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    Microsoft Store Employees Dancing

    WTF!!!! I have been in the service industry for 20 years and I had never had to do such idiotic thing. I would tell them to shoot me before ever having to do such a stupid dance. :eek::eek: It was stupid but funny to watch a bunch of fat asses and one so so looking girl dancing like morons...
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    Intel Atom vs.VIA Nano @ [H]

    After reading the article I am wondering if it may be possible to replace the C7 cpu on my HP2133 with the Nano? since they are pin compatible. That would be a nice upgrade.:p:D
  3. J

    Dual vs Quad , Gaming, is there a difference?

    I changed from the E6700 to the Q6600 and even though I had the E6700 running at 3.5Ghz and now the Q6600 is running at 3.0Ghz I get the same performance on FEAR and other games as I did with the E6700 @ 3.5Ghz, so I would say the quads are faster from my own experience.
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    Laptop CPU upgrade....

    Yeap, I agree that the fsb will hinder the performance with the 2.2ghz processor, but if you still want to try I know that you can get the service manual that walks you through taking the laptop apart from HP's website, I have the HP 9225us and I got the service manual from HP's website as it is...
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    Windows Vista WGA failures today?

    Man I hope they fixed this cause I want to get Bioshock and I don't want to have this problem just because I am installing Bioshock, I am about ready to go and get my copy of the game in a few minutes at my local Fry's Electronics. :eek:
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    Got my Q6600 today and its pretty hot

    That is the temps you will get with the stock intel cooler, you will need a better cooler to get lower temps, I went for the big bucks cooler (Ultra Chill TEC Cooler) and temps are about 27c idle and 40c load. Here is a link to cpu speed and temps at idle. Update:I3ender - I forgot to mention...
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    Post Your Q6600 G0 Overclocks w/ voltage

    Here is a link to my OC and Temps this is with speedfan modified to show correct temps changed the $0 on ISA setting to 15 in advanced settings, rig setup in my sig. The load temps only go to about 40c. :cool::D
  8. J

    Q6600 meets Thermalright Extreme PICS!!

    I have the same case and because of the way you have to orient that cooler, I went with the Ultra Chill TEC it's expensive but works just fine and it keeps my Q6600 very cool even with a temperature of 86F in my room the processor stays very cool here is a link to a pic of my temps, I do not...
  9. J

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (Release Version) Performance Issues

    I just installed the game and it runs as smooth as butter on my sli 8800GTX rig. :D
  10. J

    What happened here? (56k warning)

    I have 2 of these and the pcb's are green, anyway mine are being cooled by a pair of Dangeden waterblocks 48c idle and 59c load. :D
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    7950gx2 loses SLI when overclocked, no temp readings

    Yeah I know, my 8800GTX SLI setup is much faster than the quad SLI setup, Maybe I can sell the 7950GX2's on Ebay or on the for sale section of this forum. :o :eek:
  12. J

    7950gx2 loses SLI when overclocked, no temp readings

    To change the fan speed you have to use the low level settings instead of the driver level settings, below are links to pics of where to go in rivatuner.
  13. J

    7950gx2 loses SLI when overclocked, no temp readings

    I have always used rivatuner to overclock my 7950GX2's and to set the fan speeds, I had them running for a whole year without any problems at all, But I would never use Ntuneas it is a piece of crap. I can't think of what could be causing the one card to drop like that, it is very strange all I...
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    8800 temps

    I had the same problem till sumofatguy pointed me to the low level settings in rivatuner, I have attached links to 2 pics of were you need to go and it will be the low level system settings. The second pic shows what the next screen should look like this worked for me. Good Luck...
  15. J


    Hey Guys, I ran the FEAR benchmark to see what my newly installed 800GTX SLI setup can do and attached is a link to a pic of the results: :cool: :D
  16. J

    7950gx2 loses SLI when overclocked, no temp readings

    I use ATI Tool 0.25 beta 14 that you can download from I used this on my 2 - 7950GX2's that I just retired for my new 2 - 8800GTX's and it works fine with both cards to monitor the temperatures. Good Luck!!!. :cool:
  17. J

    8800 temps

    I am waiting for a pair of Dangerden Water blocks for my 2 8800GTX cards so I can put them puppies under water and see what temps I get then. I was using the Thermaltake Bigwater 735 but changed to the Gygabite 3D Galaxy II as it has 1/2 lines and the TT kit will be going into my son's AMD rig...
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    Striker Extreme 901 Bios is Official

    I installed this last night and all is working ok, the only thing the cpu vcore strap above 1200Mhz is still there and I cannot get my conroe 6700 to ovekclock above 3.5Ghz even though I set the vcore to 1.5v in the bios cpu-z still report 1.360v, I do hope Asus fixes that on the next bios...
  19. J

    8800 temps

    sumofaguy - Thank you very much!!!! you have saved me the headache of dealing with Ntune, I did not know about the low level settings, but I did as you instructed now my cards both idle at 41 to 48c depending on my room temps and never go above 68c under load. Now I can uninstall Ntune as it is...
  20. J

    8800 temps

    Guys, I have rivatuner installed, but when I tried setting the fan speeds it made no difference at all. I will give it another try as I never unistalled it.
  21. J

    8800 temps

    Hey Guys, is there any other way then using ntune to set the fan speed higher than stock on the 8800GTX. Even after creating a profile every time you reboot the computer the fan speed goes back to 59%, freaking ntune is buggier than a ford pinto - piece of cr**p :mad: :mad: :mad:
  22. J

    8800 temps

    Below is a link to the pic of my cooling setup on my 2 8800GTX's, my idle temp is around 59c and under load it get to around 72c, and that is with the 2 - 120mm fans blowing over the cards. My E6700 conroe idles 34c and gets to 40c under load. :( I just used Ntune to set the fan speed...
  23. J

    8800 gts or gtx for 1920x1200 help me decide

    I second this too, I just got my 8800GTX's SLI and the Striker Extreme and so far all is smooth as silk and rock solid stable with all settings maxed out. :cool: :D :p
  24. J

    EVGA 680i chipset question.

