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    Epic's Tim Sweeney Calls Store Exclusives "Procompetitive"

    I really hate Tim Sweeney.
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    Metro Review-Bombed: Dev Threatens Next Game Won't Be on PC If Sales Are Low

    The Epic Store is not exactly advertised heavily anywhere. I have a feeling the game is going to bomb hard, not because it will be bad but because no one is going to want to buy it from the Epic Game Store. The game maker is idiotic for risking the game sales on a single exclusive store. I doubt...
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    Windows Audio Is Getting DTS:X and Dolby Atmos Upgrades

    They must have Licensing issues, I swear I saw the Dolby App listed the day Windows 10 launched, and they are just now announcing they will release it soon.
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    Can You Detect When Ray Tracing Is Turned On?

    Yeah, perhaps if the Nvidia cards with Ray Tracing didn't cost as much as they do, and actually performed what they are hyping them up for, then perhaps I would care more about Nvidia's new RTX line that imo, is ridiculously overpriced for the performance.
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    NordVPN Allegedly Resells User Bandwidth According to Texas Lawsuit
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    NordVPN Allegedly Resells User Bandwidth According to Texas Lawsuit

    Would trust NordVPN over almost all other VPNs.
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    NordVPN Allegedly Resells User Bandwidth According to Texas Lawsuit

    NordVPN is a reliable VPN, pretty sure the claims against them are garbage. It sucks another shady company is trying to knock other companies down to make theirs look better.
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    GIGABYTE RTX Graphics Cards Introduction and Retail

    These prices are out of this world. So much for the Cryptomining decline. Looks like they are still jacking up the pricing.
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    Apple to Roll Out Entry-Level MacBook in September

    This is why Apple's stock valuation is worth over 1 trillion dollars now. They consider $1200.00 for a lackluster Laptop, Entry Level. Yet they still have diehard customers that keep them in business. I will let others keep buying their products, I may buy stock from them in the future though.
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    Todd Howard: Fallout 5 Will Focus on Single Player

    He mentioned Fallout 5, due to the fallout of the fans, over the multiplayer only Fallout 76 reveal.
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    Graphics Card Prices Expected to Drop in July

    Definitely looks like everyone can buy Videocards at retail prices again. Normal prices on Amazon and NewEgg for most cards.
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    Fallout 76 Reveals Co-Op Play and Details

    all this reveal did was depress me, a game where the only characters are people and all those people can murder you. solo play but online only. The only thing I see is trolls and people that loved the pvp in Diablo 1. First fallout game since Fallout 1, I do not want to preorder. Will not be...
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    Atari VCS Hardware Specs Revealed

    229.00-299.00 for 100 Atari 2600 games. Whoever marketed this was a cast reject from idioracy.
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    Teased Again by Bethesda on Fallout 76

    "When the fighting has stopped, and the fallout has settled..." Fallout 76 - the newest game from Bethesda Game Studios. See more at the #BE3Showcase – June 10th @ 6:30pm PT
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    NVIDIA’s First 4K G-Sync HDR Monitor Is Available to Preorder for $2,000

    An overpriced monitor from Acer made for only Nvidia cards, no thanks.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1180 Rumor Mill

    Yeah I don't feel like putting my car up for collatoral to buy a new card.
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    $119 HDMI Cable Has a Built-In Anti-Aliasing Chip to Remove Jaggies

    Imagine playing Gran Turismo games on a old PS2 via this HDMI cable or the Gran Turismo game that was on the PS3 and this cable has more value to it's user. Definitely not for most PC gaming purists but for console gamers that use older game consoles with their beloved older games.
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    Wolfenstein Flashback

    I loved gaming back then, now... there are so many games, and only 1 or 2 out of 1000's I actually enjoy. Lately, surprisingly, most of the games I like are from indie companies, or not surprisingly as I remember a day when ID Software was not a big company, and I was enjoying, shareware Doom 1...
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    Bethesda: Fallout Creation Club “Is Not Paid Mods”

