordered my Toshiba 32RV530U to replace my 2007wfp as a gaming screen because of its size. I am wondering if I should sell the Dell or hang on to it? From what I understand Dell no longer makes these with the pva or ips panel instead they now use tn. So would that mean I should keep it...
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    Dell d420 vs EEE/HP mini note

    So I am wanting to purchase an ultra portable notebook or smaller for travel and basic use. I have looked at Dell's Latitude x1 and d420. I have also taken an interest in the new EEE(9") and the HP mini note. How do the dells compare performance wise to the smaller EEE and mini note? If I went...
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    PC Transfer

    So I plan on getting a new laptop soon and am trying to sell my current one. I have a lot of data/programs on it and want to transfer them to the new one. The problem is I will have sold the old one before I purchase the new one so I wont have them side by side to do a traditional transfer. I...
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    I Really Need Help With This!!

    Ok guys, This is really a problem and I NEED immediate assistance. Whenever I go to print something, the print window comes up and then freezes. The box and IE window stop responding and I have to Ctrl Alt delete. This happens just about every time I go to print something. Once in awhile it...
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    SP2208WFP and 2007wfp stand

    So I was at Sam's yesterday and saw the SP2208WFP. It looks like a decent monitor with hdmi and a nice display. All it lacked for me is an adjustable stand. I have the 2007wfp and I think that its stand is the best monitor stand known to man. I was just wondering if anyone could confirm that the...
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    Dell 1530 vs 1330?

    Between the m1330 and m1530, is the performance leap from the 8400 to the 8600 large enough to go with the m1530 even when running the 1530 at 1680x1050 (the native rez of the screen i would get)?
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    Dell m1210 vs m1330 as far as Performance?

    Ok, I am looking at both of these. I know cosmetically the m1330 is nicer and slimmer but as far as gaming performance, would the m1210 outperform the m1330? I want something smaller than my current laptop but I also want it to have some graphics power, nothing major. So what do you guys think?
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    What is it worth?

    Hey everybody, I am thinking about selling my HP dv6000 series notebook but I dont know what a fair price would be. I bought it about a year ago. It has: Core 2 Duo T5200@1.6ghz 1024MB Ram 120GB 5400rpm HDD Double Layer DVD/RW+- Burner with Lightscribe Intel integrated Graphics Vista...
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    Ive got my top three, which will it be?

    Alright, so I am looking for a new laptop and am stuck between 3. They are the Dell m1330, the sony vaio TZ line, and the 15" macbook pro. Now some things I like about the Dell are the hdmi output, the thin size, the cool colors, slot loading optical, and the decent graphics cards. With the sony...
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    Vista wont browse for attachments!

    hey guys, At this point I am totally pissed off! Everytime I try to add an attachment into an email when I click browse it opens up a blank documents window and stops responding. I took a screen shot then tried to upload it into my photobucket account in order to post it here and guess what...
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    pen on iPhone!

    so my friend was messing with the iPhone and somehow decided that since the iPhone did not have a stylus he would just use his pen...see where this is going? So how do I get it off? Windex maybe?
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    At&t Iphone question

    Hello, My friend has the att familytalk plan for himself and his girlfriend. He uses an iphone and pays for the $20 data plan with 200 texts. He offered to add me to his plan with an iphone. Now everything would work out fine except we are unsure about the contract agreement for adding an...
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    Iphone wifi...Help!

    hey guys, I am trying to connect the iphone to my wifi network. It connects just fine but when trying to browse to a website I get this message: Safari can't open the page because it can't find the server. I dont know what to do.
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    dual monitors on a laptop?

    Is it possible to have dual monitors on a laptop? Could I connect a vga cord that is double headed on one end and single on the other, then have the two heads go to the two monitors and the one head to the laptop?
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    Verizon phone from Ebay.

    Hey guys, So my friend is a verizon customer since around last June. She wants the new LG Chocolate but isnt eligible for an upgrade yet. If I were to buy a Verizon LG Chocolate on ebay how would I put her service on the new phone? I have no experience with Verizon and other CDMA cell services...
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    Fax Machine Software?

