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    NEC NaviSet - no DDC/CI detected on NEC 2490

    Hello all, Maybe I should just have contacted Art on this forum about this question, but I figure this may need input from other users, as it might turn out not to be caused by my display. Anyways: I'm using a thinkpad T60p laptop with the "Advanced Dock". I'm using the DVI output on the dock...
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    How to re-align/remove bezel? (LCD2490WUXi - or NEC monitors in general perhaps)

    Hi, Ok call me crazy, but as i cleaned up cable work i noticed a location on the bottom edge of the monitor where the bezel doesn't align to the chassis correctly, like it hasn't "clicked" togehter - i thought i would make it "right" by fixing it. However, i'm not sure how the bezel is mounted...