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    Res issue with a old RAGE GL 128

    I just set up a old 2k pc connected through Synergy with the same monitor Samsung syncmaster 1440x900 its using the VGA analog output. its just a setup so when i have to download something over night i can download it using the really quitet pc. I added an old TV Tuner Rage 128 vid card i had...
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    Slow Boot Up XP

    Last week I came home work and turned on my computer.. For some reason the XP boot screen took about 1:30 to go through... This is alittle strange.. It usually goes much faster.. I cant think of anything I might have done to cause this. I didnt install any new drivers/devices/software.. Didnt do...
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    Good DVD/CD Burner for around $30?

    Im looking to buy a DVD/CD burner with Lightscribe technology.. Any suggestions?
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    Anymore Free CARFAX?

    I use to see these threads of people posting free carfax service.. I need to check a vin does anyone have a account that they can check with?
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    Probably a easy question but

    I have this computer hooked up over a router to my other computer.. The two computers are on the same workgroup and they see eachother. When i goto the other computer and try to access this computer inside the entire network it wants me to enter a user name and password for this computer... I...
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    Dual displays are not working correct

    I have a RADEON 9800Pro 128Mb// I got a Samsung SyncMaster 940BW LCD about 2 months ago and I hooked it up via the digital adapter and it works fine.. Then i hooked up my old 19inch CRT through the VGA output on the video card.. And extended it via the display settings. Horrey dual...
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    Power connectors (only)

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    ok CD buner>?

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    Calibrating LCD screens

    The other day i got my first LCD a 19inch wisdescreen Samsung 940BW looks great but i tryed using adobe gamma to calibrate it but im not sure its working like it should on a LCD monitor.. any suggestions on howto properly calibrate the monitor via ONLY software>?
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    silk screening online?

    Anyone know any good online based silk screening companies? Not cafepress or zazzle type.. But actual silk screening 1-4 colors?
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    CD will not boot off CD ROM

    put in the xp bootable cd ive used forever and even a ubuntu live cd.. goes to the BIOS and jumps into "safe boot, safe boot with command prompt etc screen" the boot order is CD ROM HD.. its always worked.. Any ideas?
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    This happens ...

    Printer Lexmark Z600 Series(2) failed to initialize because a suitable Lexmark Z600 Series driver could not be found. then The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load: Kl1 then my computer crashes and restarts... this started happening 2 days ago after i...
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    ok CD buner>?

    My Acer CD buner that ive had for 4 years now died. I wanted another acer since its lasted so long but they are 200 bux im looking for something for under 50 that will be pretty good. I dont care about write speed that much. Any suggestions? Pioneer? PLEXTOR? LITEON?
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    firefox or IE dont want to goto secure sites.

    Anytime i try to goto or log into a secure site like yahoo mail, g mail, us bank, bofa, it says it cant find the page. or something i looked at all my security setting and i havnt turned anything on the only thing i did last night was put on ad aware and spybot and AVG but i took all of it off...
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    barebone laptop chassis / building a laptop

    Anyone here know a good howto site and a site where i can find parts and a chassis?
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    maybe a router issue accessing internet.

    I got a linksys router to hook up my other computer to the net, i got it to work but it seems like the other computer gets the connection cut off sometimes it would work for the whole day and then it should get spotty and work and not work, i was wondering if anyone knows if i need to allow some...
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    F.e.a.r = L.a.m.e

    Just played FEAR and i only got alittle bit into the game and i uninstalled it and sold it to my friend because its so freaken lame! I thought quake 4 was lame but this is so stupid atleast quake 4 had good graphics and atmsphere!
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    Setting up a data switch

    Im thinking of getting a data switch but im not exactly sure how i would set it up or if i need other things. Can someone draw me a simple diagram in paint on how it would look?
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    Problem in CD writing software.

    I have Nero and when i try to burn something and out in a brand new CD it says that there is no CD in :/ I burned a CD 5 days ago but now its saying i cant i restarted and tryed 2 differnt BLANK brand new CDs ive never touched. Any suggestions?
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    Stipid Steam doesnt want to "update"

    I just installed steam ran the exe and a window saying "Upsating Steam" pops up ok .... i wait like 5 minutes then this pops up anyone haev suggestions? Ive used steam forever but i restarted my computer a few weeks ago and just put it on now.
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    Remote Desktop connect?

    How the hell do you set this crap up? I read the directions but i dont get it. I remember before you could make like a starter fiel with a pw you have set up then u send it and th person has to enter the pw how does it work now?
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    "A Problem has been dectected etc etc"

    I just got this wireless router and a wireless PCI adapter card for my other computer. I installed everything and set up the connection on the other computer. But when i started it up today i got that blue screen that XP gives you. I reboot and it goes to the safe mode menu. When i turn off...
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    hdd and power leds dont work.

    This is the case this is the motherboard I have the HDD wire connected to the IDE hard disk active LED like the instructions say but when the case is on both the...
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    Testing P4 3.2 what are safe temps?

    Im testing a friend's p4 3.2 northwood with prime95 but it starts to hit 51C is that too much or what are the hightest temp it can take?
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    3.2 46c ??

    I installed my freind's 3.2 nothwood today he also got the 7700 zalman. I fallowed the instructions on arctic silver's site just put a little dot on the center about as big as a BB and his CPU temp is aroun 46-47 C :/ any suggestions? Should i apply more paste?
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    OCing P4 and BIOS

    Never messed with intel BIOS or OCed. Is there a thread that explains what is what i took a look at some BIOS and they are kinda confuing something % clcosk etc well if anyone could help out it would be wonderful.
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    Why dont you over the whole die anymore?

    I was just reading over the arctic silver instructions and i noticed that they are only putting this much compound [IMG][/IMG on the CPU die. Just double checking.
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    Help me find a case.

    My freind is going to be running a 64 3800+ i was looking at the CHENMING 601AW its 20 inches tall only 50 but its Beige, has to be around 50-60 bux we were looking at the 90 dollar lian li but he doesnt want to spend that much money on a case. It has to be black so it can match his LCD. thanks
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    "Burnning in"?

    Has anyone ever heard this word? It has been explained to me that you need to burn in a CPU at a certain speed before OCing more? Is this correct or can you CO right to the speed you want?
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    A: drive disapeared.

    A week ago my A: drive icon in my computer just vanished for some reason. I have the drive hooked up so i dont understadn what it might be any suggestions?
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    Looking for a new mouse.

    Hey fellas logitech mouse sucks it kinda slips its lazer but it sucks. Im looking for a mouse that will be good for grpahics and gaming. I dont think i want to spend over 90 dollars for one though. Anyone have any suggestions on what i can get?
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    Computer keeps freezing...

    My computer just randomly freezes once a day. I looked in the event log and this is whats causing it.. i tryed installing the software for this camera a long time ago but i uninstalled it now its freezing my computer, how can i get rig of it totally/. also says this The...
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    Rant about

    Well zazzle is total crap! I ordered a print from them, i supplyed them with a 410ppi image and look what they pumped out. it looks like crap.. comments....
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    CS2 tryout?

    Is the tryout out yet?
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    Will this connect the two computers?

    I have been trying to connect two computers with one connection by having two NIC cards in this one and 1 in the other computer next to me but its not working the other computer doesnt see this connections even with shared on etc etc i tryed alot even had like 3 posts on here and someone...
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    What are the platters made out of.

    I toko apart my old HDD last night and took out the platters they are PERFECT!!!!! what are they made out of? they loko like really hard glass and metal or something.
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    Should i buy this ram?

    I need some more ram should i get this>?