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    What program to view a Video Clip?

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    Video converter: TUS file (bin/cue file) to avi/mpeg

    I have a TUS file that has a bin and cue file inside that I would like to convert so I can play it on DivX or Windows media player. Right now it only plays on VLC media player. What is the best free video converter out there that can do what I need to have done? Thanks.
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    HL2 Lost Coast

    wow i waited 40min for that...
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    Wireless Router problems/ drawbacks

    I am concidering going to wireless. Will my download speeds change? Will there be more lag when I am onliune gaming. What should I expect? Thanks guys
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    C2 - Please help me get rid of it

    When I excluded C2 it found nothing. So how do I know if I have it or not?
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    C2 - Please help me get rid of it

    I ran Ad-aware 6.0 and it found nothing, but when I run Spybot Search and Destroy my computer freezes when it says it is scanning for C2 every single time. I think I have C2. I have noticed a great slow down in my computer. How can I get rid of this? Please help.
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    Upgrading from my 9500pro- Will the rest of my pc fall behind?

    But would my cpu work well with it?
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    Upgrading from my 9500pro- Will the rest of my pc fall behind?

    Or should I just sell my 9500pro and buy a new 9800pro for <$200?
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    Upgrading from my 9500pro- Will the rest of my pc fall behind?

    I have the 9500pro and I would like to upgrade so that I can play Doom3/HL2 etc. Would it be pointless to buy a 9800pro? Or should I get something better? How will that work with the rest of my system? If I got a better video card would I have to upgrade my cpu? Or just get a new mobo with a...
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    9500pro: How do I know if I have the latest drivers?

    I've had my 9500pro in my pc for almost a year now and the only drivers/ software I had was installed when I first put the card in. How do I know if there are new drivers out? What should I be using? What other things should I have? Thanks guys.
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    Getting the CRT

    Check out the Viewsonic A90f+ @ BestBuy or CompUSA...around $210 i believe. 19'' flat crt
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    Excel: Basic Spreadsheets

    Can anyone recommend a book or website that teaches about making basic spreadsheets using excel? I am taking a business math course next semester and it says that basic spreadsheet knowledge is needed. Thanks guys.
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    nForce2 Sound Storm upgrade to Audigy ZS

    Well the nForce2 Sound storm onboard sound on my Asus A7N8X sounds pretty good for onboard sound. But I want better. :D I'm thinking about upgrading to the Audigy ZS. I play games all the time and watch DVD's on my pc. Is it true that the cpu is used more if you have onboard sound? and...
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    Anyone here played Manhunt yet?

    I played it for ps2. I guess it's alright. I certainly wouldn't purchase just rent. The game has awkward camera angles sometimes, filled with repetative violence (same thing happens when you kill someone) and the language is just trash talk. Rent it for ps2.
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    Java- JTextArea onto an Input JOptionPane?

    I don't under stand how to put a JTextArea onto a showInputDialog JOptionPane. I can put it on a messagediaolg like this- String avg =""; JTextArea avgArea= new JTextArea(); avgArea.setText( avg ); JOptionPane.showMessageDialog( null, avgArea, "Averages"...
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    Java decimal format shows up as .00

    I'm got three int that I want to find the average of, So I divide by 3 and used DecimalFormat twoDigits= new DecimalFormat("0.00"); When I divide the ints by three I am getting a double but it only shows up like 59.00 or 74.00, when the 0's should have a decimal number. I divided...
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    Floppy drive randomly checks for floppy...

    When I'm just surfing the web or opening up a program my floppy drive checks to see if there is a floppy in it. What the heck is going on?
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    A Laptop for College

    I am looking for a low priced laptop that is light weight. I will mainly be using it for excel type stuff, surfing the web and occasionally plugging in headphones to listen to some mp3s while I work. My ideal price is around $700. What kind should I buy? Dell? Toshiba? p.s. (i'd...
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    How Big Will Half-Life2 Be Fully Installed???

    No thats a negative. I have 2 120gig harddrives and I only have 2gig total of free space left. Looks like I'm not going to be able to play hl2. :rolleyes:
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    Trying to install CS need help!