    Hopefully this doesn't completely destroy the game.
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    The Nintendo Switch is Scarce As Holidays Approach

    This is exactly why I no longer purchase Nintendo products myself. If I can't even buy the console without paying a scalper exorbitant prices due to Nintendo's shortage of supply then I do not need the product.
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    Gran Turismo Is Getting Its Own Limited-Edition PlayStation 4

    You can still play it @ 60fps albeit @ 1080p on the PS4 regular edition and considering how many 1080p TV's are still on the market vs 4k TV's I think this is a very intelligent marketing decision.
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    AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 Video Card Review @ [H]

    Their Ryzen and Threadripper CPU's are amazing as well. Not sure if they got any rewards though, can't recall. Will stick with my i5 for now, however.
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    AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 Video Card Review @ [H]

    I just may have to upgrade my RX 580 down the line. Surprised at the performance of the RX Vega 56.
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    Amazon Exploring MRE Style Food Packaging

    Amazon is getting ready for Fallout 5.
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    Sapphire RX Vega 64 Liquid Edition Pictured Up Close

    That is a beautiful looking videocard.
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    Valve Announces New Game

    Don't like DOTA, don't like Battle Card Games.
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    Adobe Is Killing Flash in 2020

    3 more freaking years of flash, blech.
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    CopyCat Malware Infects Over 14M Android Devices

    250k infections in the U.S. on about 100 million user Android devices. So... I shouldn't worry about this at all.
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    Starcraft Remastered is not free cost $15

    That is remastered? Glad they are charging $15.00 then. Hope the Diablo 2 remaster doesn't look that bad but... it probably will. If they only charge $15.00 for that too though, I'd still bite.
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    Star Fox 2 Official Releasing with Super NES Classic

    This will be unobtainable for most of us. Unless we are willing to toss out 100's of dollars. Nintendo will make a couple thousand, scalpers will be the only ones buying and selling these.
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    MSI: “Damn, [RX Vega] Needs a Lot of Power”

    I've never even heard of that website. Also we are supposed to take someones' word that reposted what he says is a translated quote as anything more than rumor. He isn't even credible enough for MSI or AMD to reply back to him reading his forum posts on the link. While I'm not saying it isn't...
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    Windows 10 Task Manager Is Getting a GPU Utilization Tab

    Why should they? If you you don't feel like upgrading, Microsoft isn't going to upgrade your older OS for you.
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    Origin Update Introduces FPS Counter, Cross-Party Invites

    Now if they could only make Mass Effect Andromeda more fun to play.
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    Creative Unveils Sound Blaster with RGB Lighting

    So... this lets you turn your modern PC into a old style Jukebox.
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    Cheapest Intel X-Series Boards Will Ditch Quad-Channel Memory and Cut PCIe Lanes

    So in order to fully utilize that $500.00+ processor you have to spend a heck of a lot on the motherboard or slash your performance in half.
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    Diablo II and Warcraft III Remasters Confirmed by Job Opening

    Diablo II Remaster ... I hope they do it properly and don't just do a re-release with new widescreen choices.
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    Destiny 2 Sept. 2017

    Wasn't impressed with the first Destiny, never liked it, even with improvements, this game doesn't tempt me at all.
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    Ubisoft Far Cry 5 E3 Trailer - The Father's Amazing Grace

    Only how awful Rural America is with insane supporters of our current president, not all supporters, only the insane ones. Reminds me of the current political scene, the thing is, they didn't even intend for this game to match today's political atmosphere, it simply happened. Read some of the...
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    My new XFX Radeon RX 580 8GB

    Just got one from Best Buy as well, liked the red lights. Large jump up from my 380x.
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    Intel 10-Core Skylake-X Core i9 7900X: 4GHz Base Clock, 4.5GHz Turbo Boost

    They have to be that much faster to outpace Ryzen. The only CPU's I see from Intel beating Ryzen in games are the ones that are clocked 1.5-2ghz higher.