    Hey everyone, I am planning on purchasing a Dell Color Laser Printer since the cheapo lexmark inkjet all in one died. After looking at them I noticed that the one that I want doesnt include a fax machine or copier for that matter. I was wondering if there is a good software program that would...
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    Iphone Info

    I posted this in the Apple section but didnt seem to get any response so... Hello everyone, I am interested in purchasing an iphone that is either unlocked or unlockable. I would like to know everything I need to know to do this correctly. I have heard that there are different versions of the...
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    Iphone info needed!

    Hello everyone, I am interested in purchasing an iphone that is either unlocked or unlockable. I would like to know everything I need to know to do this correctly. I have heard that there are different versions of the iphone and firmware that are different as well as itunes being able to lock...
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    Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and PS3?

    Happy Holidays Everyone, I was wondering if the new Bluetooth Wireless Apple Keyboard works with the PS3? If not with the Playstations bluetooth maybe a usb dongle? Thanks.
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    Integrated Webcam/Mic

    Hey, My HP Pavilion notebook has an integrated webcam and mic. I have used it before and it was fine. I have also recorded sound with the mic. Now when I try to use either one, it does not work. I reinstalled the web cam driver from hp but that was no use. Any suggestions?
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    Bluetooth or other Wireless DVD Drive?

    Hey everyone, I was recently wondering if anyone makes a bluetooth or any wireless technology external dvd drive. I was considering getting an ASUS EEEpc 701 to mess around with and use on trips but would like a way of playing dvd movies. If bluetooth I could put the drive in my bag while I am...
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    Microsoft Wireless keyboard

    Hey, I am looking at the microsoft ergonomic keyboards. I have seen the mircrosoft wireless desktop 3.0, 4000, and 6000. They all look identical and seem to have the same specs. What is the difference between them? Thanks.
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    Media Center QAM tuners?

    Hello everyone, Is there currently any tuner that can take HD qam through a coax cable connection and allow access to it through Windows Vista Media Center? I receive qam through my time warner cable and want the local channels in HD through Media Center. Please Help! Gracias.
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    XP COA help

    Hi, I have an IBM thinkpad r32 and it is currently running Windows 2000 Pro. Originally it ran XP pro and has the COA sticker on the bottom. If I were to install XP pro would I be able to enter the code on the COA to activate it as a legal copy? If so where could I legally get just the...
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    Owner Info on Westys

    Hey everyone, So I have been watching the incredible prices of these westys lately and have seen them on the forums so many times and I am wondering what the quality is really like? How are the blacks? Can it really perform as a primary pc monitor? Whats 360/ps3 like via hdmi? Any pics would...
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    Members listed as banned

    Hello I was just wondering if all the users marked banned are banned. Because I know there was a time when users could pick their own title or something like that and I was thinking maybe somebody did that. The user J-M-E comes particularily to mind. I have talked to him quite a few times...
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    Change Vista Logon Screen

    So as I have discovered Vista Home Premium does not include the secpol.msc utility that would allow me to change the vista logon screen to the classic enter your username and password version. Is there any other way to do this on Home Premium?
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    Dual monitor software

    Hey guys can someone remind me the name of the dual monitor software that is pretty popular around here?
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    Delete Desktop File?

    Hello, I have this driver update from MS saved to my desktop and it will not let me delete. When I try it gives me the following message. What should I do?
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    2007wfp and 2007fp prices removed:(

    The Dell site says to call for current pricing. I guess the 2007wfp and 2007fp are finally gonners:( Most likely that sp2008fp is not a replacement for the 2007 but the new 2208wfp could in fact be since they are calling it an ultrasharp and usaully Dell releases the new model of a monitor...
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    Component looks better than HDMI?

    So ever since I got my HDTV I have had my upscaling dvd player connected via HDMI since it is supposed to be the best quality connection. Well the other day I was using the HDMI cord for something else and temporarily connected the dvd player with component and was shocked by the amazing pq that...