    All the games and Steam comes in the download. The rest is pretty self explainitory once you get steam up and running :)
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    Trying to install CS need help!

    1.Install halflife from cd. 2. DO NOT get updates 3. Download the cs file from v1.6 there is a HUGE BUTTON - thats what you want. It is a huge file and might take awhile to download depedning on your connection. It has the whole steam file with cs, tfc, dod and...
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    Summertime game play- What game to buy?

    I'll have plenty of sunshine this summer. I'm working at a greenhouse from 7-5 5 days a week. As for the night time... Far Cry? BF:V ? UT2K4? wait for a new game to come out? I'd like to buy it like in 3 weeks, on my first day of summer to congrat myself. :cool:
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    Summertime game play- What game to buy?

    Yeah...I would but, I use my pc for alot of school stuff, and I don't wanna have to worry about it all the time. Doesn't the warrenty come off if you overclock also? I'll have to buy a cooling devise as well? What you recommend? Also...I have the antec sonata case with one 120mm fan in the...
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    Summertime game play- What game to buy?

    Summer is in 3 weeks for me and I am looking to buy a new game. These are my specs: Athlon XP 2500+ Barton ASUS A7N8X Deluxe rev 2.0 1GB DDR PC3200 Corsair XMS ATi Radeon 9500 pro I do NOT want to upgrade anything, so the game must be playable on my system. Should I buy: Far Cry...
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    How Big Will Half-Life2 Be Fully Installed???

    Why does it matter? You can buy an 80gig for $50 now.
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    What kind of computer chair is best?

    Black Leather. Comfortable. Make sure to spend over $100 :D
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    Battlefield Vietnam

    What's the deal with this game? Good graphics but crappy game play? Is it worth buying? I have not played it but have heard that it is worth staying up to 4am to play. :D What do you think?
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    Java Applet shows up as gray box with red x??

    Windows XP Pro at home.
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    Java Applet shows up as gray box with red x??

    Case sensitive...hmm... When my class file was created it capitalized the first letter and therefore i guess could not find it. I changed it to lower case and matched the java file directly. Worked. Any reason behind this? It's not case sensitive running from my pc, but it is on the internet?
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    Java Applet shows up as gray box with red x??

    Whats going on? This is what I have upload on my server: Myprogram.html Myprogram.class Myprogram.$1class I don't get it. When I just look at the html file right off my pc it works fine, but when on the net it has a gray box with a red x in the upper left hand corner...
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    Friend got a bug, accidently deleted a .dll file!!!

    He's got an ati 9800 and said he did the graphics drivers. Are there some important ones that he might be missing?
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    Friend got a bug, accidently deleted a .dll file!!!

    Yeah so friend reallyed f'ed his computer. He got a bug, accidently deleted a .dll file so Windows wouldn't start anymore. Then he re-installed windows by partitioning the hard drive but he didnt really know what he was doing. Then when windows finally installed the computer ran...
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    try catch my java quiz question

    :p :rolleyes: ;) :D :cool: :eek: :( :)
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    try catch my java quiz question

    I'm in the process of making a java quiz, when I noticed that I get an error if someone enters anything besides a number. Solution- I need a try catch statement. Could someone show me the most effecient way to put that it my code? // Question #1 ++counter1; ++counter2...
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    I Hate Netgear

    I'm not a big fan of Netgear. Although it decreases the virus intake, it increases blocked pages that don't need to be blocked. I've also heard of people having problems using their ps2 and xbox lan through netgear. I use netgear, but next time I buy I'll buy something else.
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    What can I upgrade in my system?

    I built it just this summer: AMD Athlon Barton 2500+ Asus A7N8X Deluxe Corsair XMS 1024MB DDR PC-3200 Ati 9500pro WD 80gig 7200 Everything is set at default speeds and I do not want to overclock. Is my machine still pretty good or does it need some upgrades? I was just noticing some...
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    Absolute most stable mainboard?

    me too.
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    Intake on Sonata?

    It's behind the harddrive rack so it takes some heat away from the hd and brings more cool air in. I own the Sonata, but don't do any overclocking; the one fan that is preinstalled is fine for me.