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    Official 300 Series Announcement

    Hey Guys, I made a promise that if I ever got word of any new product launches or dates, i would share them. Official as of noon today, AMDradeon tweeted there will be new Desktop GPUs this quarter; The 300 Series. Obviously, no big surprises here, a lot of people had speculated correctly. At...
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    XFX Temp. Contact information

    tl;dr: xfx support/RMA server is down, use for now. Hey Guys, as of today XFX will be updating our support and RMA software. We expect this process to be quick and efficient, but since the scale of the operation is so large, we are redirecting our support to a...
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    XFX Thanks [H]ard|OCP and Customers!

    I just wanted to say a big Thank You to the [H]ard|OCP staff and all of the customers that participated in the HardOCP/XFX 8800GT promotion. Don't forget to register your video card at With that said, let’s see some pictures of your updated system along with some...
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    Attn 8800 Owners: Nvidia Tech Demos Available

    FYI for all you 8800 owners, Nvidia has released their Tech Demos (and yes the Adrianne one as well) for your viewing pleasures at Have fun. XFX Support