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    PCI-E post diagnostic card

    Does anyone know of a company that makes pci-express post card? Unfortunately, we have a board that uses only pci-express. The board was working at one point.
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    How to limit network traffic?

    Guys, I was wondering what program do you use to limit network traffic? I got a friend who play game with us, but his roomate is always downloading. He lag so bad that he would have to quit, lol. Thanks. Preferably a freeware.
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    Marvel vs Intel raid on bad axe 2 board

    Guys, I know that software raid are not good, but which one of the two is more shitty? Please dont recommend any hardware raid because that not what I'm looking for. I have an Intel BadAxe2 motherboard and planning to use the onboard raid (marvel vs intel). Which one will get me better...
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    Dell 2707wfp $799 @

    Dell 2707WFP for $799 Just saw this monitor on sale....I got my stimulus check yesterday. :p I'll be short $200+tax. I know there's the DS 26", but those are out of stock at most site. I'm on the fence with a decision...
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    Which hard drives for HTPC?

    Hopefully this is the right section, please move if it's not. I'm looking for hard drive to use in a HTPC. There's a lot of choices out there: Western Digital 640GB, Samsung Spinpoint F1 HD753LJ 750GB, and Western Digital 1TB Intellipower. I am looking for low noise, less heat, and cost. What do...
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    How to hide a partition from Windows Explorer

    Problem: The Adaptec raid card I am using isnt supported by Acronis F11 restore feature. So I need to make a separate partition and store the image. However, I dont want this partition shown in windows explorer because I dont want the customers to delete anything on accident. Is this even...
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    Does Bad Axe 2 support QX6850?

    I been looking around online, but couldnt find an answer for this. The QX6850 is a 65nm chip which should be supported on the Bad Axe 2 motherboard. I was wondering why on Intel website, they dont have it listed as support for the Bad Axe 2? :confused:
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    Help - Domain on Vista Ultimate

    Guys, I need your help/suggestion on something. I am working with someone who owns a Vista Ultimate system and is part of a domain. When I click on the Network folder, I do not see any other computers. However, if I type in the ip address of a computer on the domain on the address bar, I will...
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    Auzentech X-Meridian for Vista

    Guys, How is the performance of the meridian in Vista? They have newer driver, but is it any good? I dont know much about computer audio, but a fellow co-worker recommended me to look at the auzentech. He seems to be an audiophile and is so disgusted with Right now I use my main...
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    File Sharing

    I need help on accessing a file from another computer on another network. I know very little about networking and how they work. I do know about the equipment being use and configuring my dsl at home. With that in mind, please help me. This computer is inside of a small network inside of the...
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    Determining Bad HD for Raid 0

    If I had a problem with raid 0, say one of them is bad. How would I determine which hd in the array is bad? Something I like to know since I would be looking to do raid 0 when I build my next gaming system in october. Thanks for any advice and info.
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    Evga 680i Mobo - $240 @ ChiefValue

    Found this price when I was browsing the web. Would be hotter if you dont get tax! EVGA 680i SLI Mobo - $239.99
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    E6600 overclock

    Today my brother went out and got a combo from Fry's. It's L629A339. We use a Gigabyte DS3 board with bios F7. Memory is Corsair Twin2X2048-6400C4. Currently running intel stock hsf, so temp is like up the I must say the F7 bios is so freaking awesome!! When you leave the voltage to...