    Hey, I saw some thread about this on the Evga motherboard forums, I have a Evga 680i mobo I am just not using right now as I am trying out the striker extreme. You should find some useful information there as there were some guys that have put water blocks on both nb and sb chipsets. Good Luck...
  25. J

    Can someone run a stress test with an 8800 for me?

    Jimmy were is the stress test in counter strike, I was trying to run it to test my new 880GTX SLI rig and can't find it? Thanks!!
  26. J

    PS3 1.5 Firmware Fixes BC

    They look just like the PS2 which is good enough for me, I did not expect any better quality but it would be nice if they improved it a bit.
  27. J

    PS3 1.5 Firmware Fixes BC

    I just installed the update to my PS3 and put in Killzone and it did get rid of the very nasty jaggies on that game so I am happy I do not have to use my PS2 anymore. :D :cool:
  28. J

    The Asus Striker Extreme does in fact kick butt

    Hey, no offense taken I overlooked the 4mb cache being the same on the E6600 and E6700 we all make mistakes (at 39 I am getting kinda old!! LOL) my bad, I wish I could afford 2 8800GTX's to go with my setup, hey but I ove my E6700 I kmow I can push it further but I will stay at 3.6Ghz for now. :p
  29. J

    The Asus Striker Extreme does in fact kick butt

    Hey man, I am not going to put down the guys rig, it's pretty nice, enjoy the rig dude!!!!!. I been running a E6700@3.6Ghz on my Evga 680i since the release of the board with no problems at all and I got mine cause of the 4mb cache versus 2mb on the E6600. With my Quad SLI setup I average...
  30. J

    If not 680i, then..? (recommendation request)

    Another vote for the Evga 680i, I had mine since the release date and it has been rock solid with zero problems for me so far. I personally would not get the Asus boards (long time Asus customer) they are way over priced and their customer support sucks big time!!!!. :p
  31. J

    Who finds the Unreal 3 engine dissapoiting?

    I have been playing Gear of War on my 37" LCD HDTV and it is awesome, 2 of my kids play with me online and I tell you kids have far better response time than this 40 year old timer, cause they kick my ass in almost every match we play. :p :D
  32. J

    NVIDIA nForce 680i Chipset Problems

    I guess I am one of the few lucky people with a board that has had zero problems from day one. Mann I feel very fortunate, I would say. :D
  33. J

    Impressions,ASUS P5N32-E SLI

    Well, my Evga 680i that cost me $239 at Mwave has allowed me to OC my E6700 to 3.6Ghzwith no hickups at all on air cooling with the original release bios and Asus wants $400!!! :eek: :eek: for the striker extreme hell no!!!! even though I have been a long time Asus fan and customer, I will...
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    8800GTX 2D extremely blurry on DVI-1 and 2

    psfan - here is second vote for your statement DEFECTIVE CARD!!!! :)
  35. J

    8800GTX - will it work on DFI Lanparty board?

    This gets expensive!!!!!, lets see I spent $1200 on my 2 7950GX2's earlier in the year, $500 on my 1kw PSU, now I just spent another $1200 for my Evga 680i, Patriot memory, and E6700 Conroe to compliment my Quad SLI setup. AAARRRRGGGG $3k :eek: :eek:, but hey now my average FEAR speed is...
  36. J

    Computer me!

    My friend this is a classic symptom of a bad power supply, I have replaced many power supplies at work and on my personal pc's in the past, because of this very same problem, usually the -5v line goes dead or is flaky which causes this problem (almost 99% of the psu's I replaced had this -5v...
  37. J

    Opinions on EVGA 680i...

    I tried one of these on my second rig with 2 7800GT's in SLI and it was bad out of the box with the -5v line dead, I just returned it to Fry's and got the Ultra Xfinity 600 and that one works just fine (I have this same psu on my son's pc and it has been going strong for over 1 year with a...
  38. J

    Opinions on EVGA 680i...

    Well, happy to say I am one of the few without any problems with my Evga 680i which I got the day after it's release from Mwave. I have been able to OC my E6700 to 3.62Ghz without any problems and my load temp never goes above 53c even after 4 hours straight of FEAR @ 1920 x 1600 with average...
  39. J

    Official 3dmark06 scores here (please read first post before posting)

    Well, I cranked up my cpu to 3.62Ghz and my score improved a little, but I see why so many people don't even use 3dmark, I am just sticking to playing my games and using that as my scoring benchmark for my pc. 3d Mark Score @ 3.62Ghz Update: I uninstaled the 93.71 drivers and installed the...
  40. J

    8800 GTX and eVGA 680i problem

    I had some problem with FEAR especially on my 680i quad sli setup were performance tanked for some crazy reason, one thing I am using multiple logitech mice - Logitech MX1000, MX Revolution, and Dinovo mutimedia keyboard & mouse bluetooth combo. Someone on logitech's website suggested disabling...